Rob Black Predicts Jenna Jameson And Brad Armstrong Will Reunite; Says Jessica Drake Should Start Packing Her Bags

A lot of people are talking about Jenna Jameson right now.

As many of you know, she was the host of the XBIZ Awards, which took place Friday night in Century City. There were questions as to what state she was gonna be in, because of all the recent television appearances where she appeared to be under the influence of something. From all accounts of the show, she apparently showed up just like everybody thought she would be. Fucked up.

But that’s not what we’re gonna talk about. What we have to talk about is much deeper than whether or not Jenna Jameson was fucked up at some second rate awards show.

You wanna know what the real story is guys? I want to see if you guys can fathom this.

Jenna Jameson being fucked up at the show ain’t a big deal. Right now, in her life, that is where she is. I’m gonna try to explain something to you all and what the bigger picture is. So sit back. This is going to be exciting.

This is what I’m excited about. I’m excited when other people go through misery. I’m not talking about poor children or tsunami victims. I’m talking about the lowlife garbage in our business. I love it when I watch them go through pain and misery. I do. I love it. I fucking love it. From Frank Koretsky to Christian Mann to that scumbag John Stagliano.

I made a prediction about AVN. I told you that this was the last year of the AVN Awards. I told you that the publication of the print magazine would cease and it would go to a strictly online format. You will see the true colors of Manwin come out. They bought the magazine from Paul Fishbein and Theo Sapoutzis is nothing more than a lackey front man. The entity that is known as AVN will be over. I’ve predicted it, I’ve said it and it’s a slam dunk. And you can take that to the bank.

Here’s another thing you can take to the bank.

This year, you will see the systematic destruction/implosion of the marriage of Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake. Mark my words. You will see the implosion of the relationship between Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake at the hands of Brad Armstrong’s ex-wife Jenna Jameson.

Oh yes. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the real story.

The telling moment was when Brad Armstrong and the whole Wicked crew went up on stage at the XBIZ Awards to accept the trophy for Underworld, which won Best Feature Movie of the Year. The XBIZ article said that Armstrong directed Jameson’s biggest Wicked hits. But what they didn’t mention was that Brad and Jenna were together. She was his old lady. She was his squeeze. That’s when Jenna was young. That’s when Jenna was part of the Wicked team.

When Brad Armstrong got his award he said, “It’s more than an honor to be sharing the stage with Jenna.” He then joked, “Me and Axel Braun will be directing her first movie back.” Then everybody laughed.

If you think that’s a joke, if you don’t think that’s foreshadowing, if you don’t think that is telling Jessica Drake what’s to come, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya and it’s called The George Washington.

Now let me explain something to you guys. I’m gonna give you the story of Jenna Jameson and you guys need to listen, because I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

I met Jenna Jameson when she was 19 or 20. Whenever the fuck it was when she got in the business. She had just signed with Wicked Pictures. The only other thing she had done was a scene in an Up and Cummers with Randy West. She was signing at a warehouse show in Hightstown, New Jersey at a place known as IVD, owned by the scumbag Frank Koretsky. Christy Canyon was also signing autographs there. A man by the name of Robert Zicari, who was not yet known by the name of Rob Black, was there buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product and getting blow jobs from hookers that Frank set up because I was buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product.

When the show was finished, I rode in a limousine to the airport with Jenna Jameson and Christy Canyon. Jenna and I talked during the ride. We were both just starting out. She had a new contract with Wicked and I was getting ready to shoot my first porn movie in Rochester, New York. Christy Canyon was just old. All the old gangsters that she was fucking were either dying or looking for new pussy to fuck.

At the time, Jenna was dating some dope head nobody jerk off. However, within six months into her contract with Wicked, she was dating Brad Armstrong.

What you guys need to understand is that all the people who initially made Wicked successful are still there today. Steve Orenstein, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan and a lot of the internal office workers are still there today. That entire Wicked “family” is still there today.

When Jenna Jameson was there and she was with Brad Armstrong, Brad made sure Jenna was taken care of. Jenna Jameson is a girl who needs a man to keep her in check. That’s just the way she is. She’s not the only girl in this business who is like that, there are others who have been like that and are like that now. There are a plethora of women in this business who need a man or a company or a company owner to keep them in check. Left to their own devices, they go off the deep end and become doped up, drugged out and they become a fucking mess.

