Shadow Banned Ghosted TRUTH VIDEO: Michael Knowles at UMKC: “Men Are Not Women”

This video is a must watch of this man that speaks the truth about mentally ill sicko faggots and faghags in America and the video has been shadow banned and ghosted by the mentally ill sicko faggots that work at Youtube along with the CEO AIDS ridden sicko election meddling felon criminal child rapist fag lover Lezbo Susan Wojcicki. Trumps promises on exsecutive orders to stop the gay mafia that is comitting crimes at big tech were a big lie. FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP AND I HOPE YOU DIE AND ROT IN HELL UNTIL YOU LOCK UP THESE SICKOS AND GIVE US OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS BACK ONLINE. You are a blow hard bullshitter letting the gay mafia clown you and silence your supporters and you have no fucking balls to do a god damn thing about it. Fuck you Trumpster!

Susan Wojcicki criminal child rapist faghag piece of shit belongs in prison for life


  1. Donald Trump is innocent or at least only partly guilty because he is not the actual ruler of US! The real rulers are the members of the Council on Foreign Affairs like George Soros and other Oligarchs and Representatives of the deep state.

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