Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of September 2, 2013: Cartoons, Condoms and NFL Predictions

Sean writes – The hits just keep coming in this loveable industry.

* Note to Diane Duke and the rest of the industry overlords: For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game.

* There comes a point in your career in which you must ask yourself: is being a porn star worth it? I suspect we’ll see a flood of ‘retirement’ announcements coming soon.

* At this point the only performers who are dumb enough to agree to work without a condom must be drug addicts on a path to personal destruction. I wouldn’t want to work with that person.

* It’s simple: retire or start using condoms. Bareback isn’t acceptable anymore.

* Any person who continues to advocate for testing only doesn’t care about you.

* In one of the oddest rambling retirement statements I’ve read in years, Christian XXX said that he’s cashing in his chips and moving to Vegas. Apparently he doesn’t want to continue pushing his luck health-wise.

* CNBC reports that Free Speech has not called for a moratorium after Rod Daily’s HIV announcement, but some studios are still holding off on shooting.

“We are not currently in production,” said Papa Smurf, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, one of the industry’s largest and best-known studios.

“Our next shoot is scheduled for mid-October. We will assess the situation at that time.”

At that point I suspect Vivid will quietly begin to shoot condom only films.

I believe Smurf is sick of paying lawyers in a fruitless attempt to overturn Measure B and he doesn’t want to start getting fined for violating the law or leave open his company to possible liability lawsuits.

* Farrah Abraham is doing her best to fortify the myth that all porn chicks are stupid as a box of rocks.

Even though she insists that she’s currently working toward a master’s degree (or an MBA, depending on the day), there still seem to be a few remaining gaps in Farrah’s knowledge. When asked recently if she was a feminist, she told a reporter with the Miami New Times, “What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?”

* Breaking the myth of the lack of porn star intelligence is Monica Foster. She has been demonized by many in this industry [including myself at times] for her stance on controversial issues.

Last week Foster started releasing cartoons satirizing the porn industry which are very entertaining… that is of course unless your name is Bill Margold, Diane Duke, Derek Hey, etc.

The cartoons have been posted on AdultFYI but they are also available on YouTube:

After being on hiatus for the last couple of years, NFL predictions have returned to AdultFYI. Read about how your favorite team will do this weekend as you await the latest results of your HIV test.

NFL Picks – Sean’s Record 0 – 0

Denver over Baltimore – Ravens lost several key pieces from their Super Bowl-winning roster last season, including eight defensive starters.

New Orleans over Atlanta – After last year’s suspension Saints head coach Sean Payton returns to the sidelines. It’ll be a high scoring game but the Saints pull it out.

Chicago over Cincinnati – The Bengals have generated some offseason buzz but the Bears still have their solid defense and a new head coach that brings an offense Chicago hasn’t seen since they ran Sid Luckman’s T formation back in the 1940s.

New England over Buffalo – Bills are still looking for a QB. Tom Brady has the hottest wife in the NFL. Tom Terrific gets an easy win.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee – The Titans are a pathetic excuse of a football team. If I didn’t know better I’d suspect Diane Duke was coaching them.

Tampa over Jets – Rookie Geno Smith starts for Sexy Rexie but Tampa may be a surprise this year in the NFC South.

Kansas City over Jacksonville – Barbeque will be in short supply in KC after new coach Andy Reid finishes celebrating the Chiefs first win.

Seattle over Carolina – This could be the best game of the weekend: two exciting quarterbacks will come out firing but the Seahawks have a better defense.

Miami over Cleveland – They will not remind anyone of the 72 Dolphins but Miami gets a nice tune up against the Browns.

Minnesota over Detroit – Every year the Lions are named this year’s ‘surprise’ team in the league. Surprise! – They still suck. The Lions will find another way to screw the pooch as Adrian Peterson leaves tire marks all over the faces of the Detroit defense.

Indianapolis over Oakland – Al Davis’ team motto was, ‘Just Win, Baby.’ They should change it this season to, ‘Just Survive.’ Andrew Luck will have a field day against the once proud silver & black.

San Francisco over Green Bay – Colin Kaepernick is a punk but he and the 49ers will be too much for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.

St. Louis over Arizona – Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald is a great player but that being said, Sam Bradford will rip the defense Arizona to pieces.

Giants over Dallas – Cowboys continue to be the most over-hyped team in the NFL. Prove it for once. Eli Manning will again school Tony Romo and the boys from Dallas.

Washington over Philadelphia – By the conclusion of this game new Eagles coach Chip Kelly will be wishing he was back at Oregon. RG III will be in fine form in propelling the Redskins to a win.

Houston over San Diego – Houston is among the Super Bowl favorites; San Diego is not. Texans often play down to their competition but they’ll pull out a close victory.


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