Robbin Young, a sex industry joke!

I don’t know what happened to this world, but it’s really sad when a hooker with no job skills like Robbin Young is getting attention and is being seen as a positive role model, even for Conservatives who support President Trump. I have seen her post on the Erotic Review, and this fake Christian is somewhat like Monica Foster as using Christ to help promote her image of being a ho. As we all know, it’s a fact that sex workers don’t have any morals, ethics, etc, they try to convince people that they do, but at the end of the day, they’re double standard and full of shit.

I have seen Robbin post about her being a sex worker and thanking God for it! What kind of God does she worship? I know I’m the Bible it speaks out against prostitution and fornication, so what New Age shit does she read and believe?

Let the record show, Robbin Young IS NOT a pornstar, even though she claims that she is one. She used to have an assistant who was a complete dumbass and a fucking idiot.

This woman has absolutely no relevance to the sex industry nor the political realm and she’s very active online trying to be something that she’s not, which is important. Women like Robbin Young live in a fucked up fantasy world that being a sex worker is such an achievement when all it is is for those who are too lazy to work a hard working job and/or have any job skills that will prevent them from being a whore. A woman who drives a forklift is a much better role model for the American people than some harlot who gets paid to suck a dick because she doesn’t have any other skills to survive.

If we continue to allow women like her the attention of trying to help Make America Great Again, women in this country will become pieces of shit and go against everything that women caught for when they wanted equal rights!

Part of Making America Great Again, is putting women like Robbin Young in their spot and letting them know that they’re not a celebrity, they’re not a role model, they’re not hard workers, they’re whores and their fake Christian, Jewish, or even Islamic values needs to be called out on.


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