Rob Black : Vivid Beating A Dead Horse Fighting Condom Regulations

“I was thinking before we got on the air I haven’t seen Stevie Hirsch lately. I don’t know where he’s been and i was getting nervous thinking maybe he doesn’t love us anymore.”

“But then I saw his pretty little face on AVN. Just when we thought we had heard it all from the condom debate here comes Stevie.”

“With all the new developments the condom debate seems kind of artificial. The law is already the law in Los Angeles. Cal/OSHA has already implemented their safety regulations that require condoms you have Steve Hirsch and his lawyers filing papers challenging AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Ninth Circuit standing in the Measure B case as intervenors.”

“You do realize if there was no Rob Black you brain dead morons would all be doing bowling events to fund the goddamn appeal for Measure B to take AIDS Healthcare Foundation off of a case that doesn’t matter now. I really don’t know why Vivid and this whole process is going on. They really think they’re going to have fundraisers and get people to throw money at this?”

“Or is it that they want to keep going through the motions so that Cambria and them can eat up that bill. Because if they stopped now they would have to refund the money. Because Cambria and all of them said it was gonna cost a million and a half to fight this thing and if they stopped now, they would have to refund the money.”

“So basically everybody’s gonna keep fighting for that almighty dollar.It’s not fighting to make the dollar, they’r fighting to steal it. And who are they stealing it from? The American Adult worker. Again I don’t know why all this is going through. Here’s the thing guys. The only thing this can play with is if it’s gonna go on a statewide level ballot initiative.”

“Right now you can’t shoot non condom porn in LA because the voters voted on it. What they’re doing ain’t gonna overturn what the voters voted on. What Hirsch and them are doing isn’t gonna do nothing with the new cal.OSHA regulations.”

“So what Hirsch and Cambria are doing is throwing money away. Now their mission is to do what? Prevent the initiative from going on a statewide ballot?”

“You now have Ca/OSHA implementing regulations for the adult industry. So now you have Steven Hirsch looking like a dum dum. You know how easy it would be for Steve and Vivid just to drop this case? Just like the Republicans who don’t know when to stop. Today finally the government shutdown is done and everybody’s going back to work.”

“The adult industry doesn’t know when to stop. They don’t know when to say enough’s enough. You would think he would finally say fine, we’re going condoms. Diane Duke, you’re out. Fine. We’re gonna start paying for testing. Fine. But they will not fucking budge.”

“How anyone in the business can claim they’re democrats is ridiculous. They are a bunch of hidden Republicans. Even Jenna Jameson shilled for Mitt Romney now she’s hosting the XBIZ awards.”

“You people are pathetic. It’s like the jig is up. They already know the city is not going to challenge anything. Basically Vivid is saying AIDS Healthcare Foundation should not be part of this case, Their hope is the city is not going to pursue it and there is not going to be statewide condom use.”

“But the point is moot because there is already a city law and now Cal/OSHA has implanted regulations that cover condom use. We all knew this was going to happen. We all knew this time was going to come.”

“It’s like you’re all going to have to abide by rules governing workplace safety. The industry wants to fight regulation and claim a first amendment right, but do you realize that when there are mergers or media acquisitions they have to get approval from the federal government? So the government can deny an individual’s right to free speech.”

“Moral of the story. Steve Hirsch. Give up. Cal/OSHA is here. If we would have had regulation 30 years ago we wouldn’t have had obscenity busts because the business would have been legitimate.”


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