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Sheena Shaw And John Stagliano : Is There Something We’re Not Being Told?

I have to ask the question. What happened with Sheena Shaw? Sheena Shaw is John Stagliano’s girlfriend. Or was.

I was thinking about this in light of Lylith LaVey’s recent judgement against Mr. Marcus. Somebody hit me up and said, “If Lylith LaVey wasn’t told of Mr. Marcus’ condition and didn’t contract syphilis and was still awarded a judgment in her lawsuit, I would imagine that this would bode well for Katie Summers’ lawsuit against John Stagliano. Katie Summers didn’t get HIV, but was not told of Stagliano’s condition. I would think Katie is in line for everything Lylith LaVey got. Isn’t what Stagliano did also a criminal act?” I said, “Of course.”

We’ll talk about that later. Right now I want to talk about Sheena Shaw and the fact that she carried on an intimate personal relationship with HIV positive John Stagliano. This isn’t speculation on Rob Black’s part. Sheena Shaw has gone on Twitter and talked about her relationship with Stagliano. She even alluded on Twitter about using dildos on Stagliano and him using them on girls without washing them. I always thought that was kinda disturbing. I always thought that it was toying around with putting girls at risk, if you pardon the pun.

But the most disturbing aspect of this was the notion that a performer who was active in the talent pool would be carrying on a sexual relationship with a man who was HIV positive. I would’ve thought that this would draw some criticism. I would’ve thought that this would raise some red flags. I would’ve thought that somebody would’ve said, “Hey Stagliano. Aren’t you putting the entire adult talent pool at risk by having sex with a girl working in the business who’s not HIV positive?

It got me thinking. Maybe Sheena Shaw IS HIV positive. Maybe she’s always been HIV positive and John Stagliano was giving her antiretroviral medication so her tests would show up negative. I don’t know. If there was any other person besides John Stagliano who was HIV positive and was having a sexual relationship with a performer who was actively working in the talent pool, I can’t imagine that it would fly. I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be an uprising of talent. I can’t imagine that every asshole blogger wouldn’t be talking about it. Help me out here, guys. Seriously.

You know what? I haven’t heard much from Sheena Shaw lately. Last I heard, she was on her way to becoming a big director for Evil Angel. She was going to be taking over the duties of the Stretch Class series after the revelations of what Stagliano had been doing in those movies were brought to light by me and by Katie Summers in her lawsuit. He knew he needed to stop it. Let’s face it, his own general manager Christian Mann stated as much during a lunch meeting with Tom Byron. Mann told Byron that there was a discussion at Evil Angel that Stagliano performing in the Stretch Class series wasn’t such a hot idea. Press releases were put out about Sheena Shaw’s new series Sheena School. Then there were tweets from Sheena about Buttman that Mike South said amounted to “a lover’s spat.” And of course the tweet about Shaw using dildos on Stagliano. All of this is documented.

And now it seems as if Sheena Shaw has retired from the porn business. All of a sudden Sheena Shaw is not a director at Evil Angel anymore. All of a sudden Sheena Shaw is not intricately involved with Stagliano and the crew at Evil Angel. I’m wondering what’s up? What happened? What’s going on? What about Sheena Shaw and her partnership with John Stagliano making movies? Can anyone enlighten me? I’m listening…

Let me ask you this. All of you who worship John Stagliano and he is your hero and can do no wrong and is a god. You put his ads on your websites and you worship the ground Stagliano walks on. If Rob Black was HIV positive and was doing the exact same thing that Stagliano was doing in the Stretch Class series, which was performing intimate acts with female talent without disclosing his HIV status, would you be OK with it? If HIV positive Rob Black was having a sexual relationship with a female performer who actively worked in porn without a condom, would that be cool? Everyone attacked Mike South for using untested talent in bukakkes and cruising for street hookers to perform in them. Everyone attacked Mike South and rightly so, including me. But what John Stagliano has done is far worse than what Mike South ever did.

