Rob Black to Ryan Driller: You Hate Yourself for Being Gay

Rob Black, Friday night was talking about a lengthy communiqué that he got from Ryan Driller. Black didn’t read it on air, so it was tough to figure out exactly what Driller had said. But it didn’t sound flattering.

“There’s a great homosexual performer named Ryan Driller who sent me this giant twitter,” Black went on to explain.

“I read his letter. Once again this shows you that somebody has no idea what our show is about. Whoever fed him information, set him up to make him look like an idiot. Or he listens to the show and is too stupid to comprehend this.

“He’s upset because he doesn’t listen to the show and isn’t educated enough. It’s a shame because people have hung him out to dry. He tweets me this big old letter like he’s revealing things none of us have talked about. He brought up an issue I’d like to talk about, but I don’t all the time.

“He [Driller] accuses me of hating gays and having the secret knowledge I don’t want anybody to know because it’ll hurt my macho reputation of being a gay basher.”

Black went on to explain that he does gay schtick no different from comedian Louis CK.

“I talked months ago about you [Driller] being in my home and bringing shitty beer,” Black went on to say.

“Ask Josh [Rod Daily] if I hate gays. I’m on the line every day with the Aids Healthcare Foundation. Ask them if I hate gays. Have you ever heard of comedy or satire or these comedians that use words to desensitize people? If you people are hurt by words, turn the fucking computer off.

“Educated people know exactly what I’m doing. I said our 80’s business of separating people was bullshit. Gays have been fighting their asses off for people not to treat them any different. Ryan Driller, you’ve been in the closet for so long that people like me who bust balls, you are ashamed of who you are and you’re embarrassed that you’re gay.

“This is amazing. So now you have gay marriages, and now you have two queens in a courtroom fighting, like the McCords, over the Dolce and Gabbana.

“To my gay friends this is funny to them. But Ryan Driller is so ashamed of who he is. How many times have we documented that Lizzy Borden, my wife, is a fag hag. Ryan Driller, you are a little late to the party. Everybody knows that my wife stalks Chi Chi Larue. She’s the biggest fag hag in the world. Driller, all this does is open the door for the fact that you are a closet homosexual embarrassed by himself.

“Danny Wylde…Seth Gamble…all these guys are embarrassed by themselves. What you don’t seem to understand, and the whole point of talking about crossovers is that we don’t demonize Rod Daily.

“Ryan Driller, if my words hurt you, I’m sorry. But the industry consensus is about faggot crossovers who infect women. Listen to the show, get educated. People started to attack Josh [Daily] and said he does rent-a-boy. I said everybody stop it. He’s been in the business many years. You look like a moron.

“All you’re doing is perpetuating the fact that the agents, Free Speech, they perpetuate with the talent what everybody condemns them for. Driller, we’ve talked about how Katie Summers did trannies and how Katie Summers has done privates. We’re not really sure that you look stupid with this giant letter about talking about safety in our business. Katie Summers has done privates with Brooklyn Lee for Princess Donna where guys beat the shit out of them.

“I know you come from the side of the business where people work with HIV performers all the time. But they wear condoms and they tell each other. I know you hide what you are, and what you do; but John Stagliano hid his HIV status and put Katie Summers’ health at risk.

“Ryan Driller, many of your friends, many of the people you have sex with, you wear condoms, but you want young ladies you fuck not to wear a condom. Ryan Driller won’t wear a condom to fuck a guy in the ass, but you won’t wear a condom to fuck a girl in the ass. I’m totally confused on this.

“You get fucked in your ass by guys wearing condoms, but you fuck girls in the ass not wearing a condom. Why would this be? Because that gay performer has HIV and would not infect you? Ryan Driller, is that why Rod Daily would wear a condom so he would not get a disease or give a disease? Hey Josh when you worked over at Kink, would you guys wear condoms? Why? Because generally in the gay market nobody’s really tested.

“My question would be, Ryan Driller, you want to fuck girls without a condom but you fuck guys with a condom. Ryan Driller, what you seem not to understand is right now we have people you trust tell you no one tested positive for syphilis.

“Ryan Driller, I thank you for bringing this subject to the light. Whenever everyone started attacking Cameron and Rod, I said stop attacking them because they’re just like you. Rod Daily does gay scenes and he’s gay. Yet Rod loves Cameron and people say how could this be? For a woman to be with a gay man and for a gay man saying you’re special I want to be with you- why would you think a woman would not love to have a guy who says I love you, we connect on so many different levels, but what I have with you is something special.

“How does a woman not go, you’ve stolen my heart.” Black said it’s no different than guys having a thing for lesbians. What guy doesn’t say I like two chicks together.

“Every girl out there likes gay guys- they’re not threatening; a girl knows she can talk to her gay man friend for five hours where another guy would cut that off and try to fuck her. How men out there can’t comprehend that I don’t know.

“Ryan Driller, you have guys like yourself and Seth Gamble all fucking A-list talent, but you have a self-hate of who you are. If you listened to educated gay homosexuals, you would shut your mouth. When I’m using Seth Gamble in a scene, I’m fine with it and it doesn’t matter. Wolf Hudson is the only person I have respect for.

“Ryan Driller, unfortunately for you, your entire letter backfired and let me talk more about this. There [in the new UAWA] should be one centralized casting agency, one centralized health care clinic, one centralized testing clinic, gay, tranny everybody has to go and be part of a registration process.

“And that also means the gay industry. In the gay industry they throw condoms on and everybody fucks everybody. But this notion that if we have condoms and won’t have testing is a line of shit everyone’s feeding you. Part of the mandate is that you have to have a test and you will wear condoms. Pretty simple.

“Part of what is being created is registration and monthly testing which is a renewal of your license, like a boxer. Every performer coming in has their test. They get fitted with a clean bill of health and a box of condoms. Next month they come in for their test. Like if a boxer fails, he’s not cleared to fight. In our business, in the UAWA, when a performer isn’t cleared, you are not performing. You are going to be stamped with the fact that you have not cleared your medical. Right now we have a system that is flawed.”


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