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Salomon Admits He Was a Cocaine Addict/Dealer

NATIONAL RADIO – Rick Salomon the man who’s bringing Paris Hilton’s private parts to the Internet was on Howard Stern’s show Tuesday morning. Legal issues aside, Stern asked why would Salomon, if Hilton was giving him such great sex, particularly oral, show the tape around at parties. Salomon claims the way Hilton was cavorting on the tape, she probably knew other people were going to see it. Stern begged to differ but Salomon repeated his claim. “She sort of knew that some people were going to see this tape.”

“She knew what kind of guy you were that you’d show it around,” Stern suggested. Salomon said he’s got no remorse about showing the tape around to their circle of friends. “She’s got to be tremendously embarrassed by this, though,” Stern said, wondering how Salomon was connecting with all these women. Salomon said it was through buddies. Stern said he’d like to have buddies like that.

“Are you a rich guy? You must be a good-looking dude,” Stern said. It was noted that Salomon was acting fidgety. Stern asked if he was on drugs. Salomon said he was 11 months sober. “I was a big huge monster drug addict.” Salomon said he used to get a lot of girls that way.

Stern asked if it was true that Salomon was getting 50,000 people a day coming to his Czech-based website, Salomon said he wasn’t sure of the exact figures. “50,000 downloads a day is an exaggeration,” Salomon commented. “50,000 visits a day is accurate.”

Stern asked how much money’s been generated so far. Salomon who was quoted last week as saying he was making $2.5 million a day, tended to be vague this time around, claiming he didn’t know how much he was making, only to claim by the end of this week his would be the biggest adult website in the world. “We got another tape coming out in a couple of weeks with Paris Hilton another unbelievable sex tape.” Salomon said he couldn’t comment any more than that. “We just signed the deal.” Salomon said he wasn’t in the tape. “It’s an amazing sex tape. We acquired it. We paid for it.” Salon said so far he hasn’t been sued by Hilton’s parents. “We’ll see what happens.”

Salomon then amended his comments to say the tape didn’t feature Hilton. “Trustfundgirls is branching out.” Stern read a comment where Salomon claims to have at least 25 different sex videos with Paris Hilton. Salomon refuted the comment saying he had “a couple” and that he never had success with Paris’ sister Nikki even to make out with her.

Salomon did say that his website was definitely going to put out more sex videos. Asked how he met Paris, Salomon said his buddy introduced them at his house in New York and that they had sex the first night. “All me relationships are pretty much first night,” he said. Asked how Paris as dressed, Salomon couldn’t remember saying it was five years ago. Stern agreed that Salomon, who dated Hilton on and off for three years, certainly had the touch.

Stern asked Salomon if he got some money out of his relationship with Shannen Doherty whom he married for a spell. “No coin out of that,” Salomon said. “We got it annulled.” Salomon explained that he had been married one other time and it was easier to get an annulment. “Getting divorced takes a long time.” Stating that the marriage was a nightmare, Salomon discovered a legal loophole that allowed him to get the annulment after a year. Stern asked if Doherty was a bitch prompting the decision. “She has horrible crap to say about you,” he told Salomon. “She says your scummy and slimy.” It was also brought out that Hilton and Doherty got into some kind of tiff, presumably over Salomon.

Asked what he did for a living, Salomon said he was a professional gambler. “I’m a huge sports better.” Stern also suspected that Salomon sold drugs and he didn’t dispute the notion. “I sold drugs up until I was 20 years-old. I was a huge drug dealer. Mostly cocaine.” Asked if it was true that he was some kind of bookie to the stars, Salomon said no. “That’s inaccurate.” Salomon said he’s made as much as $250,000 on a single bet.

Stern wanted to know if Salomon had anal sex with Hilton. “I don’t remember,” he said. “I’m a little punchy. I used to be a fighter. I don’t remember. Maybe I did.” Salomon however said there were no anal tapes involving Hilton.

It was also noted that Salomon dated Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz and that Lenz and Hilton made a hardcore video together which, according to Salomon had been destroyed. Salomon denied ever making that comment. “I heard about this video. I was trying to buy it. I’ve dated both of them. I’ve never seen them together so I don’t know if that’s accurate. That would be a sick tape.”

Asked to compare some of his former celebrity girlfriends in the sack, Salomon said Lenz was very sexual. “Paris doesn’t love sex enough so she’s off the list for me,” said Salomon agreeing with Stern’s suggestion that she loves herself too much. Salomon said Doherty was a lot of fun in bed. “She’s a fun little girl. She’s unbelievable. We got along in the bedroom and that was pretty much it.”


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