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Sean Recaps The week of 11/2/08; Story of the Week is the LA Direct Lawsuit

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with

Bullshit Artist of the Week Nominees … LA Direct … Jamba Jews

And this week’s winner of the coveted Desi Foxx Trophy is…. LA Direct – for allegedly screwing a former employee out of money.

This week’s Media Whore Award Nominees are … Cezar Capone … Jenna Jameson

And this week’s Media Whore Award goes to … Cezar Capone for offering Sarah Palin 2 million dollars to appear in a porn movie. A great PR stunt for a media whore.

> Asks Ashlynn Brooke and Shane Diesel on How To Audition For A Porn – Pretty insightful information. Read it here:

> Caffein Examiner: Deep Throat Energy more than just a Gag Gift – Gene writes: The person who writes this review apparently didn’t like the design of the Deep Throat Energy drink can. Whereas everyone I’ve showed it to immediately wants to know where they can get a supply. If nothing else, just for the vintage look which CE refers to as “goofy,” and “poorly designed.” But on the up side the review also has this to say:

Read the positive review here:

Sean: I would love to write a review, but I’M STLL WAITING FOR MY FREE SAMPLE!!!

> “UPS” is the Latest Computer Virus – The newest virus circulating is the UPS Delivery Failure.

You will receive an e-mail from UPS Packet Service along with a packet
number. NOTE: The word packet is misspelled on this line. It will say that
they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a date.
It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON’T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS! Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home. This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days.

Sean: Dr. Mitch tells me this can be treated with antibiotics.

> Highest Paid Female Performer? Gina Lynn Got $40,000 for Doing an Interactive Movie – Tiger X writes on ADT: Hey guys, its just a question of a question. I wonder who is the Highest Paid Female Performer in Porn these days? Any idea ?

Read the rest of the story here:

Sean: 40K is walking around money for writers at Adultfyi.

> Jenna Jameson to Legalize her Porn Name – The American actress is said to have submitted her legal documents that will help her retain her iconic title in place of her birth name, Jenna Marie Massoli, forever, reports Fox News.

Read the full story here:

Sean: I am announcing today that I will be going by my Native American name – Big Chief Beaver Eater.

> Cezar Capone Offers Sarah Palin $2 million to appear in porn film – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has received her first job offer since failing in her bid to become vice-president of the United States, and it comes with a large cash offer. Florida-based porn director Cezar Capone has offered to pay Palin $2 million to appear in an adult film production.

Capone, who calls himself “the king of all MILF films,” promises in an open letter on his website that the film would be distributed internationally, shot in high definition, and feature a “beautiful mother recognized by all of America … as the most desirable woman over 40.”

To prove he’s serious about the offer, Capone says he’s prepared to hold the money in escrow immediately.

Sean: This guy is a legend in his own mind.

> Brady Bunch Fans Rejoice: Not the Bradys XXX Has New Blockbuster Sequel – Hollywood, CA- Brady Bunch fans have a reason to celebrate as the long awaited sequel to the best-selling porn comedy Not the Bradys XXX is due to arrive in stores November 18th from X-Play/Hustler Video.

Just what the world needs. Read the story here:

> Sandy Formerly of IT Models- a Flake with ID Issues – Robert Field of EZ Media Studio, EZGirlpics writes on SANDY, formerly of IT Models, flakes – no call, no email, and no-show. I believe she has other stage names so you should be aware of that.

I have heard she was a no-show on another job, but I don’t know for certain. For awhile she had no ID and was wanting to shoot with a photocopy of her ID, which we declined, and was said to be doing privates. Eventually she claimed she had new ID and was ready to work, so we booked her. She has poor communication skills; doesn’t answer her phone or return calls and emails timely. Good luck if you book her.

> Stripper Files “Old and Ugly” Discrimination Suit Against Club Owner – Ouwroulis will be seeking close to $100,000 in her application. She said she earned close to $8,000 a month while at Locomotion and was one of the hardest-working and most-liked employees.

Read the rest of this fairytale here:

> Playboy Seeking Women of Wall Street – Playboy came up with the idea to feature hotties from the financial world in the wake of the current global economic meltdown. The special spread is slated for the February 2009 issue, just in time for those long, cold, winter nights.

Read the full story here:

Sean: Playboy should actually be seeking investors in the company. Playboy closed Friday at $1.94 a share.

> Prosecutors Seek Recusal of Entire 9th Circuit in Ira Isaacs Appeal – At issue in the appeal is whether adult filmmaker Ira Isaacs can be retried after 9th Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski declared a mistrial in his case. Kozinski acted in June after reports surfaced that he had posted sexually explicit materials on a personal website for family members. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is conducting the ethics investigation.

Read the rest of the story

> Former employee Darby Castellon is suing Derek Hay and Direct Models, Inc. – Gene writes: According to the suit, Castillon was an employee of Hay’s and worked as a personal assistant until he was terminated September 4, 2008. Castillon was paid an hourly rate of $37.66 and worked six days a week.

Castellon’s suit alleges that he was not paid overtime in violation of labor code 510-511 and that he was not correctly compensated because his hours were consistently miscalculated.