So Jenna Jameson and Brad Armstrong were kids together. Brad was in a gang bang that I directed with Stephanie Swift. He was in a 13 man gang bang alongside Ron Jeremy and Tom Byron, bent over and getting his asshole eaten out by Stephanie. This was Brad’s finest hour. He’s doing gang bangs and Rob Black is winning Director of the Year Awards.

As time goes on, Brad is making movies with Jenna Jameson that are gaining traction and exposure and recognition as really cool movies. He has a girl named Jenna Jameson who is captivating the world of porn and mainstream. They created movies like Conquest, Flashpoint and Satyr. Satyr was the set where I met Jenna Jameson again. I had just gotten my contract with Elegant Angel and had come to the set with my girlfriend Tricia Devereaux, who was also in the movie. Tom Byron was also in it. It was a huge epic movie that had Jenna on the cover and it was on the cover of AVN. Conquest was also a huge movie that exploded and catapulted Jenna as a huge star and Brad as a director.

These movies also catapulted Wicked into prominence, because before Jenna and Brad, they were just another new company. So Jenna, Brad and Wicked are all doing this together. That kind of history doesn’t go away in the heart.

You’re talking about Steve Orenstein, you’re talking about Brad Armstrong, talking about Jonathan Morgan. All of whom are still there today. But it was Brad and Jenna who together, as a couple, helped build this empire. Brad never created anything with Jessica Drake. Brad was already a superstar director when Jessica came into the picture. When Jenna left Brad, Brad was a lonely man who stole Jessica Drake away from Evan Stone.

So Brad Armstrong and Jenna Jameson, as kids, created the brand of Wicked. Steve Orenstein, Brad Armstrong and Jenna Jameson were all nobodies together. Together, they created one of the biggest brands in porn, Wicked Pictures. Brad Armstrong was the biggest director and Jenna Jameson was the biggest star.

During this time, Jenna Jameson is getting a little too full of herself. She’s getting a little too much to handle. So Jenna and Brad break up. She leaves Wicked and goes off and starts dating a kid, a drug dealer, a nobody. She went from the family atmosphere at Wicked and now she’s starting to get lost. Doing drugs and other stuff.

Now Brad has nothing going on, his gold ticket money train has walked out the door and now he’s lonely as fuck. He’s fucking Jessica Drake in the Wicked movies. Then they start fucking off camera. At the time, Jessica Drake is married to Evan Stone. Evan Stone is becoming a big star and Jessica Drake is a nobody. Brad’s just lost his little girl that he made into a star with him. He’s bored, he’s lonely and he’s looking for something to do.

Guess what happens? He sees an opportunity to take this girl Jessica Drake and make her into a star. He’s already Brad Armstrong. He’s already had Jenna Jameson under his belt. He’s already made movies like Satyr and Flashpoint and Conquest. He’s already made all of these movies that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and were huge hits.

So Brad and Jessica start having a relationship behind Evan Stone’s back. Evan finds out and all sorts of drama unfolds and he and Jessica get divorced. Brad and Jessica get together and Evan Stone is subsequently blacklisted from Wicked Pictures. You never see Evan in Wicked movies, do you?

Brad takes this rather plain ordinary woman and starts to make her into a star.

Now we jump back to Jenna Jameson. Now Jenna is starting to fall off track, because she’s hanging out with a loser boyfriend. But that doesn’t last long, because from out of the shadows comes one of the best suitcase pimps this industry has ever seen. He went by the name of Jay Grdina aka Justin Sterling aka Teddy Fine. Jay was at one time a stage manager at Trac Tech, a studio owned by Russ Hampshire. He was Russ’ little bitch.

He hooked up with a girl by the name of Chasey Lain. Yes, the cracked out junkie you know today as Chasey Lain was once a Wicked and a Vivid girl. Chasey Lain was Jenna Jameson before Jenna. Yes she was. And the man who helped build her was Jay Grdina. Because Chasey is one of those girls who needs someone to tell her what to do, when to do it, when to shit, where to shit, because without that she goes off the deep end and you see what happens. Look at Chasey today.

Jay was also on my crew when I was directing for Elegant Angel. Barry Wood was my cameraman, his assistant Matt Holder and Jay was my tech, which meant he watched the monitor and made sure we were in focus. Yes, the great Jay Grdina, who has a publicly traded company called NOHO that he was in with my friend Todd Blatt, worked for Rob Black making epic movies and was Russ Hampshire’s bitch at Trac Tech.

Now Jay Grdina, because he’s such a good pimp, sees that Jenna Jameson is available. Chasey is done. She’s becoming a junkie crackhead and starts to fall down that path. Jenna is hanging out with a little drug dealing wigger and is starting to go down that path. So what does he do? He hooks up with a new gravy train named Jenna Jameson.

