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Rob Black: The Secret Meeting Between Chris Mann and Tom Byron; The Big 4 Dispatch a Man with Cancer to Do Their Dirty Work

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In his ongoing tribute to Frank “The Wizard” Koretsky Friday afternoon, Rob Black managed to fit in a couple of moments to honor Christian Mann, a guy who singlehandedly took down two video companies during his history in the business – Catalina Home Video and Video Team. During those last days, Video Team bounced checks and owed money to everybody.

Black’s point is that Mann did the very thing he’s being accused of and ridiculed for.

“I’ve known Frank Koretsky and his brother since I was 18,” said Black.

“They would fly me to Hightstown, NJ where I would go to the open houses and parties. I was there buying for my dad’s stores. We spent hundreds of thousands with IVD and we would discuss Chris Mann and all of these guys.

“During one of last week’s shows, we did a huge expose on Evil Angel,” Black explained.

“Next day Tom Byron told me Chris Mann wants to have a meeting with him. Okay, cool. I’ve been doing what I’m doing. Chis Mann sets up a meeting the day after I talked about Paul Fishbein on air.

“Over the weekend, we’re trying to figure what this meeting’s about. Was Chris Mann going to give Byron a job in exchange for silence? Or was it going to be a justification? I figured it was one of those two things.

“We were sitting in the studio. I said that’s the only two things – either I’m going to pay you off if Rob Black shuts his fucking mouth and stops being a terror. My ego’s too big not to think that’s what it was. I wouldn’t figure Chris Mann, riddled with cancer, is designated to state their position- I never would have thought something like that. I figured it’s got to be the job-thing.

“If they want to give Tom Byron a job I’m not going to let anyone be torched by me,” said Black.

“I’m not going to allow anyone to be destitute and homeless because of my philosophies.

“I can’t be a cunt-whore. If they gave Tom Byron a job to pull him out of the doldrums and break free and retire, I’d accept the stipulation that I would lay off Stagliano, but he cannot do Stretch Class any more. If he does, he’s got to put gloves on. His days of performing are over.

“I will stop talking if Stagliano admits that was fucked up and apologizes. Stagliano has to come out and do an article. If he says all that, I will leave him alone the rest of his life; we’ll all suck cock and get along. Just to see Tom Byron have a place to live and have a job. That was our game plan.

“I die with the ship. Nobody around me dies with the ship. My wife Janet went down and I got her out of the ship, now Frank Koretsky tries to put her back in the ship because he’s a piece of human garbage.

“I never thought in a million years it was going to be the four families of the Mafia meeting with Whitey Bulger, a guy trying to defend his turf against the guineas from Long Island.

“Never did I think there’d be a meeting of the families. I’m a nobody, a nothing. The meeting is set up at Starbucks with Chris Mann coming off his cancer treatment. He’s up for a full recovery and kicking ass. Chris Mann meets Tom Byron at Starbucks in Studio City.

“They go across the street at a restaurant where they procure food. Byron says, ‘what can I do for you?’ You know what Chris Mann said to him? Chris Mann went with option 2- Tom Byron, we’re going to sit here and discuss Rob Black. I’ve been dispatched by Frank Koretsky, Steve Hirsch, John Stagliano and Paul Fishbein to tell you Rob Black is an asshole, and express to you that Rob Black is done with this business forever. He will never, ever come back to this business.

“Then Chris Mann proceeded to try and explain every aspect of what I’ve been saying and why it’s wrong and partially wrong. This shows you what type of freedom fighter and mind thinker you have in this business. This is the flunky of the group – the little bitch for somebody else.

“When he had Video Team he was a bitch for somebody else. He’s like a bitch for the Italians when he started and he is now a bitch for the Italians. He’s never been successful in his life. He’s a failure and he’s ending his life setting up meetings with Tom Byron.

“Chris Mann actually had to correct me when I said on air that Byron got paid $800 and not $600 from Joey Silvera. The only dispute he had was fuck, I paid you eight hundred not six hundred. This is Chris Mann, a guy who’s dispatched to discuss Rob Black. Think about that. This is a guy who, in his waning life, he’s never done a thing in his life, all his best friends are billionaires and he’s got nothing.

“He gets the last piece of tumor removed and talks to Tom Byron as if Tom Byron were Rob Black. This is a guy conflicted with his own life. He tells Tommy, ‘Frank hates it when you guys talk about him.’

“Hirsch doesn’t have the balls to tell me to fuck off so he sends Chris Mann asking why Rob thinks he’s entitled to a meeting.

“Chris Mann is dispatched to talk to me through all these guys. And these other guys like Seymore Butts are saying I’m not a factor? That’s why Chris Mann who’s dying of fucking cancer is sitting there in a meeting with Tom Byron defending their lies. ‘Rob is definitely banned now.’

“Oh, I forget keyboard warriors, I’m a nobody.

Black said he knew Mann was a “piece of garbage” from something that happened 13 years ago and is saving that story for another day.

“But he gets dispatched to this meeting and he tried to defend Paul Fishbein to me, ‘Paul is really mad that Rob had Gene Ross on his show.’ You realize Chris Mann is talking and saying all this and has never heard my show? He admitted that. This is a guy in the business of Free Speech. He’s never listened to my show.

“He goes, ‘I have to admit, I didn’t listen to it. Wow, that’s a good point, Tom, maybe I should have listened to the show.’

“This retard in his final days is treated like a bitch by his own friends to be abused. Chris Mann has never heard the show. If you’re going to set up power meetings, you can listen to my show and say maybe Rob’s got a point and maybe this is something I said to you. Gee, fascinating. Chris Mann then tells Tom, ‘Steve wants to know why Rob feels he’s entitled to a job.’ Are you serious? Chris Mann had this squirmy, why am I being sent to this meeting look.

“Tom Byron informs him, all Rob wanted was a conversation. Tom Byron is telling Chris Mann all this, and he just had this look. Chris’ face turned more and more with each revelation. Chris Mann looked like he got shot in the face. Chris Mann then goes, ‘I can’t control Steven.’ So Chris Mann is basically admitting that what I’ve been saying is right.

“Then shut your mouth, you dumb fuck. With some balls left in that body, you can admit the kid’s got a point. We were all friends, and you’re mad because Rob Black’s pissed off. Chris Mann also said he talked to Stagliano about not touching the girls.

“They thought it might not be a good idea, but John’s still doing it. Basically, they’re telling Byron that Rob is right but he’s wrong in the way he’s saying it. When you get fucked over by people you behave nicely?

“Chris Mann and John Stagliano didn‘t have the fortitude to give Byron a job and everybody wins. They had the kaputz to defend themselves. I thought they were going to bribe me. But they don’t even have the balls to have a meeting with me – they have to do it through a dying guy.

“Explain to me how Frank Koretsky, how Steven Hirsch, Forbes’ boy; Paul Fishbein a big power player, John Stagliano the freedom fighter – explain to me if I’m every name you call me, if that’s correct, what do you call those four guys who have to use somebody who is fucking dying of cancer to go out and do their dirty work?

“AVN, XBiz, every agent, every talent, Steve Hirsch the Forbes cover guy, explain to me how I am so evil, I am so bad, I’m such a non factor and loser. Explain to me, I’m a nobody has been that’s never accomplished anything, if all that is true, explain to me the Big 4, if Rob Black is such a nobody has been nothing, explain to me if that is all true, why the Big 4 hides behind and dispatches someone dying of cancer to meet with Tom Byron for 2 ½ hours to discuss Rob Black?

“Explain that one, motherfuckers.”


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