Rumor: Monica Foster Working At Strip Club. We’re Not Buying It!

So the rumor going around now is that unhygienic, vile, filthy disgusting whore Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers is working at a strip club in Las Vegas. This is just a rumor and nothing has been proven but we don’t know how someone so fat could be dancing at a strip club. Maybe she does something else there but not likely as she won’t do any job that doesn’t involve selling her pussy, even as she is terrible at it. What could she offer to a strip club?


The above statement can not be true as an upscale club would have an age cutoff and a weight requirement and Foster would fail both of those prerequisites. She’s hairy, she’s fat, she’s got a busted up face and a terrible reputation in the industry for the people that have even heard of her. The top XXX performers who dance at strip clubs go on tour and their appearances are well promoted. It is not likely that this woman is working under the radar at some mysterious upscale club. Then again, why would a club promote some unattractive no name?


Take a look at the beer gut on the woman on the left and ask yourself if someone in that condition could be dancing at any club. That is the midsection of someone that does very little exercise, has a poor diet and drinks too much alcohol.


As to the theory that she works at a ghetto strip club…BULLSHIT! Foster is a pampered white girl in a black woman’s body. She’s got no ass, her tits are small and she can’t dance for shit. She isn’t what patrons of low end black strip clubs want to see. There is just no way this theory is true. Sorry folks.


Monica is still trying her hand at webcamming even as she as bad at it but we’re glad she’s still at it because we plan to visit her room as guests soon and screen-cap her looking like a dead fish while no one privates her or tips. We will then do a side by side of her pitiful performance with that of Donny Long and Heather Deep and their 9,000+ viewers and the bells and whistles going off every 5 seconds when they receive a tip and we will post it up as a blog so you can all laugh at how she got her ass kicked at her own game by a girl that she calls a ugly monkey along with other various racial slurs. Stay tuned. 😀


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