Jay hooks up Jenna, primps and props her up and says, “You were being wasted by Wicked. You were being wasted by Brad Armstrong. You should be on every billboard, you should be in mainstream movies and more importantly, you should be with the biggest company in adult and they’re called Vivid.”

Jay Grdina had a relationship with Vivid because of Todd Blatt. Todd was Vivid’s foreign rights broker. Jay and Todd were friends from Russ Hampshire and VCA. Jay went to Steven Hirsch and Todd and said, “I’ve got the biggest piece of pussy in the world and she’s sucking on my dick.” They said, “Really? Get the fuck outta here!” He went, “Yep.” And so ClubJenna was formed and the movies were distributed through Vivid. ClubJenna was also part of the cable deal that Bill Asher set up.

So now Jenna has another man leading her by the hand to the promised land. What happens? Everybody makes out from Bill Asher. Jay Grdina and Jenna Jameson sell ClubJenna to Playboy for millions of dollars. Steve Hirsch sells a cable channel he wasn’t using back to Playboy for millions and now Bill Asher established himself as the real boss and the man behind the success of Vivid Entertainment.

Now Jay Grdina and Jenna Jameson are launched into a whole other stratosphere. They are living the high life, having Christmas parties that cost thousands and thousands of dollars and they would give out expensive gifts to everybody. I was invited to one of these Christmas parties. This was THE power couple of the business. And they were just sucking and fucking every last dollar that they made.

You gotta understand. Jay Grdina is a con artist. He is a con man’s con man. There is no bigger piece of shit suitcase pimp con man in the universe than Jay Grdina.

As that money starts to dwindle away and Jay sees the money going and Jenna Jameson becomes way too famous for porn, because why would she continue to do fuck movies with Jay Grdina, who is nothing more than a suitcase pimp, they start to have problems. So they divorce. She sees the money dwindling and wants to get the fuck out while she’s got a little coin left. Jay want out so he can work on his next scam with the coin he’s got left.

Now remember, Jenna can’t be left to own devices. She doesn’t do porn anymore, she’s already got best selling books and she’s a quasi-celebrity now. She needs something bigger. So what happens? She hooks up with Tito Ortiz, an MMA fighter who was at the top of his game. MMA was huge and Tito was one of the biggest stars in it. Tito’s fame profile also got raised because he was with the great crossover porn queen Jenna Jameson.

So they got together and had their public life and their drama and fights, had a couple kids, did their drugs and both of them were destroyed.

While all of this is going on, Jay Grdina is putting together a company called NOHO, which is an energy drink that is supposed to prevent hangovers if you drink it before or during drinking alcohol. He doesn’t have enough money left to take it to the next level on the stock market, so he calls his old buddy Todd Blatt, the Jew in the Suit, to help raise money while Jay does the public relations with his pretty face and All American image. My friend Todd got drawn in because Jay is a real good talker and they went off and did NOHO. I don’t know what happened with that deal. Todd’s email doesn’t work anymore and he’s not listed as a majority shareholder on Guess Jay’s the big shareholder now and got the money and manpower to go public. Maybe Todd got pushed out? I guess it’s another example of con man Jay the Snake at work.

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz’ relationship eventually disintegrated to the point of separation, divorce, custody battles and Jenna Jameson being a broke junkie cracked out pill head.

Present day.

Now where’s Brad Armstrong in all of this? Brad Armstrong is in the exact same place he was 10 years ago with Jessica Drake. Except now Jessica’s a lot older, Brad’s a lot older, the business is a lot older. For a guy who’s been in this business for a long time, a lot of boredom sets in. Brad’s at that phase where it’s not like when we were kids and we would get excited about movies and wondering if we’re gonna win awards. He’s not like I was at the AVN Awards in 98, drunk off my ass and nervously thinking, “Think I’m gonna beat John Leslie? Think I’m gonna beat Greg Dark or Michael Ninn or Paul Thomas? OH MY GOD I WON!”

Brad’s at the point where he knows he’s gonna win. Are you gonna tell me that there was any question that Brad Armstrong’s Underworld was gonna win major awards? If you do, I’ve got a bridge to sell called The George Washington.

Brad’s now in cruise control. When you’re at that level, and a lot of you will never know what it’s like because all you do is crappy gonzo movies. But when you’re at the level and you do 2 or 3 movies a year, now it’s come down to one, where you’re spending 100,000 dollars or more on a movie and you have a huge marketing push behind it, you know it’s destined to pick up accolades and awards. It’s no longer a question of will you win, it’s a question of how many will you win. Four? Eight? All of them? It becomes commonplace.

