Scumbag feminist millennial cunt gets “Tucked,” : Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Pseudo Journalist Lauren Duca!

Behold as a scumbag feminist millennial cunt, possibly a Jewess, gets her head handed to her on live television. Watch and enjoy as Tucker Carlson hands out a sustained beating over the first 10 minutes of the video and then UNLEASHES a barrage of abuse in the closing seconds of the “interview” culminated by him cutting the Jewess off and moving on to the next topic while she continues chirping away. Tucker by BRUTAL TKO!

When Carlson suggests to this pig that she writes idiotic fluff pieces for Teen Vogue and should stick to that and not be discussing politics, she becomes embarrassed and then completely loses it while he continues to reign down blows on her while LAUGHING AT HER and making fun of her.

We have had feminist liberal trash like this on our site including some gutless cuck “males” and they always make a single comment and then run back to Twitter where they are protected by the gay mafia moderators at that shit hole or where they can lock down their accounts and go protected. In this case, she was not able to do so and you see her get completely destroyed and shit on. This is why these vile scumbag leftist won’t fight on a level playing field.

Then these cucked, low-T weenies that are married to vile creatures like this wonder why Donny Long goes to Asia and South America and other locations? Imagine how bad that Jewess is in bed? Some poor fool supposedly married that witch and soon she’ll punch out a few kids and that poor dude (who is the kind of clown that makes fun of Donny Long, calling him a pervert and sexpat) will never get a blow job or  a good lay again unless he goes overseas for it and pays for it.


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