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Ron Jeremy Calls in to KSEX

Porn Valley- On his Wednesday night KSEX show, Wankus took opportunity to re-cap some of the events when actor Stephen Baldwin came into the studio this week.

“We had a cast of wonderful people,” Wankus took note. “Bob from Xfanz was here; we had the whole crew. We had Anastasia Pierce and her man, Liam; and Tyler Faith was co-ho’ing. And we had Heather [Veitch] the stripper that turned evangelist and Kendra Jade. It went a little sticky at first because Stephen didn’t want to sign the model release. I guess it should have been something worked out between us- VH1 and KSEX- before he got there. But I think the reason it slipped through the cracks is because we have people here all the time and it’s never an issue. We have mainstream people here; we have Showtime, HBO, it’s never been a problem, everybody signs. It’s never an issue but for some reason this was an issue and finally we go him to agree to come on, non-face, on the camera, audio only.”

Wankus mentioned that there was a big uproar in the porn community about the show.

“Mike South said that we poorly represented the community,” Wankus continued, “that we pussied out, that we kissed ass and that we were also star-struck. Give me a fuckin’ break. You have to have a star here to be star struck. All this shit, and that we kissed ass with VH1. We didn’t do anything of the sort. Tyler and I set the stage by saying that we are moderators. We’re not experts. We’re going to have some of our own opinions but , in general, we’re here to let Stephen have the forum and the guests to counter his forum. So we didn’t want to get too heavy into being involved, anyway, because we wanted to keep it moving. That was the first thing.

“The second thing is when he came in, we started asking him THE questions. We started asking him why and how and what. In trying to get his point of view, he wasn’t an attack pit bull that he was in the press. He wasn’t the crazy psycho-Christian guy. He was a super, gentle nice guy who said, hey, I’ve got no problem with what you do. I’m just trying to share with you what I do. His whole fuckin’ stance of you’re going to hell, you’re all sinners, turned into hey man, you do what you got to do. I’m just trying to show you a better way.”

Wankus further described Baldwin as basically passive, calm, relaxed, agreeable and nice.

“When he had that kind of attitude and that kind of approach, and you ask all the questions you have to ask, how am I supposed to punch this guy in the face and start yelling at him and screaming at him and just calling him names? That doesn’t make any sense. The guy didn’t come in here and attack us. And I fed him the bait over and over again and he wouldn’t take it. So I would look like a complete fool. Our guests would look like complete fools. And on mainstream TV, porn would look like complete fools if we started berating the guy for no fucking reason.”

Co-host Sunny Lane was of the opinion that might have been what VH1 wanted and she took Baldwin to task because of his behavior over the model releases.

“He wants to go on VH1 and exploit us as the adult industry, but he doesn’t want to stand up on our show?” Lane asked. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Wankus said it was not only his opinion but of others in the community that KSEX handled the situation professionally.

“They shined- they didn’t embarrass- we never apologized for what we do; we never said what we do is wrong. We stood behind our rights, and, at the same time, we represented tactfully and intelligently- something that porn doesn’t usually do when they’re in front of mainstream cameras.”

Wankus said he got a call the next day from Ron Jeremy; and Wankus then took another call on-air from Ron.

Wankus would have liked Jeremy to have participated on the show but noted that Jeremy was in Mexico and the phone lines were screwed up. Jeremy explained that he and Dennis Hof were doing a Pimp and Ho party at a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. But Jeremy said he hung out in his room waiting for a phone call from KSEX but that every phone was “busted”. Jeremy also referenced the fact that he does debates as well.

“I debate Susan Kohl who’s a feminist from Canada and Michael Leahy who’s a recovering sex addict and the XXX Church’s Craig Gross,” Jeremy went on to say. “We debate before 5,000 kids in colleges all over America.” Jeremy said the protocol of the debates are that his opponents go first.

Asked why that is, Jeremy said he’s not on the attack and likes what his opponents do.

“If Craig Gross wants to find girls in porn and bring them to Jesus, fine,” said Jeremy. Wankus told Jeremy how he’d keep feeding Baldwin the bait but Baldwin wouldn’t take it.

“It was my decision not to be an asshole,” said Wankus. “Why would I berate a little puppy dog when he’s not the pit bull I thought he was going to be?”

Jeremy noted that Al Goldstein used to do a similar thing and debate people on the road.

“He’s debated Jerry Falwell and bigger names than I’ve debated,” Jeremy coinceded. “And I’ve seen him win the debate in the beginning and lose by the end because he starts calling them morons. And Jerry Falwell goes, ‘Christ, loves you, Al.'”

Jeremy wondered if Wankus asked Baldwin about his taking peoples’ names and numbers off license plates. Wankus admitted that he forgot and one of the producers reminded him later of the question.

“I was, oh fuck, where were you an hour ago?” Other than that, Wankus talked about how Baldwin explained that a porn store was happening in his home town [Nyack, NY] and in the heart of residential neighborhood.

“He said, hey, if these perverts want to go to this store- let’s move it to a place that’s not in the heart of a residential community. That was his complaint.” According to Wankus, he got Baldwin to swear that he wasn’t going to do it with other stores.

“That was his passion because it was his neighborhood,” Wankus told Jeremy.

Jeremy remembered asking a similar question of Tammy Faye and wondered if a porn store or topless club operated in her area of Charlotte, NC with proper zoning and there was no crime taking place, how she’d feel about it.

“She said in all fairness my congregation would not go there,” said Jeremy. “But they have a right to exist. It’s live and let live.”

“Somebody brought up the fact about Christians going door-to-door and trying to convert,” Wankus told Jeremy. “I turned the tables and said let me ask you a question- if I started knocking on the door pushing the latest product for Team Tyler productions how would you feel about that? They started back pedaling. I asked them, no, honestly, how would you feel? He kept dancing and dancing and finally he said I wouldn’t like that. I said, ‘Why are you knocking on my door? Why are you trying to push your stuff on me? If you have a belief that’s fine; if I want to hear it that’s fine but don’ try to throw it in my face.'”

Jeremy brought up a quote made by Dennis Miller that all the Christians are upset after the Meese Commission because there’s Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler in all the 7-Elevens but not addressing the fact that there are Gideon bibles in hotel rooms and that religious programming outnumbers adult programming on TV.

Jeremy then went on to note how convicted serial killer Ted Bundy accepted Christ as his savior before he got a lethal injection.

“Christians say as long as you accept Jesus as your savior, you go to heaven- so if you’re a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and you live your entire life taking care of children and are truly a good person, you’re not going to go to heaven.” Wankus said he brought up similar points when Baldwin was on the show.

Wankus told Jeremy he put the question to Baldwin as to why he was coming to the porn community first.

“Do you think we’re bigger sinners than lawyers and doctors? Of course he couldn’t answer that one, either.” Jeremy wondered if Baldwin had anyone on his side. Wankus told him Heather Veitch and Veitch was basically clueless.

“There was no big fight because he wouldn’t put one up,” Wankus repeated. “So we gave everyone a platform to speak; we were respectful; we were intelligent and we represented the adult community unlike most of the time.”Jeremy suggested that Wankus bring on Craig Gross of the XXX Church.

“He’s a sweet guy,” said Jeremy. “We have dinners together but on stage, we attack. He goes nuts, but I go nuts back on him. It’s great. He’s got a lot of press behind him. He’s been in a lot of magazines.”

Jeremy went on to suggest that the smart guy is the one who would pray to everybody and cover his bases.

“And the only difference between the Jews and the Christians, our bible stopped and theirs kept going.”


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