Sicko Homosexual Ivan Mayers dealing drugs in Queerston Texas!

Whats the saying? Only queers and Steers come from Texas? Yup that’s about right because It has come to our attention that Sicko homosexual child rapist scumbag nigger Ivan Mayers father of criminals Victoria Mayers and Alexandra Melody Mayers has been dealing large amounts of drugs.

We all know these sick faggots are Meth heads and do tons of drugs but Ivan see also sells it. This is how he has bought his huge home in Queerston Texas. The FBI and local police in Queerston need to get a warrant and have a look into Mr, Mayer operation out of his home at

802 Lamonte Ln

Houston, TX 77018

Ps Monica we will not stop till you remove all videos and pages about God Long! Keep kicking yourself and your family you dumb monkey failed at life nigger!

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