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She Might Have an Accent But Victoria Sin Can Bust Balls

Porn Valley- In as many weeks we got to chat with two fine German imports both of whom we met on EvolutionErotica shoots. We’re talking about none other than Anna Nova and Victoria Sin. Anna Nova was shooting a scene for the Black Up That White Ass series while Sin was scheduled to go before the camera Thursday for the company’s new Sexual Predator series.

Sin, who appears in Tom Byron’s Meat Pushin’ in the Seat Cushion, also happened to be a passenger in the car wreck Dick Nasty experienced last Friday. Both she and Nasty were returning from having been on KSEX where Sin was interviewed. Neither were injured in the accident.

The heavily-accented Victoria was making her second appearance on KSEX and remembered the exact date of the first time she was on. “Of course- it was my birthday,” she said. “I was so drunk.” But Sin claimed she didn’t have anything Friday night, though Nasty suspected that Sin might have been telling a white lie. “I’m not drunk!” Sin, who was snapping gum, protested.

Earlier in the day Sin participated in a cum bang. Wankus was curious what kind of fee Sin commanded for swallowing ten cum loads. Sin said it was $900 whereas for a standard blowjob scene she might get $250. Sin said for the cum bang she sucked each guy off minimally because in seconds she could bring them off. “I’m a nice girl!” she laughed. “Lots of vitamins.”

Noting that she was German, Wankus was inclined to haul out some of the old beer garden folk tunes. “This is our way of bonding and I’m very big on bonding. I love Germany. I’ve been there a few times. The food was great; the people are nice and I understand why they hate the American military cause we all treat them like shit.” As Wankus crooned in German to Sin’s lipshitz, Victoria insisted that she knew nussing of such tinks, that she vas Austrian, not Cherman. “I sang in a German choir for two years- I know this shit to be real!” said Wankus. Sin nevertheless held to her story of being Austrian.

Considering that it was months ago when Sin last came on the show, Wankus found it mildly surprising that she was still being repped by Nasty. Nasty said Sin was doing exceptionally well. Asked how many times she had to fuck Nasty to keep her career going, Sin estimated 40 times in a 60-day period. Wankus wondered if Sin was awake for any of those occasions. Nasty begged to differ saying it was only once and that was for a movie. “And that’s the truth.” Sin couldn’t seem to remember the scene. Nasty helped her recollection claiming it was in San Diego. “Dat scene,” recalled Sin, “He did goot.”

It was a d.p., according to Nasty who didn’t want to go beyond that, stating that the other guy didn’t have a very good day. Pressed for details, he revealed that it was Dino Bravo though they did get the d.p. eventually done. Sin mentioned that Bravo was “talking too much” on the car trip and also lent detail that she wore a strap-on in the scene and fucked Nasty in the ass. “I’ll tell you something- she has had some weird dreams!” protested Nasty. Sin said it’s more fun if she doesn’t like the guy. Wankus co-ho Katie Morgan also vouched for Sin claiming that she was sent to the store to buy a strap-on, while Nasty insisted that the whole tale was a fabrication.

Frankie LaRue, who was also on the couch, recounted an instance where Nasty wanted fingers thrown in during their sex romp. “I guess he’s graduated,” said LaRue. On another issue, Nasty complained that Sin wouldn’t give him nude pictures to put up on his website to promote her. “I’m willing to take the pictures, even. Even half-naked, I don’t care.” Not that he was inferring that Sin doesn’t look good without makeup, Nasty pretty much said it- only to include the fact that Sin looked “extremely cute” without makeup but not for the purposes of a website. “The thing is she has a very hectic social,” Nasty stated. Morgan, who assists Nasty with his agency, said Sin’s become very Hollywood and parties till 5 in the morning. While Sin likes guys, she said she enjoys playing with girls.

But Morgan, when asked, said she wouldn’t work with Sin. “She’s like one of my bestest friends. It’s weird.”



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