Server Move and homo Stomping Time!!! John Steven Forbush

NOTE: This post is not Gene Ross as Gene is sitting back sipping his whiskey with his feet up on a chair watching and laughing at all this go down:

Since is growing so fast and becoming so popular its getting attacked now which we want to thank you all for because this is great news and we are happy to be moving to a new overseas server that’s faster and more secure.

We have a special team of certified Homo Stompers moving and securing the site right now.

We knew the time would come that the site could no longer be hosted in Fagaforina with the whining fags like John Steven Forbush crying and filing fraudulent DMCA notices and trying to hack the server and we are not worried about it as we are use to it.


PS. Editors and writers please hold off on new stories till I post that the move is complete.


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