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Ryder Skye, Hailey James and Justin Syder Visit PtimeTimeUncensored – final

Porn Valley- Judging by a press release put out earlier Thursday, Wankus and KSEX have buried axes and come to a mutual, kissy-face accord. And a hint of the future Valentine’s Day card exchanges came Wednesday night when Ryder Skye, [pictured] a co-host of Tony Batman’s on KSEX,, filled in for Nautica Thorn on Wankus’ PrimeTimeUncensored, show.

And, during a few remaining moments, even Batman came on. Albeit Wankus is still hitting him with the Munchkin jokes.

Earlier, Wankus announced that there’d be a new pre-programmed format to his PTU show beginning next week- one that would mix porn star guests with the celebrity mainstream and vice versa. But little rhan broad hints were offered for the time being as to what that would entail. With the change in format, PTU’s Michael Fattorosi announced that he would probably be relinquishing his Breaking the Law show in favor of the revamped scheduling.

Introducing Skye, it was Wankus’ opinion that she looks 10 times better in person than in her pictures.

“And people in the industry keep telling me how great you are,” he added.

Skye, who’s from Los Angeles, had been a theater major in college. She had moved out of the area for awhile but said she had to come back where the action was. As far as getting the big break in mainstream, however, she said that never happened.

“I took ten years of acting classes and went on auditions,” she said. “Then I had to get a real job. I started dancing at night at a bikini bar.”

Skye, who admitted to always being nervous on stage, feels there are guys who like the mystery of watching non-nude girls dance. According to Skye, she had an incident on stage that made her lose confidence when she slid from a pole and banged her head on the floor. Then she decided to take a job in the real world- at a [non-sex] toy company – where she worked in the design department and ended up with an assistant’s job. From there she began modeling and wound up at Exotic Star Models,

According to Skye, she talked to September about doing print work but was advised to add at least g-g to her repertoire.

“I didn’t think I would do it, but I liked it,” admits Skye who’s first g-g scene was with Natalie Minx. Then her first b-g scene was with Richard Mann for the Hush-Hush movie Manaconda which comes out today.

“He was huge- my first 11-incher,” Skye Laughed. “My, God. I’d never seen that before! I took it like a champ even though I didn’t think I would at first. I’m small in every way.”

Concerning her website,, Skye mentioned how she had to fight to get her domain name back from a webmaster who started off with good intentions.

Skye has been in the business about three months and has shot 30 scenes so far.

“I pace myself,” she explains, noting that her mother’s still under the impression she dances.

“She would have a heart attack if she ever found out,” added Skye. “I’ll let her find out. And my dad watches porn, but I don’t talk to him.”

Otherwise a good friend of Skye’s knows she’s in the business and a couple of others have strong indications. And the employees at the toy company where she worked later found out about her career once they cleaned out her computer.

At 23, Skye said she’s done MILF scenes but has no kids to speak of.

“Please, can I damage someone?” she asks. “I don’t want to do that to any kid.”

Wankus then introduced Hailey James, who’s also with Exotic Star Models. James, who’s from Columbus, Ohio, explained how she shot a couple of scenes in Florida for Bang Bros. and Icy Porn to test the waters.

“I was ready after that first week,” she said. In four months in the industry, James thinks she’s done between 25 to 30 scenes. While she does anal both on camera and in her personal life, James said she won’t do d.p.s or cream pies. Among her scenes is one with Shane Diesel.

“He has ridiculous pipe,” Wankus noted. In her personal life, James said she gravitates more towards guys in the 7 inches-8 inches range. According to James, her family learned she was in the business as soon as she worked for Bang Bros.

“My dad thinks it’s awesome; my mom thinks it’s disgusting.”

James was home to visit about two months ago and her mother already has the impression that any guy she’s currently with, she’s fucking for money. Wankus was all for calling James’ mother but James urged him to call her sister, though he didn’t.

“She’ll crack up.”

The first time James had sex was at the age of 16, as well as the first time she sucked cock. She described herself as the party girl that everyone wanted.

For her part, Skye was 16 as well when she first had sex and didn’t have her first kiss until she was in Junior High.

“I was a late bloomer and a geek,” said Skye.

So far in the business, James said she’s met a lot of great people and has no regrets. She also mentioned how she actually got in porn to spite a boyfriend who delivered an ultimatum that she sleep with him every night or else.

“I said fuck you, I’m doing porn. I’m a party girl.”

Wankus then of course had to ask Justin Syder about the time he was arrested for growing marijuana. Syder explained that he was a boxer at the time and was doing that to supplement his income. But Syder was primarily on the show to promote an industry event taking place on September 13 at Blue Moon Nights on Lankershim in N. Hollywood.

Syder also mentioned that he was shooting his own stuff and doesn’t see former girlfriend Jezabelle Bond at all.

“I don’t talk to her and I don’t want to,” he said.

According to Syder, it was Bond who blew the whistle on him about the marijuana. And, to hear Syder talk, the stories about him beating her up were her fabrication, although certain companies still won’t hire him, having taken her word for it.


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