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Screaming O Show: Deja Vu Means Seen Before But Tampa Was The First

Tampa, Florida – Schevelle writes: It was Friday at Déjà Vu Showgirls on an unseasonably cool night in Tampa, Florida.

As usual, the Déjà Vu van was parked out front with its strobe lights flashing on the roof making it visible from miles away. We pulled into the parking lot and were met by the infamous stripper bus as it sat with its Plexiglas and pole inside shining (the bus is still prohibited from the streets). Despite all of the controversy and coverage by the national news surrounding the stripper bus, all the action was inside the club this Friday and Saturday because this weekend marked the first ever Screaming O Interactive Club Show.

Tony and I have been doing the Screaming O Contest at expos, conventions, bars and college campuses, but this was the first time that it was to be held in a strip club. It was a merging of the Batman and Schevelle Tour with The Screaming O Tour for a novel, sexy two-night event hosted at the innovative Déjà Vu Showgirls in Tampa, Florida.

Part exotic dance show part sexy competition, with a true interactive quality to it, the club was a buzz all week with anticipation of this original event. When Tony and I arrived at the club, the Déjà Vu showgirls were already practicing their best “O Face” on the mic. “I’m gonna win this contest”, each girl proudly proclaimed as she stepped down from the dj booth. We started off the night with an opening show by yours truly, in which I performed my Geisha show.

“I like that show, Schevelle. But, uh the beginning kind of freaked me out”, said Ice, general manager for Déjà Vu in Tampa and foremost in marketing this fresh event within strip clubs.

It takes guts to be the first to host a new idea, but I have a feeling Ice is not a stranger to chartering new territory. He could not have been more accommodating, with the personal waitress assigned to us, the large VIP dressing room and the generosity that he showed all the press, which included Kris Kay from Exotic Dancer magazine, Derrick with Debacle Entertainment, Chase Thomas from Desire Magazine and other industry friends that showed up in expectation of what was going to happen.

The first show began with the original Screaming O “Best O Face” contest. The mixture of showgirls and customers from the audience were behind me on stage sounding like thoroughbreds at a starting gate. Tony, in his typical fashion of ringmaster, began by getting everyone’s attention. He guided the contest with the rare combination of an orchestra conductor and comedian. As the orgasms rose and fell, the true climax came when Betsy from the audience stood timidly in the center of the stage and wailed with such authenticity the crowd began cheering and clapping before she even finished. Needless to say, she won. This first contest was just a wetting of the appetite for other contestants who peppered Tony with questions, “When is the next contest?”, “Can I enter that one, too?”, “I’m gonna win that one.”

In between the shows and contests, the showgirls of Déjà Vu took the stage and worked the floor in their evening gowns. I can say from personal experience that the ladies were beautiful and friendly, which is why this was the hot spot for adult entertainment in Tampa. All charged up and ready to go, the second show began, “The Rodeo”.

Once again Tony commanded the stage with ease and humor. As he helped the first three contestants on to the stage, immediately other volunteers flooded the stage. “Okay, we can only take two more”, Tony proclaimed. I passed out Screaming O shirts and white cowboy hats to all of the female contestants.

“Do I take my dress off and put this shirt on?” they asked. “Yes, just like that.” I said.

I turned around to get the rest of the hats, and when I turned back, the guy contestants were taking their shirts off.

“No, no guys. I just said the girls had to take their….never mind.” There ended up being seven couples for the Rodeo Contest and we had to turn people away.

The competitive bug was loose because every couple that went subsequent to the first had to up the ante. While the couples vacillated in the beginning, every inhibition was gone by the third couple. The audience went from laughter to rolling in their chairs and clapping their hands, hooting and hollering. The winner changed things with a roll reversal where the man was the feminine voice and the woman was the forceful more masculine position. It was clear by the audience participation who was the champion.

The whole weekend was equivalent to that of a real orgasm. It started off as being something that everyone wanted and new they would like, but didn’t know exactly what it was or how it worked.

As the anticipation grew, it became fun for everyone who then relaxed and began to have fun with it. And the definite climax came with the Rodeo Contest. Then followed the afterglow and smooth wallowing as we wrapped up the event with the final show of the night, my Vegas style Egyptian Show, complete with headdress piece. Now the only thing left to do was smoke a cigarette and recall the great feeling and wondering when the next time was going to happen.

Déjà Vu Tampa, all of its staff and showgirls were not only gracious host, but also fun to party with and be around all weekend. They welcomed us into their family with ease and made sure every need was addressed. Thank you Ice, staff, showgirls and you too Stripper Bus. Tony and I will always remember our “first time” as we merged the Batman and Schevelle Tour with the Screaming O Interactive Club Show at the Déjà Vu in Tampa, Florida.


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