Now it’s not like you’re excited anymore. You win because you’re supposed to win. Somebody comes up to you and says, “Congratulations! You won!” and you say, “Yeah, so? We spent a hundred grand on it, it had better fucking won.”

So for Brad Armstrong, there’s nothing left to prove. He’s got nothing left to do. If he left Wicked and said, “I’m gonna go test the waters,” there are no waters to test. Axel Braun is there because there’s no waters left. Vivid, Hustler, New Sensations, nobody’s making big movies anymore. There are no companies out there that would do anything on a level that Axel Braun or Brad Armstrong are used to. The only ones left are the ones who say, “Can you make us a parody for ten grand?” Axel or Brad are not gonna do anything like that. Brad Armstrong makes six figures a year making one or two movies a year for Wicked.

Brad Armstrong is bored. He’s sitting around planning his one big movie a year, while his wife Jessica is out there doing college lecture tours and doing promo videos alongside girls who do anal fisting. Brad’s movie takes about two months to plan and execute and he’s got his team together at such a level where he practically doesn’t have to do anything for the movie to be great. He’s got the rest of the year to sit around, play with the dog and wait for his 40 year old wife to come home. When she comes home, he’s like, “Hi honey. Wanna go to the beach?” She goes, “Sure.” Then they go to the beach and come home and Brad sits around wondering what the fuck he’s gonna do with his life for the next 30 years.

But right now, Brad sees excitement, he sees a challenge and he sees money. All in a package named Jenna Jameson.

Because guess what? Right now, Jenna Jameson needs a home. Jenna Jameson needs people who give a shit about her. Right now, Jenna needs somebody to pick her up, slap her back into reality, clean her up, get her kids back and put her back on the path of being a star.

Who’s gonna do that? The guy who was with her when she was a little tiny girl in the business? Is that a challenge for Brad? Would that be a day to day work process? Is that the ultimate “save a ho” move to save his ex and clean her up and put her back on the map? “Look at Brad Armstrong. He took his ex, cleaned her up, made her a star again and got her kids back.”

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re gonna watch a marriage implode. Hey Jessica baby, if you want you can crash over at Katie Summers’ place. We’ve got some mainstream stuff going on here. But Brad Armstrong is throwing your ass to the curb.

Because as fucked up as Jenna Jameson is right now, she is ten times the star that Jessica Drake will ever be.

Jessica, I feel bad for you. I guarantee you that Jenna and Brad will be back together. Mark my words. Guaranfuckingtee it. I’ll bet they’ve already talked. And I guarantee you when that happens you’ll be out at Wicked. Because Brad Armstrong is the only reason you’re still there

This is coming from a man who has been in the business longer than your fucking husband. I know how creative people are. We get bored. We get lonely. We want challenges. We need to work. We need things to challenge our minds, our souls, our spirit.

And Brad Armstrong sitting around the house waiting for Steve Orenstein to give him the funding to make his one movie and waiting around for Jessica Drake to come home from a cheesy college tour where she’s talking about rubbers… uh uh baby.

Brad Armstrong’s going, “I can get my ex-wife, I can fucking save her, I can get her to not be a junkie fuck and I can get her back in the mainstream world because the mainstream world’s accepting her now and she’s a junkie fuck. Can you imagine if I made her a star again? If she got her kids back? And she was like, ‘Hi, I’m Jenna Jameson. I used to be a junkie fuck but my ex-husband Brad Armstrong saved me.’

Jessica Drake baby, oh my God. I feel so badly for you. You had a nice run. If you don’t wanna live with me and Katie, you can go back with Evan Stone and go live in his warehouse. And Evan’ll be like, “C’mon, let’s go do some gang bangs. I can get you 800 bucks!”

I fell bad for you Jess. Brad is going to get back with Jenna and they are gonna recreate the magic they made in the 90’s. Brad Armstrong is gonna get her kids back. And Brad Armstrong is gonna make her a star again. Mark my fucking words.

Mark my fucking words everybody. It is a fact. Just like AVN is done. Brad Armstrong will be back with Jenna Jameson and he will help her get her shit together, she will be with Wicked, get her kids back, she will be a star and that will finally make Brad Armstrong bigger than Axel Braun.

This will make Brad Armstrong the biggest director in the history of porn.

And you can take that to the fucking bank.

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