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Sofia Sandobar Interview-update

Porn Valley- Until I heard the Mac “The Knife” Turner riff on KSEX, Monday night, I didn’t know Sofia Sandobar from a handlebar. But now I’m glad I made the acquaintance which was at the Penthouse talent call today. Sandobar is a lovely woman, vibrant and sexy. She hails from Brazil and is repped by ASS Inc.,

According to the interview that Vanessa Blue gave on KSEX, Turner was claiming that Sandobar broke his dick. Or at least attempted to. Sandobar didn’t strike me as a dick breaker.

“You had a little problem with Mac Turner and from what I gather Mac had a problem functioning,” I relate to Sandobar.

“I guess I sat on it in the wrong way [in the reverse cowgirl position],” says Sandobar of Turner’s cock. “I almost had to call my lawyer at that point because I didn’t want to be sued. Especially with his tool which is so necessary for him to keep performing in the adult industry.”

Sandobar, of course, says all of this with a straight face – that with all her experience in the adult industry- she doesn’t think she’s broken one cock.

“I hope that when he reads this interview- if he reads this interview- that I hope he’s doing better,” says Sandobar with a sly Brazilian smile. “I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Sandobar’s been in the business about six months which doesn’t give you enough opportunity to break a cock.

I wondered how she made her connections being from Brazil and all that. Sandobar explains that she’s been in the fitness industry and as a result has had opportunity to travel the world.

“I decided to come to L.A. and do a little competition for fitness,” she said. “I’ve done magazines and stuff.” Sandobar says she felt the need to get more in touch with herself. She’s competed in such titles as Miss Physique and Miss Fitness in California. She’s also been Miss Brazil and Miss Rio. Her reasons for getting into porn deal as much with her growing internally, she tells me. [Pregnancy will also do that.]

“Fitness is great but I also felt the need to grow sexually and sensually,” she says. Besides that, she was burned out with fitness she tells me. “I wanted to make a step forward with something new. I started little by little getting into lingerie and stuff. I took a chance- now I love it.” And Sandobar’s never shot porn in Brazil. “Here is where I’ve focused on porn.”

Sandobar recalls her first porn shoot. “I had never done anything in porn. My agent asked me if I was willing to do a boy-girl. I said I’d give it a shot. I was scheduled to do two guys. I had never been with two guys. With my first experience I realized that I like to be in control. I felt good about being in control with two guys and not being nervous and enjoying what I was doing. I realized that, yes, this was something I really wanted to pursue.”

Sandobar was always outgoing and considered herself a tomboy, growing up. “Half my life was in Brazil and the other half was in Panama. I grew up on a ranch around a lot of animals. I was climbing trees and milking cows. I am a very simple person.”

I asked Sandobar if that simplicity carried over into running around naked. “Barely any clothes because it’s very humid and very tropical there,” she states. “We don’t worry too much abut makeup and I love nature. That shows who I am.”

The first time Sandobar had sex was when she was 18. “I really wasn’t worried about having sex,” she explains. “I was more worried about sports.” Sandobar was ready to travel the world and figured that also included once around the bedroom with a guy she had been seeing for three years. “I wanted to become a woman so I made the decision to have sex with this person because I trusted him.”

Painting a picture of the circumstances, Sandobar describes herself as the aggressive one. “I do what I want whenever I want.” Sandobar had been thinking about it for some time but didn’t know that was going to be the exact moment. “I don’t like to plan things. I like to be unpredictable and I’m a very unpredictable woman.”

Sandobar carried out the deed at her grandmother’s house. “I hope she’s not listening.”

I told Sandobar her grandmother was one of my biggest readers. She believed me almost for a split second.”She’ll shoot me,” Sandobar predicted upon revelation of the big secret. “It happened the way I like things to happen- in a place where you’re not supposed to do anything.”

Apparently Sandobar likes forbidden sexual territory, remembering a time her and a boyfriend were in heat and couldn’t wait to get home. So they pulled behind a dumpster and fucked right there. Another time the cops caught her fucking in an alley way. “My boyfriend needed to take a leak so we went in an alley behind a church. They were patrolling and saw a car parked there. It was one in the morning. God forgive me for that one.”

“I think he’s going to have a lot more to forgive you for before all of this is over,” I tell her.

Sandobar’s done anal in her personal life but not on camera as yet. “Right now I haven’t made that decision,” she says. “I’m not doing it right now. I’ve been asked but I’m not ready for that yet. It’s like everything else in my life. When I’m ready.”

“I think the impression with Brazilian woman is that the first moment out of the womb they’re taking something up the ass,” I tell her.

To that, Sandobar said, while she’s very sexual, she wants to leave something for her private life. “I want to keep it like that. But if the time is right, and I’m ready I’m sure it will be great and I will love it.”

With all the fingers being pointed at Brazil earlier in the year during the HIV outbreak, I asked Sandobar how she felt about that.

“I don’t take it personal,” she says. “When negative stuff happens, people tend to find a way to point the finger at something. Why not point it at one of the most sensual and sexual places in the world. We’re considered very open minded about sex. I know there’s a lot of things being shot there and people don’t take the precautions like they take in the United States. But just like anywhere in the world you can catch something. But I’m totally fine with it. I know who I am and what my country’s all about. Just like Brazil it could have been Europe or Central America. All kinds of diseases are everywhere. I don’t take it personal, though- not at all.”

With the Penthouse audition, I asked Sandobar her take on being a possible contract girl. “The word contract girl means a lot in many different ways,” says Sandobar. “It depends on the kind of contract we’re talking about. It’s good in many ways because there’s a lot of security involved. Maybe you can be in a really good direction on it. I think it’s a good thing if you’re willing to be with just one company and not be running around and working for yourself. I have no problem with a contract as long as it benefits a company and it benefits me. Then that’s a good contract.”

“Let’s get back to where you almost broke this guy’s dick. Paint me a picture,” I asked Sandobar. She appears very contrite.

“I’m very respectful to talent,” says Sandobar. “I don’t want to put anybody down because that’s not what I’m here for. And that’s not what my intentions are as far as anybody in the industry. Everybody has a bad day and I figure maybe he had a bad day. Like we talk about everybody blaming it on Brazil when it comes to HIV, maybe he needed somebody to blame and it might as well blame me. I was there. We were doing the reverse cowgirl and I was going to sit on him. But his dick wasn’t hard, anyway. He was trying to do the best that he could. He said I sat on it the wrong way. But, realistically, he never penetrated me in that moment. It’s impossible to penetrate anyone that doesn’t have an erection. But what can I say? If he wants to say I broke his dick, maybe I should be proud of that.”


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