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Scores Strippers, Bosses Arrested on Prostie Charges

NY- Several Scores strippers – including a lovely who still lives with her parents in an upscale suburb – were caught with their G-strings down after they allegedly offered to sell sex to undercover cops inside the Chelsea club.

The four strippers agreed to engage in various sex acts in locked back rooms for prices ranging from $200 to $750, police sources said.

Another dancer and two male managers were also arrested on charges of promoting prostitution in what appeared to be the first vice roundup at the famed flesh palace on W. 28th St. “It was wide open,” a police source said. “They didn’t have to work for it.

“Somewhere the managers are sweating,” another police source said. “They put the club’s legitimate money at risk. . . . People above them can’t be happy.”

One of the dancers, 22-year-old Colleen Matthews, who lives at her folks’ two-story house in Livingston, N.J., allegedly offered to perform oral sex on an undercover cop for $500.

Wearing a frumpy sweatsuit and no makeup, the strawberry blond greeted the Daily News outside the house last night.

“It’s absolutely false,” Matthews said of the prostitution accusation. “I’m pleading not guilty.”

Another of the accused dancers, 32-year-old Karina Vasquez, declined to discuss allegations that she offered to perform oral sex for $200. The peroxide blond, dressed in hot pants, slammed the door of her Manhattan apartment without comment.

A lawyer for the city’s best-known strip joint said he expects all the arrested workers “to be vindicated.”

“One case was already declined for prosecution for lack of merit,” attorney Mark Bederow said. “The other six pleaded not guilty. Each of them maintains their innocence.”

The Manhattan district attorney’s office confirmed Zamira Cardenas, 28, of Bayonne, was let go for lack of evidence. She had been charged with promoting prostitution.

Manhattan South vice cops raided Scores just before midnight Wednesday after getting a tip some of the girls were performing sex in rooms at the back of building.

Unlike the club’s glitzy Champagne and President rooms that VIPs rent for private strip shows with their favorite girls, the secluded sex rooms had doors that locked, a police source said.

“Management was involved. They were prepping the backroom. They escorted them back,” another police source said.

The strippers also set their own rates for certain sex acts.

Nicole Green, 23, of Manhattan, allegedly told a cop she charged $700 for sex. Marianna Nasyarova, 19, of Brooklyn, allegedly wanted $300 for oral sex. And for $750, the girls said they would perform more exotic acts, the source said.

Green, who had been busted before for prostitution, was ordered held on bail. But the other dancers were released on their own recognizance, as were managers Gustavo Kiste, 29, of Staten Island, and Eli Iskolsky, 36, of Brooklyn.

Scores has gotten several black eyes in recent years. Club CEO Richard Goldring and manager Harvey Osher pleaded guilty last year to cheating the government of $3.1 million by filing false business records and tax returns.

Osher’s brother, Scores co-owner Elliott Osher, was also nabbed last year for first-degree assault after he allegedly stabbed a former bouncer.

Last night, a Scores manager who asked not to be identified said the vice squad has been raiding a number of strip joints – not just Scores. “I can guarantee you no girl did anything like that,” he said. “Lap dances or table dances, that’s what we do. There is no friction.”

A raven-haired stripper at the club seconded the manager’s claims. “I don’t do anything like that,” she said. “My mother would kill me.”


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