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Rocco Siffredi Finds Latest Muse in Rebel Rhyder

BUDAPEST — Rocco Siffredi has been shooting an ambitious documentary feature inspired by his fascination for U.S.-born performer Rebel Rhyder, who is also known in European sets for her predilection for extreme scenes.

The project culminated in a massive gangbang shot by the usually Budapest-based Siffredi in his old stomping grounds in Rome back in May, which was part of the Italian sexual icon’s 60th birthday celebration, along with a new mainstream stage show based on his life and a hit Netflix docu-series about his beginnings.

XBIZ spoke to Siffredi and Rhyder about the epic gangbang, the documentary and their professional chemistry.

“The gangbang is part of a big production,” Siffredi revealed. “It’s a documentary and everything came out incredible.”

Siffredi said he hadn’t heard much about Rhyder until he was ready to shoot a scene with her and Raul Costa in Budapest last summer.

“I was told that she was very pretty and that she has been working with Legal Porno for a while, so I looked at the photos and said ‘Sure, many girls have this profile, she will be popular, I’ll shoot her.’ But then, as she was shooting the scene with Raul — the Italian guy I’m using very often in Budapest —  all of a sudden… she sticks her hand in her ass and starts jerking him off inside the ass!

“People think that I’ve seen it all, but I had e never seen this in my whole life. I went up up to her in shock and told her, ‘What the fuck is this? Who are you?’ Then I discovered she comes from an aerospace engineer background — her whole family does — and she was not really sexual until a few years ago, when she got into the industry. So I immediately said, ‘I wanna do a documentary about you. I wanna discover who you are.’”

Rhyder offered to do some of her specialties, like double or even triple anal, but Siffredi — who is candid about only wanting to shoot things that personally turn him on — was not intrigued by the stunt sex.

 He then asked Rhyder what was the one thing she had never done and was dying to do, and she smiled and said, “I dream about a huge gangbang, your kind.”

“She had done the American-style gangbang,” Siffredi explains, “where guys are in line, like they’re in line for the new iPhone. That’s not how I do it. I do it with real guys in Italy, who come on very strong, animalistic. And, to my eternal gratitude, she said, ‘Please, please, please — that’s exactly what I want!’

Rhyder elaborated on the project.

“Working on this movie with Rocco has been absolutely incredible,” she told XBIZ. “Everything from the scenes that we shot, to the stories that we told, to the people that I met and worked with, has contributed to an experience that I will never forget.”

When Siffredi originally told her that he wanted to film a documentary about her, Rhyder was honored.

“Rocco is someone that I have so much respect for as a performer, director and person,” she explained. “And to have him want to film a movie about me was incredible. I wanted to make something special, and I feel like we absolutely did. The scenes that we filmed are all unique and intense in their own ways. The big gangbang was, of course, amazing. It was surreal being the center of attention in a room of that many people. And to share the experience with a group of beautiful and sex-hungry ladies was just perfect.”

The project co-stars Kelly Stafford, and also features Euro heavy hitters like Amirah Adara, Catherine Knight, Georgia Koneva, and Lilly Mays.

“It was wonderful also to meet and share this experience with Kelly,” Rhyder enthused. “Throughout the project, Kelly shared with me some of her experiences and also pushed me to explore my own sexuality and grow from the experience.

“We also filmed a few other scenes, in which we explored different aspects of my sexuality.I feel like I got to show off what I love and also learn some new things about myself as well throughout the process. I really couldn’t have chosen a better group of guys and ladies to shoot with.”

Exhilarated by checking the Rocco-style gangbang — shot at the legendary Club Olimpo in Ladispoli, near Rome — off her porn bucket list, Rhyder is looking forward to sharing it with the world.

“Overall, this project was simply incredible,” she concluded. “It will be something I will forever hold close to my heart and I’m so excited to show the world what we’ve created.


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