Sean Tompkins teams up with Monica Foster – THEY ARE NEW BFFs

Sean Tompkins

Yesterday Sean Tompkins dodged yet another attempt at being served by the police, like the pussy that he is.

While he’s spending his time making fun of Mike South for dodging being served, he himself has guilty of the same thing.

Here is a copy of the court docs about Sean Tompkins, to prove it’s real.


Sean Tompkins


Last night Sean Tompkins pussed out and had Monica Foster call the plaintiff, like the pussy that he is, trying to get them to drop the court case against him.

Monica Foster

While at the same time he is going around saying Mark Spiegler has $10,000 in cash waiting to get him out of jail when he attacks Scottie from Plush Talent at the AVN show in January.

Man up Sean. Stop having Monica Foster run around trying to do your dirty work.

Stop hiding, be a man and accept being served.

Stop being a pussy and having Monica Foster attack people for you. What kind of man uses a women to fight for him?

You always said if anyone ever had the balls to serve you, you would not only accept it but accept it proudly.

Guess that was yet another one of your lies.

You are a grown man who has Monica Foster out there calling and begging to have the case dropped for you.

How sad are you?

I’m embarrassed for you.

Hope Santa brings you a skirt for Christmas but clearly you aren’t man enough to wear pants anymore.





  1. “Grown man,” lmao, this kid is a 50 year old child.

    Foster has burned every bridge available so now she has to team up with her most bitter enemies just to stay relevant.

    I wonder what her life is like, having to live with impotent old men and fuck them just to keep a roof over her head and to have to team up with people that she obviously hates just to keep her name out there. Her life is about as close to hell as anyone can get.

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