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Roxx Quaked in His Arms Says Margold

Porn Valley- Adult movie actors said Friday they are willing to keep working in the multibillion-dollar industry despite an HIV scare, even as more producers joined a voluntary moratorium that has shut down many sets.

Meanwhile, the number of people potentially exposed to the AIDS virus grew to 65, said Sharon Mitchell, executive director of the nonprofit Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation. Their names were posted on industry quarantine sites that effectively prevent them from working for two months until their next HIV tests are completed.

About a dozen adult production companies have halted shooting until at least June 8. Hustler Video and VCA Pictures announced Friday that they were halting work indefinitely.

“The main concern of both companies right now is for the health and well-being of the talent they work with,” VCA publicist Mischa Allen said in a statement. A day earlier, Vivid Entertainment Group, the industry’s largest studio, reversed a previous decision to continue shooting.

Mitchell said some smaller companies continued to operate and that many performers in adult films had a feeling that “it’s not going to happen to them.”

“Denial is the backbone of pornography,” she said.

Some 80 actors and actresses flocked to the health foundation’s Sherman Oaks headquarters Friday to get blood tests, up from 60 on a normal day, Mitchell said.

A 30-year-old newcomer who identified himself as Michael came in even though he had not worked with any of the actresses who potentially were exposed to HIV.

Michael, who said he got into the business for “money and sex,” has performed several scenes without condoms but said he takes care to avoid risk.

Like other actors in the adult industry, Michael said he was not overly concerned about contracting sexually transmitted diseases from his work partners because “everyone’s tested, everyone’s clean.”

He intends to continue working after the moratorium ends, as does Shay Sights, who has made more than 250 adult films. On Friday, Sights displayed her latest HIV test results, which were negative.

“I’m not super, super worried about it,” she said. “The system’s working very well. … We’ve shot 11,000 movies a year, and this is the first time it’s happened in four years.”

“I think that the industry is safer than going out and bar-hopping,” she said.

Nevertheless, she supports the moratorium and doesn’t approve of companies that continued to produce work.

The scare began this week when it was announced that actor Darren James had tested positive for HIV, which he apparently contracted while shooting an adult film last month in Brazil.

Laura Roxx, a 22-year-old Canadian actress he worked with after returning to the United States, also has tested positive for HIV.

Bill Margold, a former adult-industry agent who founded Protecting Adult Welfare, an outreach program for adult film industry workers, said he consoled the woman, who had worked in the industry only about three months.

“This woman was just absolutely in my arms quaking like a 10-pointer on the Richter scale,” he said.

Performer Mark Anthony, a friend of James who is on the quarantine list, told the industry news magazine AVN that the HIV scare has shaken him.

“My feeling right now is that I’m considering not working anymore, not in front of the camera,” he said. “Definitely, I’d never do a scene without a condom again. … Being a porno actor is a high-risk activity.”

The last industry HIV scare was in 1999, when a male actor tested positive for the disease. He no longer performs and no other actors were infected at the time.

The adult film industry, a $4 billion to $13 billion annual business based largely in the San Fernando Valley, differs from the heavily regulated sex industry in nearby Nevada, where prostitutes are required to have regular HIV testing.


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