Rob Black Rips Xander Corvus a New A’Hole; Black to Meet with Sacramento Pols

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Xander Corvus with his comments to AVN has proven to be the industry’s biggest asshole, so Rob Black ripped him another one, just for good measure.

Black was as mad as a blister Friday night and had his hair pulled up in a Samurai bun proving he meant business.

“I can’t wait until Sacramento- you motherfuckers!” he screamed.

[Black has meetings with state officials all set to crack down on the business.]

“Once again this business is going to lie to you, but I won’t have it happen. I went on AVN. I’m so pissed off I can’t see straight. I read a fucking article and I am so beside myself.

“I can’t believe this business has become what it’s become. I’m glad that 75% of you are going to get taken out in stretchers, handcuffs or disappear.

“What we have is nothing short of negligence and criminal activity. I’m upset I said one nice word about the kid Xander Corvus. I praised this guy about being a good performer and a hard worker. I told you how horrible Mike South was and that he’d label a MOPE as Xander Corvus. I put my balls on the line to talk good about him.

“He’s [Corvus] a big mouth cocksucker,” Black continued.

Corvus was less than complimentary about Cameron Bay when he said to AVN: “I definitely feel for [Bay], poor girl. She’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes, but it’s not like she got HIV by being responsible. A bird didn’t just drop it on her.”

“I hope whatever pimp you’re with, I hope they have their closet cleaned out,” Black continued.

“Xander Corvus, aren’t you friends with Seth Gamble and Michael Vegas? Oh, you are? Weren’t you dating a she-male looking girl that was a professional escort? Come on you motherfucker. You attack women, you piece of shit. I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to make sure you’re done. Man, the balls on you. You fucking people make me sick.

“In a time of need and support what Xander Corvus says, “I definitely feel for [Bay], poor girl. She’s so cute and a really kind girl.’

[You can smell the condescension dripping from that statement.]

“Wow Xander Corvis. Every single girl in this business, every girl, guess what? Xander Corvus feels bad for Cameron, ‘poor girl’. I guess being ‘cute’ matters when you have HIV.

“Xander what mistakes did she make? She hangs out with a crossover performer. Seth Gamble is a crossover. She worked for So does every girl in this business. Tell me what this girl had done that’s so different. You dirty cocksucker, motherfucker.

“I want every motherfucker to go to OC Modeling, and I want to know anyone on their site who’s done gay porn. I want to know. I’m looking at Dame Cross and he performs in 50 man gangbangs with Wolf Hudson, the biggest crossover performer in the business next to Christian XXX.

“I need to know what is Cameron Bay doing that no other girl has done or is doing. I’m waiting. Xander’s tranny looking girlfriend was an escort. If Cameron Bay was a hooker your girlfriend is a hooker.

“When Danny Wylde is sucking down cock and Lily Labeau is fucking him, you don’t want to go there with me, do ya guys. I hope no guy with OC Modeling has done gay movies or a rent-a-boy. Jesus, point us in the right direction.

“Here’s my question. You got big balls, come down here. You’re going to have to kill me now motherfucker. I’m going to hold you up as exactly what is wrong with this business.

“You do not respect any woman’s rights. I don’t give a shit if this girl was out there doing tranny blowjobs in Brazil, how you can sit there and say to another human being that is HIV positive- ‘she’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes…a bird just didn’t drop it on her.’

“Are you fucking people for real? That is what’s in our business. You guys really protect your own. Can you fucking believe the balls on this kid? You are a fucking retard or any girl who would put her pussy or ass on the line and would put yourself in the hands of Xander Corvus you got to be the dumbest motherfucker in the world.

“He’s there to dance on your corpse. Xander Corvus says he has inside information- maybe he’ll call AVN and tell them what he knows. If everybody’s smoking gun is Cameron Bay dates a crossover, you all better have something better than that. Christian XXX is the walking advertisement for crossover. Seth Gamble fucks every one of you girls.

“Michael Vegas, a crossover, dates Misty Dawn. I better have a videotape somewhere of Cameron Bay fucking 17 infected ‘Philadelphia’ [The Tom Hanks movie] HIV motherfuckers and spraying cum all over their orifices. Should something horrific happen and we get news that is bad, how do you think you’re protected if it’s coming from

“Guess what? There they do anything they want, and Peter Acworth has shown that. Peter Acworth likes cocaine and enough of it. This is a guy who runs an Armory smack dab in San Francisco but that never dawns on anybody and is run by people in the high risk pool.

