Rosie O’Donnell IGNORES Monica Foster

This should have been posted a couple of months ago, but now is a good as of time as ever to make Monica Foster feel bad!

Last year, Foster BEGGED for Rosie O’Donnell‘s attention thinking that Rosie would actually give a shit about stupid shit, but like all important people, Rosie IGNORED Foster! For the past 8 years, the Obamas, the Clintons, famous pornstars like Nikki Benz, big time news networks, and etc, have ALL ignored Monica Foster and her desperate plea for attention. Not only that, but nobody important ever pays attention to Foster’s BORING and unprofessional web broadcast nor read her lame drawn out blogs.

Of course, for the past decade, Foster talks about the same stupid shit and yet hasn’t been able to prove anything nor has she ever been able to get her stupid shit to law enforcement!

However, Tristan Stadtmuller did in fact RECEIVE attention from Rosie O’Donnell because he called her out on her hypocrite bullshit and it struck a nerve with the lesbian liberal! Rosie actually responded back to him by giving him a bullshit excuse. The, a gossip website that Monica Foster has tried to utilize to libel and defame people like Stadtmuller, became jealous and tweeted to both Rosie and Nik Ritchie her libel of Stadtmuller, and as always, Rosie and Nik both IGNORED Foster and her desperate plea for attention! Monica Foster is BORING and she NEVER has anything interesting to talk about, which is why her blogs and her webcam shows got her nowhere and continues to get her nowhere. This fucking idiot actually thinks that popular pornstars watch her stupid shit, she is a fucking moron! How can someone this fucking stupid generate enough brain power to get herself out of bed?

Don’t forget, Foster gave Stadtmuller attention on her 38th birthday this year when she tried to prevent him from attending AEE and then again recently on her camping trip by trolling his Twitter account and tried to get him suspended!

Why sue this woman? Why try to get a restraining order out on her or get the cops on her, it’s an actual sport now to make fun of her!!!

And don’t forget, Monica Foster had the chance of a lifetime to appear on national TV on the Dr. Phil show when Stadtmuller had contacted them to have the two appear on it. The producers really wanted them on, but Foster wouldn’t respond to any of their messages!


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