Right now, I’m questioning the health of Sheena Shaw. I’m not spreading rumors. I know absolutely nothing. But I do know that Sheena Shaw had a relationship with John Stagliano. Sheena Shaw was part of John Stagliano’s life, both personally and professionally. Now Sheena Shaw is not part of Stagliano’s life or his business. Sheena Shaw has been ostracized to Las Vegas. Sheena Shaw has nothing to do with Evil Angel now. From what I hear, she’s not shooting anymore. If she is, somebody tell me. If Sheena Shaw is engaging in unprotected anal sex with people right now, please tell me.

I think something is going on with Sheena Shaw. I think something is wrong with her. That’s just my gut. But if I’m wrong, somebody set me straight. Everybody was so quick to correct me when I said Veruca “Wart” James wasn’t a CPA. So let’s keep the ball rolling. Remember, we’re talking about a girl who was part of the talent pool who was having sexual relations with a man who has HIV. We’re talking about a guy named John Stagliano, who has performed with talent in Stretch Class going so far as to put his bare penis in the butt cheeks of Monica Santhiago in the first volume. A man who is embroiled in a lawsuit right now with Katie Summers for not disclosing his HIV status and is so arrogant that he states he doesn’t do anything with talent that would warrant this disclosure. John Stagliano has proven himself to be a reckless, irresponsible individual. Even the way he contracted HIV was because of dangerous reckless behavior, letting a Brazilian transsexual fuck him in the ass without a condom.

The arrogance of a man who feels he does’t have to disclose his HIV status is also the same arrogance who feels it’s not a problem to have sex with a girl who works in the performer talent pool. He’s gone on record and stated that his viral load is so small as to be undetectable. His own general manager Christian Mann stated that Stagliano would pass an industry HIV test. If I’m lying about this, why doesn’t Diane Duke have John Stagliano go to PASS and take an HIV test and prove me wrong? She won’t because he would pass it. He brags that his viral load is so low that he is essentially cured of HIV. What makes you think that Stagliano couldn’t convince any girl in the industry, including Sheena Shaw, that having sex with him is not dangerous? How could you not think that he could convince a girl who wants to be a director at Evil Angel that fucking him is no big deal because he is on a medical regimen that makes him non-contagious? A girl who wants to be a star at Evil Angel?

Remember, John Stagliano sat at a lunch with a brand new to the industry Katie Summers and he and Joey Silvera and Kevin O’Neal from Type 9 Modeling told Katie that Evil Angel was the biggest and most successful company in the adult business. They do the best movies and by working for them you get the most publicity and you would become a star. Not once did John Stagliano divulge his HIV positive status. Not once did he give Katie Summers the option to decide whether or not she wanted to take the risk of performing with him. He didn’t say I am HIV positive and I want to tell you in case you were uncomfortable with me interacting with you sexually with my hands and with toys. Luckily for Katie Summers, this was one of the early volumes of Stretch Class before he started getting bolder and putting metal speculums in women’s assholes and sticking his bare fingers in them. Before he put his face in their asses and their bare feet in his mouth.

I have a feeling that something is going on with Sheena Shaw. I have a feeling that there is more than is being told about her connection with John Stagliano and Evil Angel. This was a girl who was poised to be a star at EA. A girl who was being groomed to be a director and who was intricately intertwined with the Evil Angel empire. And now she appears to be gone and is out of the picture over there. Hmmm… I wonder why that is?

I want some answers. I want to know what is going on with Sheena Shaw. I want to know about the health of Sheena Shaw.

I want answers.

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  1. Great Post and greetings to Rob, mostly to have been calm and wait the right time to kick their asses, I know that feeling too and to be honest I made the mistake to fight back too early in my case. I’m even sure they’ve known you were tight on with your trial and they’ve certainly took advantage and played even more on this. Revenge is dish better served as a cold, and I also never forget, I can forgive though I never forget. To end this, fuck off to mainstream people, after all, ain’t they the ones who votes for Trump (I’m sure Karen & John did by the way), they just like to be lured as a hobby…
    PS: sorry if my English is not at the top, I am French man based in Paris.

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