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Shy Love & Briana Banks back together again

Looks like Briana Banks will work with anyone who is willing to pay her. Briana Banks recently did a G/G shoot with Shy Love, her former agent from ATMLA. Briana has been out of the business for a few years and has been in and out of rehab right before she officially retired.

One would think that years of drug abuse and even being the victim of domestic violence from her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Vidal, Briana must have suffered brain damage to the point that she is unaware of how the porn business is disgusted with Shy Love and how she fucks people over. Maybe it’s possible that Briana is unaware of Shy Love’s bullshit?

I wonder when Alexis Amore and Raylene will both make a comeback to the business? It seems like retired porn stars can’t stay away for too long.


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  1. If all the stuff about Shy is true with her being involved with drugs, maybe she sold some of that crap to Briana. I hope that Briana commits to being sober and clean because she was in and out of rehab for a long time. Even though Briana did a scene with Shy, I would like to know why she didn’t choose to go to her agency? Briana used to be with ATMLA when Shy owned it.

  2. Shy love is on the most fake attention whores in the history of porn. There should be an AVN Award for being the scammer and shit talker pathological liar ever to enter the Adult Industry arena.

    Truly powerless and reduced to bare essence of a common whore and scammer she is from stealing porn content to raiding the booths of porn workers who paid for their booths and taking it over while simultaneously blacking listing new entry to porn world just because Shy is now an old aged out washed up Hag ashamed to be Mexican a country of proud heritage. Shy Love refuses to leave the Industry alone or all together.
    Her legacy will be one who was exposed as deep under cover hooker after over a decade of denying it and shamming those prostitutes far more honorable than her. There is proof she was and IS a hooker in London and so an Escort Agency in London confirms it and there will be more about this shortly.

    Deny deny deny it all you can Shy there is undisputed proof.
    Next on her legacy resume will be caught red handed outing performers real names on a hate site She developed and runs and lying to Bloggers to blast, defame, shame and embarrass powerless new performers for any random reasons.

    Legacy resume content she will be crowned with includes but not limited to, Just a common low life scum bag Hepatitis infected swine with her insides rotting slowly while her crocodile trap spews diarrhea

    Shy Love Sheelagh Liberboim as she is known now has in fact assumed another names as well AGAIN, several names in fact to avoid detection of Tax evasion. Cursed and shamed these days she is Believed to have a secret love child Her 3rd Husband is not aware of and that of one who predates her first Husband.

    A note worthy mention is her 2nd husband a proud and upstanding citizen Eric Bloomberg who she is so obsessed with so much that after her 3rd marriage Shy kept his name until now that she is exposed as a harlot and a prostitute who bashes other prostitutes and tax evasion exploits

    Be sure to look out for Shy Loves scenes where she suck off untested gay men while being bang banged by multiple gay men who assaults every orifice of her failing anatomy for their own sexual gratification while testing their limits of a rotting vagina ooozing puss and maggots just so this nasty filthy piglet can earn a few bucks while boosting her prostitution rates. MORE TO COME ABOUT THIS SHORTLY with one of her Ads in Europe while she tells her pussy husband she was elsewhere.

    Shy love enjoys generally fucking with people prettier than her and the vast multitudes more successful than her coupled with males she wants to fuck on the DL who has zero interests because there is and always have been an abundance of pretty YOUNGER girls with mad skills willing and able. THATS RIGHT SHY LOVE No one is circling the wagons around a buck tooth scam artist like you and especially you.

    The Length Shy love will go to in order to save face is astounding and surmounting, endless with intent to commit maximum damage

    Shy Love Lies and Lies, although powerless her only weapon is the ability to summons bloggers and suck them dry of their work and will get many of them into serious trouble. One will eventually end up getting sued all because of Shy Love. Bloggers are not stupid people Shy Love they know what a shit disturber drama queen addict you are and they will turn on you like a viper and all will end up exposing you for the looser you are and two face broke bitch you have always been.

    Avoid Shy Loves rogue agency at all costs. Before anyone decides to enter the adult business as a talent and considers Shy Love’s rogue agency tweet any known adult performer and ask them for a reference, expect a brutal honest answer except from some rabbit scared of his own shadow.

    Please bare in mind as soon as she sees this comment she will go on some wild buck wild twitter campaign propaganda and call up many with death threats and slander and black listing them if they do not say what she wants them to say or her typical mantra ” I WILL CALL THE COPS” Remember she is powerless and Bloggers are running from her RIGHT NOW. Producers laughs at her and makes excuses why they wont film her talents or her two last friends she has left on the face of this earth. Productions will say they just don’t want to get sued but that’s not true, they just don’t want her psycho babble drama near by or just hates her guts and there are many in the ranks.

  3. Briana Banks be afraid Obvious reasons

    Look at the first PIC with slime jizz bucket left right and center fielder Shy Love trying to give the kiss of death to another performer. Briana Looks like she dont even want to be there next to this skank

  4. Ever Notice how Anna Bell Peak’s #PornStar career just sky rocketed immediately after leaving Shy Loves Rogue agency. Shy was pimping otr Anna Bell Peaks for low rate hookery jobs. See now how things work with Shy Love ?

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