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Rob Black: Manwin Has Jennifer Larsen’s Blood On Its Hands

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On his Tuesday show, Rob Black, accused Manwin, Evil Angel, the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, Christian Mann and others of having blood on their hands.

“There was a young woman named Jennifer Larsen; she was found dead,” said Black.

“Jennifer Larsen was in the business for awhile. She was at Hustler.”

Black said while you couldn’t find too many people to give a spiel about Larsen, she did meet and talk with Tom Byron on a regular basis.

“I met her maybe once, but Tom Byron knew her and talked to her on a regular basis. Jennifer Larsen wanted to fuck, but Tommy would go, my balls are old and tired.

“But Jennifer Larsen was part of our fabric,” Black continued.

“Then she got an opportunity to work for Digital Playground. Everybody said they were reputable and honest. Mike South would write, Joone, these, are people with integrity but Rob Black is a piece of human garbage. Samantha Lewis she’s a pillar of sainthood.

“Jennifer Larsen left the confines of Hustler to go work with Digital Playground the greatest company in the world. Farley was there, the guy who left AVN. There Jennifer Larsen was, and she was excited.

“She would call Tommy telling him I’m so excited. I can get you into Digital Playground movies. But the great Joone and Samantha Lewis sold to Manwin. The word was out, oh, they’re going to fire everybody. But Mike South said, no, they’re operating same as normal.

“Nobody says a word that Jules Jordan let Manwin in the door. But Manwin gutted, dismantled, destroyed, Digital Playground. Samantha Lewis quietly went away with her paycheck. Joone, the terrorist, went away with his paycheck. Manwin said coffee is for closers, and you’re all fucking losers. So they fired everybody.

“Part of that crew was a girl named Jennifer Larsen. She could not get a job with anybody else because she burned a bridge with Hustler. When she did that, they said you’re done. God forbid Larry Flynt talks about you. Jennifer Larsen left the company, and she got dismantled with everybody else at Digital.

“Little did she know that the day she was fired by those people, was the last day of her fucking life. She couldn’t get a job in porn. Porn was the business she loved. When that poor girl had been shit on by the Free Speech Coalition by the powers that be, when that poor girl was tossed aside by Samantha Lewis she took a gun and put it to her head.

“And you people have the balls and are upset because there’s a debate about condoms? About Manwin and piracy? You have people in this business who have blood on their hands and are responsible for this girl’s suicide. She had no other prospects because her life was built around our business.

“As part of the 99%, the only explanation she gets from Stagliano is go kill yourself. She couldn’t go back to Hustler. Larry Flynt doesn’t let you come back home. At the end of the day, she killed herself.

“At some point in the past tell me how this business was that fucked up? When we are responsible for people killing themselves, Manwin, you have blood on your hands and her name is Jennifer Larsen. She’s dead because of you.”


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