Rob Black: John Stagliano, You Need to Fall On Your Sword; Stagliano Created Legalized Prostitution

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Professor Rob Black got a little heady, and he got a little emotional on his Friday night show. Black pointed out how John Stagliano, who’s considered the originator of gonzo, is singlehandedly destroying the adult business. Black also explained why condoms would mean death to gonzo porn.

“As much as you want to say John Stagliano was creator of gonzo porn, he was also the creator of legalized prostitution,” Black noted.

“Before Stagliano, filmmaking was a creative process and we could justify having sex on film. Then Stagliano broke down the walls of where a film was a film, where he turned the camera on himself- after that you had a legal form of prostitution.

“Everyone gives credit to John Stagliano as the godfather of gonzo, but he also created the loophole of legalized prostitution. Stagliano was a failed film actor who couldn’t get his dick hard to work with Traci Lords- because it was a girl, and thank God, it was a child.

“John knew he was going to fuck a child, he tried but couldn’t get his dick hard. John Stagliano created the butchery of what we have now- gonzo porn and legalized prostitution where the movie isn’t a work of art any more but a prop for a man to get off and pay a girl for sex.

“As this glut of product hit the market, there came a freewheeling spirit that said we’re not going to make films. We don’t need tests. The movement of gonzo overtook the film business and created a product that was about this realism where people like John Stagliano and Peter Acworth say it’s got to be authentic. ‘We need to have the heat of the moment so when a girl has a breakdown on a set we want to watch the emotion.’

“It now becomes a psychological movement. As gonzo starts to take over, the mentality shifts in our business and you see an organization, Free Speech Coalition and you have a system that is now built on gonzo.

“The very person who created a market called gonzo, this person [Stagliano] is now going to take that concept, not just run it into the ground, but destroy the business because the gonzo element cannot change.

“A segment of the industry got here on a fluke and a prayer,” Black continued.

“Before John Stagliano got in, people like Tim Von Swine, a man who weighs 300 pounds and swills beer, a guy who puts a camera on a tripod would never have had the opportunity to fuck girls in a million years and call it the whale cam.

“Never in a million years would that have been possible without John Stagliano. In turn, that same person Tim Von Swine is one of the main push backs on a condom policy because the Jules Jordan empire is a business model built on degrading freak show style porn.

“It’s nothing more than a freak show and condoms would break the illusion of what you’re doing and it would force these people to get a new routine.

“You’ll eliminate a huge section of the industry. Then someone like John Stagliano is out of business because the business model is filling up a girls asshole with cream pies and their performers are fucking assholes and pouring cum into another pussy then into another girl’s mouth. And they know a condom- a latex rubber going in and out of girls’ asses – you’re going to have weird stains on the rubber, and you’re going to have to change that.

“Jules Jordan’s entire filmmaking process is no cuts, and no edits as the girl sucks his little dick and he fucks her. You have a filmmaking process that would require more than just putting a camera on a tripod. This breaks the fuck-flow and the mechanisms where guys just get their rocks off.

“In turn [for keeping gonzo] we look like scumbags that want everyone to have HIV and AIDS, and that it’s okay to perform with gaping, bloody dicks and blood spilling on the floor, and you have a studio like that raises their hand that we’re cool with that.

“Peter Acworth calls it ‘authenticity’. I can’t imagine this flying anywhere except in this circle. Now everyone’s hero John Stagliano is going to singlehandedly destroy the entire business. We are going to have lawsuits, government intervention, microscopes, a wave of scrutiny that is going to fall upon us.

“Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler, have any of you thought that me running around calling you pimps and you running prostitution rings, if you don’t think the government isn’t listening to us now, you better get off the dope you’re taking. If any of you think you’re safe, you better lay off the drugs and this weekend you better start cleaning your house out.

“I have meetings lined up that are going to cripple some of you. It is going to save and liberate the rest of you.

“We all have an agenda,” Black conceded.

“Free Speech has an agenda. Aids Healthcare Foundation has an agenda. Rob Black has an agenda. Everybody has an agenda. Every single one of us has an agenda. It doesn’t matter what any of the agendas are and the feelings we have about them.

“If all the agendas resort to mandatory condoms, testing, a workers association that houses all of the talent under one roof with regulation- if the five to six people that are involved in this, that is the final goal.

“I don’t care if all of you look at Aids Healthcare as a bunch of fags that want us to wear rubbers. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you look at me as a guinea cocksucker with a chip on his shoulder. I don’t give a fuck if you say Christian Mann, Diane Duke and John Stagliano are going to stop this momentum. I don’t give a fuck if you say that the talent doesn’t care and that they just want to get paid.

“Because Christian Mann, Diane Duke, Free Speech,, all of them are not going to succeed in trying to stop an agenda a common goal for the workers in this industry.

“Whoever is part of this new association [UAWA] will be covered and will be protected. If John Stagliano kills our business and created the loophole for legalized prostitution under the bullshit cloak of a camera, he will destroy the rest of the business by keeping in place Christian Mann, Diane Duke and Peter Acworth.

“John Stagliano, you and Christian Mann, Peter Acworth, somebody needs to fall down on that sword and take the responsibility for everything that is going on. Disband the Free Speech Coalition. Disband that board. Confess to all of the wrong doings. Let this industry be free to go all condom. Let this industry save itself. You guys need to fall on that sword. You need to drown and you need to die.

“You need to bleed out and let the industry carry on. You need to take one for the team. You need to admit all wrong doing. Let this industry live. John Stagliano, don’t kill whatever’s left, man. Don’t kill it. You’ve already done enough damage.”


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