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Savanna Sampson One of the Best Fucks at Vivid, says Sunrise Adams

Now that Sunset Thomas is actively in the news, it might be a good idea to re-visit the fact that her niece, Sunrise Adams, a Vivid girl, was a guest of Tera Patrick’s last week on KSEX, Adams feeling the need to apologize for feeling “bloated.”

During the course of conversation, Adams said that Savanna Sampson, another Vivid girl taught her the proper way to grind a female, as though there were an improper way. “And I actually had an orgasm from it. Usually it hurts when you grind with a female. But she knows how to do it. Amazing.” Adams also said that Sampson is a wild child and very sexual. “She has to be like one of the best fucks at Vivid.” Though Sampson is her best friend, Sampson scares her, according to Adams.

“She brings the words sex fanatic to a new level. But in a good way.” Adams said if you were to go on the road with Sampson you’d have to lock your hotel room and wear a chastity belt. “She’ll literally rape you.” Patrick said the first woman to take her under the wing in the adult business was Teri Weigel. “I remember the first trade show I did,” Patrick continued. “She showed me how to get through the line; how to sign the autographs and how to pose for the pictures.”

Patrick mentioned that Evan Seinfeld’s style was very caveman. “Like I’ll be in the middle of doing something and he’ll say, c’mon. He grabs me by the hair, drags me in the room, ugh-ugh-ugh. Thank you. And I’m like, You’re welcome.”

Asked if Sampson, like her namesake was rough, Adams said Sampson is what you want her to be. Patrick also said she likes it rough and that’s what makes her compatible with Seinfeld. Seinfeld described how he’ll be fucking Patrick in the ass and she’ll want it in the face, etc. Seinfeld said Patrick also likes it when he brings her to the edge and a little unconsciousness. “She’s the fearless submissive of all time.”

For her part, Adams might be inclined to panic because she’s never experienced rough sex with a man. “I’m very dominant in the man situation,” she added. “If I feel over powered I might trip out.” In a girl-girl situation, Adams said she can be as wild as she needs to be or vice-versa.

Adams notes that every member of her family at one point or another had something to do with the porn industry. “My grandmother- I can talk to her while I’m on set. I can talk to her right before I do a scene. She’s like have fun, call me after and let me know how it went. I like that.”

Before she had even turned 18 Adams went to her first AVN trade show, according to her. “I sat behind my aunt’s booth and watched everything go on.” Patrick didn’t see the resemblance between Adams and Sunset Thomas. “We have the same button nose and the same big forehead,” Adams replied.

The conversation got on to pets and Adams said she loves her dogs. “They’re my life-literally. Anybody that knows me knows that my dogs are my life. They’re pretty fierce but I love them.”

In an exchange of colorful tit anecdotes, Adams said she had just acquired a new set of tits in July and Patrick talked about her tit job to compensate for the ones she lost when she took ten pounds off. “I was a 36D naturally. But when I lost ten pounds my tits were gone. They completely deflated. I was so upset. Night after night I was so used to having them with me and laying in bed with me. They felt squishy. And I would run and they’d really bounce. I miss them. It was like being pregnant and giving away the child.”

And in an exchange of Howard Stern stories, Adams mentioned how when she was on Stern she had made the comment that Vivid girls didn’t do certain things and she was laughed at. Patrick said the first time she was on the show, she didn’t take off her top. Asked by Stern if she thought she was too good for the show, Patrick said, yes, she was. “After that he didn’t mess with me at all.” Patrick also related an incident in which Stern asked Devon if she would consider turning tricks and Devon told him it was illegal and immoral. Adams said, regarding her aunt, she’s chosen a different path from what she chose [working at brothels]. “And I don’t look down at my girlfriends that do do that. It’s not for me.” Adams said she looks at herself as being a person with an erotic job and hates when people resort to stereotypes of porn performers.

“People just constantly think you’re going to get nude for whoever, or fuck whoever because of the job that we have.”



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