Read the entire list of allegations here:

> Belladonna Tells Asylum How to make a Porno – With all the controversy surrounding “Zack & Miri Make a Porno”, the Kevin Smith mainstream flick about two financially-strapped roommates who decide to make an amateur porn movie, many people are wondering how realistic the premise of the movie actually is.

The editors at decided to ask real-life porn star and director Belladonna for some tips for the would-be porn auteurs at home. Read their article for her advice such as: be thorough in casting, use natural lighting and be creative:

Read the rest of the story here:

> According to LAPD, Jamba Jews XPT Claims About Shy Love are False – Gene writes: A call to LAPD concerning an alleged arrest of Shy Love on pandering charges this week turned up the fact that Love’s name comes up on a battery case in April and that she was a victim of identity theft. But no arrest for pandering in the last six days turns up.

Someone identifying themselves as “jambajews” went up on XPT yesterday claiming that they had an arrest report courtesy of a friend on the inside stating that both Love and Shyla Stylez were arrested. At least as far as Love is concerned, this is not true.

> Janine Sentencing Now Set for December 15 – Janine has a new sentencing date in her IRS tax case set for December 15. Sentencing had been previously set for Oct. 24. She faces up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. She also will be required to pay all her back taxes.

Read the back story here:

> Playboy posts loss after shedding TV assets; Even Licensing Isn’t Saving It – Like many magazine and newspaper publishers, Playboy has a brand name that is more widely known than read. Circulation has fallen as more people looking for adult entertainment and racier pictures of nude women turn to free sites online.

Read the doom & gloom here:

> Jamba Jews: “Shy Love’s ATM girls start to jump ship” – Jambajews writes on Shy’s email debaucle has cost her dearly. All, if not most of her girls have been unhappy with her inability to get them work for along time.In addition, these emails that have incriminated her agency have started decension. Everyone in the industry knows that she makes the little money she has from pimping girls but most of her girls have been unhappy for along time. Both LA Direct and Type 9 have picked up a few of her girls while she attempts to threaten them for leaving. Her agency is holding on by a thread and everyone knows it. She is a pathological liar that most people do not take seriously and is also under investigation for prostitution.

Read the rest of the story here:

> “shy love needs to quit this drama” – Alicia writes: For the past week and a half this feud between mahlia milian and shy love has been the talk of many sets and performers. I didn’t want to get involved in this mess but this is just wrong and it doesn’t take a blind man to see mahlia milian has nothing to do with this.

Read here email here:

> Jamba Jews Timeline Proves it Ain’t Mahlia Milian – Gene writes: Someone put way too much time into thinking this one out. But it’s fascinating just the same. “Jambajews” went on XPT Wednesday stating that Shy Love had been arrested for pandering. Love calls me minutes later saying this was a lie perpetrated by Mahlia Milian posing as Jambajews. Meanwhile, I receive this email from someone named Stacy:

“Shy love should feel like a dummy right now I was one of the extras at last nights “In the vip” shoot where Mahlia was on time and stayed til it was over. Having worked with her a few times I knew this wasn’t true so I did some CSI work. Going to the site that started this week nonsense I found a few things that proves jambajews it’s Mahlia Milian.

Follow the time line here:

> Mahlia Milian: Shy Love Should Leave Me Out of Her Bullshit – Mahlia Milian writes: Hey Gene

Knowing that all the allegations being made towards me over the last few days were 100% false I decided not to even entertain shy love or any of her girls with replying to their nonsense post until now because this is getting out of hand and I’m fed up.

Read her email here:

> Jamba Jews Insistent on “Buck Tooth Whore” Shy Love Arrest Story – Shy Love has denied an XPT story that she was arrested on pandering.

> However, as a follow-up, Jambajews who began the thread writes on Im getting the arrest report sent to me from my friend at Van Nuys PD. This is absolutely true. Apparently her and Shyla Styles were both arrested.

Read the rest of this story here:

> Shy Love Disputes XPT Thread; Says It’s a Lie & That She Has One of the Cleanest Records Out There – Gene writes: Shy Love calls me Wednesday afternoon. She’s angry and frustrated over a thread that just started on XPT claiming that she was arrested earlier this week for pandering. The thread was initiated by someone posting under the name Jambajews.

Read Shy’s side of the story here:

> TMZ Presents Max Baer Jr. at 70; Christy Canyon Wrote About Him Jacking Off On His Own Thigh – Gene writes: A good porn story is always worth repeating.

Christy Canyon in her autobiography Lights, Camera, Sex, writes about Max Baer Jr. [he played Jerthro in the Beverly Hillbillies]who was just profiled on TMZ.

You’ll never watch Beverly Hillbillies’ reruns the same again:

> Shy Love Busted for Pandering? – Jambajews writes on Shy Love was arrested two days ago for pandering. Shy Love was taken in by Van Nuys PD for pandering. She posted bail yesterday.

> Holly Madison: Hefner Was High Maintenance [Changing Diapers Wasn’t her Thing?] – Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Holly Madison claims the Playboy magazine founder is “high maintenance” and says the couple didn’t have sex for “a really long time”.

