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Shy Love: I Chose to Be with My Fans

Porn Valley- Shy Love,, was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Wednesday. Wankus wanted to address the fallout between Love and Hustler.

“Actually there’s still a lot of good things happening with Hustler and me- we’re not on any bad terms,” said Love. “We never fought or anything. I have a pretty hard schedule. I feature dance three weeks out of the month- I signed a deal with them.” Love explained that she puts her main priority towards feature dancing.

“To me the fans are the most important thing- without them I got no paycheck,” she said. “I think that I should spend as much time as possible with them.” Her schedule being “hectic,” Love said Hustler realized that.

“There were massive conflicting schedules between what they wanted me to do and what I needed to do.”. Wankus brought up another point.

“Don’t they have a certain amount of agreements with their own clubs that you have to work for, for shit money?” he asked.

“My agreement was not like that,” said Love. “My agreement was my normal rate, and the agency I go through, Lee Network, they’re the ones required to book me. It was in my contract. They’re the ones who do all my bookings, deal with my rates and everything else.”

According to Love, Hustler told her her dancing schedule was in the way, what did she want to do?

“I chose to be with my fans,” said Love. “It’s nice for your fans to see who you are as a person. Like they’re so accustomed to see the nasty girl in porn. When you’re in a strip club, yes you’re nasty, but they also get to see the girl next door- the normal girl.”

Besides that, said Wankus, Love was intelligent, nice and coherent.

“I met Chasey Lain in Chicago- trust me!”

Love mentioned that she’s still working for Hustler non-exclusively.

“I’m still directing for them- that’s still in the process. I’m directing my new movie, Porn Star Annihilation. You can imagine the girls that are going to be in that one.”

Love announced that she was going to be at Rouge in Van Nuys on November 2-4; then Chicago at The Admiral Theater with Nikki Benz, November 6-9.

“Then Nikki Benz and I are hosting and throwing a huge party on the 31st- a Halloween party.” Love said the details would be forthcoming, and Wankus kind of mentioned that time was slipping away.

“We got asked to do it when she was in Canada and I was in Puerto Rico or something like that,” Love explained, noting that it would be in Hollywood and that Brad Thomas was the promoter.

The subject meandered from Wankus dating some Victoria Secret model to bachelor parties and Love said she did them.

“I do a little of everything- I get bored,” she said. “You want me to sit home all day and look at a mirror or something?” Love mentioned that she was at Paul Fishbein’s bachelor party and was pretty extreme.

“Then after that I sat in the corner and became one of the guests.”

Love said she gets turned on sexually seducing men and making them “putty” in her hands.

“I don’t like degrading them- I just like when they beg and want more and more.” Wankus took that to mean she fucks guys in the ass and Love said she has.

“But I like getting fucked in the ass, too,” she added. Asked about her website, Love said she did a complete revamp.

“November 1st it will go live,” she announced. “It’s a better and easier site to run; it has a lot more options. I’m going to start putting a whole section where I’m taking pictures and video of my whole personal life.”

“Like quitting Larry Flynt?” Wankus taunted.

“I am still with Larry Flynt Productions,” Love insisted. “I’m still there. I’m not exclusive now.” Wankus brought up the lawsuit and Love said a lot of people were talking about it.

“And that’s fine,” she said. “My response is I will not respond to anything in public because the court will say it all. If I keep my mouth shut, I can’t put my foot in it. But Hustler and I parted ways…I mean it was amazing. You figure in a situation like that you end up in really bad conditions, like, I’m never going to work for that company again. No, I’m still going to be performing for them, still directing.”

Because of the “bad press” Love wanted to re-emphasize that she and Hustler are still on good terms and that they’re distributing her production company stuff.

“So please stop writing the BS gossip that isn’t true. Then, again, that’s the difference between a good media website and one that wants to be one. I hate the media.”

Love explained that she has an issue with the let me write as much as possible about Shy whether it’s the truth or not approach.

“I like it,” she added. “They don’t realize every time they do that I get more members on my website. I become more popular.” Wankus told her the guys who are writing the news stories don’t give a fuck if she’s getting members on her website or not.

“It’s something to write about.”

As an illustration, Love said she got a phone call a few months ago from Jessica Jaymes and Brittany Skye.

“And Derek’s even freaking out- Jessica’s crying- I’m like what the hell are you crying about? She goes I just heard you were murdered by your husband. I said you’re speaking to me on the phone, there’s no way I could be murdered. She goes I heard it and it freaked me out. Then Brittany Skye calls and she goes I just needed to make sure it was going to be you that answered the phone. Then Derek did. There was a rumor for like a whole week that my husband killed me. I was dead for a week.”

Love said she was a very sexual person and Wankus asked if she was a home wrecker. Love said she wasn’t and Wankus mentioned how Lisa Ann is compelled to ruin relationships. Love said he wouldn’t want someone doing it to her so she wouldn’t do it to others.

“It’s disrespectful.”


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