Sean Tompkins makes fun of people who work!

It must be really difficult going through life and being in your 50s and knowing that you never amounted to a damn thing. That’s probably why Tompkins makes fun of people who have actual jobs, actually work, and doesn’t need to suck a dick not whore themselves to make a dollar!

Tompkins not too long ago was making fun of Bobbi Dylan for having worked at Radio Shack, yet he’s never made fun of Andy Dan Dumbass (a former Speigler hooker) who used to work at Blockbuster before becoming a high priced whore. What’s so funny about making fun of people who work, pay taxes, and respect themselves enough not to whore themselves?

I forgot, Tompkins is such an American success story! Having an arrest record up the ying yang, did time in prison for scamming the government and practically stealing from people who truly do need welfare, a convicted felon who can’t vote nor purchase a firearm, did I leave anything else out?

So what happened to Tompkins? Did his felony record cause him to lower himself in working for Mark Speigler a gay child rapist suitcase pimp in LA and write about drug addict women who whore themselves because they were raped by their daddies when they were just 5 years old? He’s truly an American success story, surrounding himself with people who are the most FAKE and the most NEGATIVE human beings that you could ever meet!

I’m glad that Bobbi Dylan pointed out to him that he’s in his 50s yet he acts like a school yard bully and it’s ridiculous for him at his age. Tompkins ain’t shit, ain’t got shit, & ain’t about shit and he wouldn’t be shit in the porn biz if it weren’t for scumbag Speigler! Tompkins, like over 90% of the men in the porn industry puts on a front that he cares about the whores in this industry when all he cares about is getting a check off of them!

The best kind of women that I have met over the years work as waitresses and etc., basically women who don’t whore themselves to make a living! Donny Long keeps saying that the #1 rule is that all whores and fags lie, here’s rule #2 that I hope that everyone will promote, rule #2 is that all whores and fags are fucked up in the head which is why they whore themselves! Get to know these women in this industry and you’ll be AMAZED at how many of them are drug addicts and alcoholics!

Yes Sean Tompkins, you truly are a successful inspiration for so many people and you have the right to make fun of people who work jobs that doesn’t involve whores, not because they can’t, but because they love and respect themselves not too unlike you and your piece of shit whore friends!


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  1. Sean doesn’t know what the word means. He sits on his fat ass eating Nachos and shitting yellow cheese out of his ass all day. He is a true welfare porn industry fag. Heard he is sucking that faggots dick over at FSC. LeStinky ass.

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