Read the full story here:

Sean: I could understand why. Taking Hef out of his room-sized humidor and dusting him off daily could become a chore.

> California voters approve gay-marriage ban – LOS ANGELES – Voters put a stop to same-sex marriage in California, dealing a crushing defeat to gay-rights activists in a state they hoped would be a vanguard, and putting in doubt as many as 18,000 same-sex marriages conducted since a court ruling made them legal this year.

Read about other issues that passed and failed around the nation here:

Sean: Who said California was such a liberal state?

> The Erotic Review’s David Elms Now Being Sued by an Escort – Elms said he created the site because he himself as ripped off by various escort services.

But Doe the Long Beach, Calif. woman, who is involved with an escort service, alleges that Elms created a website using photos and videos of her, and that he “directed his anger and vengeance” at her because she refused to have sex with him. She also claims Elms sent letters to her family and friends saying she is a prostitute.

Read the details here:

> John Stagliano’s Attorneys Ask for a Dismissal of Charges – In something that sounds like it would have been the Larry Waters defense in the Ray Guhn case, XBIZ, is reporting that attorneys for John Stagliano have filed another motion to dismiss obscenity indictments against Stagliano and his companies.

Read the full story here:

Sean: Fat chance that is going to happen.

> Outting Those Giving it to Whom – []- Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are a serious business, often resulting in life changing effects on sufferers. But imagine that you’re unfortunate enough to have an STD, and then find yourself outed on a website; that’s what Cyrus “The Virus” Sullivan is planning on doing.

Read the full story here:

Sean: Hope this guy has a good libel attorney.

> “Big Daddy” Scheduled for Arraignment – Gene writes: Former industry salesman Mike Barbella was scheduled for arraignment this morning. Barbella was arrested by LAPD two weeks ago on a suspected kiddie porn beef:

Read the full story here:

> Shy Love and the Jessi Alba aka Courtney James Scandal – ATM Insider writes: When last week’s email out break took place a few of shy loves girls believed that in fact she had been talking about them behind there backs because of the things said only she could have known.

No one will ever know who really sent that email but it did stir up a lot of questions about the ATM agency. Two of my very good friends are still signed with shy and wanted out but where told they couldn’t leave because they were under contracts and she could sue any company who booked them.

Read the full story here:

> Derek Reneging on LA Direct Walkout? – Dust of lethal Hardcore posts on Jazel Tay [pictured] leaves set and La Direct Models does not give kill fee!!

Jazel followed me to the location we were supposed to shoot at. We get there and she decides she doesn’t want to do the shoot. She never even got out of the car. Apparently the driver was her boyfriend, and even though I got the feeling from him that he wanted her to do the shoot, she got upset and said she didn’t feel well and that they were leaving.

We have an agreement with LA Direct that if we cancel a girl right before a shoot that we give them a kill fee, and they are supposed to do the same if the girl cancels. When I asked Derek about this for this situation he claimed that he didn’t have any of the girls $ so he couldn’t pay us even if he wanted to. Stoney then emailed him and he gave another excuse saying that it was my fault because I allowed the boyfriend to drive her. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous.

Sean: Foolishly taking someone’s word in this industry.

> Is There A Kelis Sex Tape Floating Around? – According to a report by Bossip’s, a man who allegedly filmed Kelis naked has confirmed that he previously slept with the singer.

Read the full story here:

> Vanessa Del Rio in Samuel L. Jackson Movie – SAMUEL L. JACKSON had a treat in store on the set of his new movie SOUL MEN – his favorite porn icon was among his co-stars.

The Pulp Fiction actor was thrilled when he discovered Vanessa Del Rio would be joining him in the film, which also stars the late Bernie MAC.
He says, “I was shocked the day we had Vanessa Del Rio on set. I’m sure a lot of kids don’t have a clue who she is but I was excited about her because she was the first porn star who really enjoyed sex.

“When I was on set with her and Bernie he said, ‘Man, she’s about to kill me! She’s jumping up and down. She’s just butt wild.’

“She was having a good time. It’ll be interesting to see how many people recognize who she is.”

Old porn legends never die, they just gain weight.

> McKenzie Lee Announces Comeback – Lee writes: I am back in-shape and already shooting new photo sets. After ClubJenna was purchased by Playboy I decided to get my company going McKenzie Lee Media, Inc. So you can expect a lot of New Pictures, Appearances and my Contest for a Dinner Date with me. The contest is a way to give back to all my loyal fans who have stuck with me during my time off…MUAH

Read the story here:

> Who Screwed Her? Lynn LeMay Has $3,000 Check Bounced to Her – Gene writes: Lynn LeMay, got this check. It’s a pretty check but it’s a pretty worthless check. It’s dated 9/4/2008. The check was made out to her personally for $3,000, but not to her company which is what it should have been made out to. … Gee, wouldn’t you like to be doing business with this company? You probably are.

Read the full story here:

Sean: Poor Lynn LeMay. She has a long track record of people fucking her over … and vice-versa.


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