“You have people up there, the epitome of high risk but think nothing of the fact of working there. All roads lead to but somehow everyone points to Cameron Bay. She was negative before she worked for them.

“I love to know what this girl has done that no one else has done,” Black continued.

“Was she having sex with Troy Gabriel, Seth Gamble’s gay name? Or was she having sex with Ryan Driller? That is an LA Direct guy. Ask Derek Hay who’s got a slew of gay talent- Derek Hay will tell you gay talent can’t be working in gay movies for six months, then they can work on the straight side. Talk about Cameron Bay and her risky behavior?

“In other words a guy who’s been a homosexual all his life who sucks cock and takes it up the asshole, he has to wait six months? So does that cure him of risky behavior because Derek Hay did the six month pray away the gay? I’m confused in the logic.

“How is it Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas and Ryan Driller because they haven’t done a gay movie in three months, a year and a half now aren’t gay. Xander Corvus when you’re talking about Cameron Bay and her risky activity and the fact she might or might not date a crossover- how does that differ from Ryan Driller aka Jeremy Bilding.

“Ben English aka Derek Hay is gay. Ryan Driller has worked with ALL the Spiegler girls. How is Ryan Driller from any other gay performer?

“You motherfuckers have destroyed a business I’ve been involved with since I was 10 years old. I didn’t ask to be in this life. I was brought into this life by two lower class people that decided they were going to sell pornography, run an illegal bookmaking operation and that’s how they were going to start a family.

“At age eleven cops were raiding my house. I was born into this business somebody who didn’t ask to take this on, but I will defend it till the day I die. I will not sit here and watch a girl be thrown under a bus, a girl who’s different than the rest of you.

“No way will Diane Duke control this business and take the money for herself. No way it’s happening. The crazy wild man has a meeting next with lawyers and they’re flying me to Sacramento. Where you sat there and saw Diane Duke hobnobbing with Gavin Newsome, a guy who’s had a very colorful past- I don’t think any of those people are going to say what I say is bullshit. We’re going to set up the UAWA.

“As of Friday night John Stagliano has not called or reached out to Cameron Bay whatsoever. Karen Stagliano who’s also HIV positive who got it from somebody being malicious, was smeared in the press as people accused her of doing drugs- where is Karen Stagliano speaking out for Cameron Bay? As of right now John Stagliano and Karen Stagliano have not reached out to Cameron Bay. Right now that girl has nobody to turn to.

“Karen Stagliano you’re a worthless piece of shit. I hope you fucking die. John Stagliano I hope you fucking die. For you not pick up a phone and call this girl, it’s disgusting.

“If you know anything that can bury this cocksucker [Stagliano] I implore you or anybody. I want to know if John Stagliano is purposely and maliciously doing the things he does. This motherfucker is the worst piece of human dog shit. This man needs to be stopped. And I don’t care what you say they can play this tape in Sacramento as long as they want. There ain’t a person in Sacramento that would say Rob Black is a crazy, a lunatic and psychotic. They would say he’s passionate.”

Black was curious why Peter Warren didn’t challenge Corvus “shitting on” Cameron Bay.

“Where do you get the mentality to say that to someone who got news they might die? Xander, when the birds are dropping does that mean it drops on Seth, er, Troy Gabriel?

“I can’t imagine anybody agreeing with Xander Corvus. That’s like saying Cameron Bay got raped and asked for it. Cameron Bay does not have millions of dollars like the Staglianos where she can stave off the fact that she will die.

“I guess this girl has been so irresponsible in her life that this girl shall now be punished with hamburger lesions all over her body because she fucks a guy who does gay movies. No different than Seth Gamble aka Troy Gabriel who’s working with Trinity St. Clair who’s involved in shakedowns.

“Xander Corvus you hang out with a rent-a-boy. We all know it. You motherfuckers better shake the fuck out of your closets and I will find every activity you’re involved with.

“Xander Corvus, I hope you eventually die, that your girlfriend goes through the same torture as Cameron Bay. I’m going to make sure all my sleuth investigators, and I’m going to find out, Xander, if you have a girlfriend and who she’s worked with and I hope your girlfriend hasn’t worked with any crossovers or hangs out with Seth Gamble.

“Seth Gamble is a fag and has boy toys that pay to fuck him and the proof is in the pudding, big mouth. Guys, open your closets and shake things out because I’m coming for you.”


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