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Shelley Lubben on Howard Stern; Kicked Out of the House, She Went into Prostitution

from – Howard had this former porn start Shelley on the phone. He said that she got herpes doing porn and she got out of the business and found god so she’s trying to get everyone else to do the same.

Howard said he was on his iPad last night trying to watch some porn but he wasn’t ale to get it. Gary told him to go to instead of YouTube.

Howard asked Shelley if she was a big item in porn. She said she really wasn’t. They didn’t have YouTube back then. She said that there was some good money back then but now there are so many people out there that it’s not as much. She said she did it all back then. Shelley said she did everything that they can imagine. She said she was young, dumb and stupid.

Shelley told Howard that her parents weren’t very good at raising her. She said that she rebelled against her mother and that was with the help of Madonna. She said that her parents were busy and neglectful so they didn’t do their job. She said she got into stripping and prostitution and then she got into porn. Shelley said she had someone tell her to try doing porn while she was stripping so she tried it.

Shelly said she was having sex in high school very early. She said her mom was buying her Playboy bunny outfits at 16 and doing stuff like that. She said she lost her virginity at 16. She had some sexual abuse at 9 years old and it was a teen boy and his sister who did it to her. She said she was traumatized and shocked by that. She said that the guy showed her his thing in the swimming pool. She said the sister got on top of her and rubbed on her. She said she was never the same after that.

Shelley told Howard how she was kicked out of her house at 18 and she had to go out on her own. She said she was homeless and some guy told her that he could get her some money. That led to her going into prostitution. She said her first trick paid her $35.

Howard asked Shelley about how that guy became her pimp. Shelley said that she was getting the affection she wanted from her father from these guys. She said she ended up broke again and ended up on the curb. She said she went out to shops asking guys if they wanted blow jobs. She said that one guy bled on her face and she’s not sure what that was about. She said that the blood came from his penis. She said that scared her and she had to get out of that.

Shelley said she prayed to God to save her almost every day she was in the porn business. Shelley said that she was working her ass off in the business and people would tell her everything that was wrong with her. She said that she started to hate every man that ever hurt her. She said she turned to women for a while and became a lesbian.

Howard asked Shelley if the porn stars who say they love having sex are lying. She said she does think that they are. Howard said some women say they don’t love fucking all of these guys but it is a business. Shelley said that they would take an opportunity to do something else if they had the chance.

Howard said they had some porn stars in there the other day and all three said that they love having sex. Robin said that one of the women loves making love to her fans and one of their fans called in and said that he had sex with her. Shelley said that she’d like to know the background of that woman’s life. She said that kind of thing does happen though. She said she did some stuff like that herself.

Howard said that Shelley is trying to help other porn stars get out of the business. Shelley said that she got herpes from being in the business. She said that they do horrible, violent sex acts for 8 hours straight. She said that they don’t even use lube and it’s just horrible. Shelley said you just check out and you just take the beating and don’t even realize it. She said that she got HPV and had to have half of her cervix removed from warts she got. She said that no one told her that it was something she could get. She said she had fluid filled warts all over her private parts. She also ended up with herpes in her throat from giving blow jobs. Shelley said that she had a 4 year old trying to take care of her and she wasn’t even supposed to touch her kid because of what she was suffering from.

Howard asked if she tried to kill herself over this. Shelley said she tried to take prescription sleeping pills. She said she ended up at the hospital. She said she was brought to the hospital by her lesbian girlfriend. Shelley said she hasn’t had an outbreak of Herpes in over 15 years now. She said that she shouldn’t even be here today. She said that it was God’s wisdom and his word that has taught her to survive. Howard said she was looking for answers and she found them. She said she tried AA but the 12 step thing didn’t work for her.

Shelley said she went out and got a job after she got out of porn. She said that they educate people who are in porn to help them get away from all of that.

Howard said that Shelley’s daughter is the product of prostitution. Shelley said that she’s half Asian. Shelley said that condoms do break. She said she didn’t get an abortion because she had some morality from being raised by a religious woman. She said that she wasn’t able to hug her daughter for 12 years because of where she came from. Shelley said that she has 3 kids now and she’s married. She said she came clean with her daughter and was very honest with her. She said that it teaches the kids too.

Shelley said that she told the John about getting pregnant but she’s never let that man meet his daughter. Howard said this is an unbelievable story. She’s got a book out called ”Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth.” He said she has a web site too at

Howard said that Shelley thinks she was possessed by the devil at one time. She said she knows she was. She told Howard that she has herself on tape growling.

Shelley said her husband is great and he’s put up with all of this stuff. She said that they have great sex now and they invite God into the bedroom and he blesses it all. She said that she wasn’t able to look in men’s eyes until she met this man. She said that she wasn’t able to love herself either but now she can.

Robin said that they had that Granny Anni in there the other day. Howard said she was 76 and even made love to the family dog. Shelley said she’d like to know what her history is and what her family life was. Howard gave her some more plugs and started to wrap up with her.

Howard told Shelley he’s happy for her and that her life is straightened out. He said he hopes the next half of her life is good. Howard kept saying her last name wrong so Robin kept correcting him. Howard asked if she has implants. She said she does. They’re a D-cup and she said the D is for Dumb. Howard said he doesn’t know about the God thing but when you watch porn it does take you out of your relationship. He said that he was trying to find the Bree Olson porn and he wasn’t able to find anything. He said that the iPad is bad news not being able to find porn. He had to end the interview and go to break after that.


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