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Spallone: Who’s Hiding Something Here?

Porn Valley- This morning I chat with Rob Spallone. Spallone tells me he did a get a call from Larry Flynt’s people politely asking that he keep a low profile.

“I did get a phone call from a big shot at Hustler yesterday,” Spallone tells me. “They said, Rob, this came from Larry himself. Larry don’t want you peaking to the press or anything. Now this is free speech. This is a guy who stands for free speech. They didn’t tell me not to, they basically asked me. If someone tells me to do something, that’s when I get real mad. I just got off the phone with Dustin his [Flynt’s] nephew. He said Larry is not mad at you- he just wants you to keep a low profile and that I should write Larry to explain my side and he’ll hand it to Larry. If Paul Fishbein told me to be quiet- that’s never going to happen.”

Fishbein has asked to have an off-the-record lunch with Spallone on Thursday. “He [Fishbein] is a big supporter of AIM,” says Spallone. Spallone also says tonight’s meeting is a bunch of bullshit with press being kept out yet it’s being chaired by AVN.

Spallone also comments on a number of things that have been written about him in recent weeks.

I never said that Sharon Mitchell stole a dime,” says Spallone in his defense. “She had all good intentions in the beginning. She blew them all out of proportion. I had a clinic. I was involved with a clinic for five years. If I walked into AIM right now and said let’s do this my way I’ll turn this place into $30,000 a month profit. It’s very simple. It’s a two-person operation. You need someone to draw the blood and a secretary to do the paperwork. You don’t need a 12 or 14-person staff that’s why you don’t have any money. That’s the reason you have no money. Your overhead is way too big.

“And I didn’t call that press meeting the other day,” Spallone continues. “Sharon is the one who brought the press into this. The reason that I’m upset with Sharon is two reasons- on a personal level. The way she runs AIM, there’s lots of reasons I disagree with. Six years ago I took Sharon to lunch right before Bill Margold gave her AIM and she went on Ventura Blvd. with it. We went to sushi across the street from the North Hollywood Clinic. I said, Sharon, listen, there is no money in this. The only way you can have a clinic is if you walk into one that is already established. And they have nurses and doctors. They already have rent. I said Sharon if you want to be involved I can get you here at the North Hollywood Clinic for free where they’ll do the blood and you keep track of all the tests.

‘Rob, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. I have to talk to my board of directors and I’ll let you know in a few days.’

“Three days later,” says Spallone, “an AVN article came out that AIM got contributions from Goalie and this one and that one and was opening on Ventura Blvd. Never once during that lunch meeting did she mention that she was opening a place. So she basically lied to my face right there. The other thing she lied about was years ago- during the outbreak when Kimberly Jade and the others came up with it. That’s when they were doing the ELISA and switched to the PCR-DNA.

“The test was about $250 to $300,” Spallone remembers. “I personally went to the clinic and talked to Dr. Bonura, listen you’ve got to find this test as cheap as you can. Three days later, they found it for $95. I said here’s the deal, guys. You cannot make a dime. Do me a favor. If you’re paying $95, charge $95 until you figure something out. Rob, we won’t make no money. Don’t worry about it. They said okay. Two weeks later Sharon Mitchell found it for $50. The same test. Then the North Hollywood clinic used the same lab as Sharon and got it for $50. I said okay guys lower it to $85, you’re making a few dollars. I don’t want anything any more. There’s not enough money for you guys to pay me.

“Then we had a meeting with all the big shots in the business,” Spallone continued. “And Sharon got up there and said, I Sharon Mitchell personally found this test at this price. She had nothing to do with it. I was the one that had the doctors find it for$95. She said it was $300 and she got it for $95. That’s when I exploded at that meeting. Not to say, hey, I’m the one that did it. But when she said she did something that I did, that’s where the bad taste between me and Sharon is. As far as her intentions, they were all great when she started this thing. But it all built up to bullshit.

“This Paul Cambria, Fishbein’s lawyer went around and suggested to companies like Vivid and VCA that they should only accept tests from people who go to AIM. Which is totally wrong and a lot of people agree with me on that.Because the more clinics there are, the more the clinics will try and do good so they won’t look like assholes to the other clinics. And that’s how business runs. Why should AIM be the only one allowed to take tests? A lot of people don’t like going to AIM but they have no choice which is not fair. That’s what I’ve been trying to get across and say.

[Spallone reads the “to whom it may concern” chlamydia-gonorrhea letter AIM sends to producers stating that while the bearer of the letter is being treated for STD’s they should still should be allowed to work.]

“In mental institutions you give them medicine?” Spallone asks. “They stick it under their tongue like in One Flew Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Who’s to say someone took the fuckin’ thing. It’s little things like this- taking blood through the mail that I disagree with. With Sharon it’s not a personal thing. But I ain’t afraid to speak. While I think Bill Margold’s out of his mind and one of the sickest people I’ve ever met, I do believe he really does care about the talent. And there aren’t too many people that do. Most people care about the buck.

“I’ve always stood behind these kids,” Spallone states. “I’ve lent them money for tests. I’ve done lots for these kids. All I’m saying is if you guys want another clinic? I’ll help get yuz another clinic. I’ve told them a million time they’re the only ones that can make changes. Of course these companies want to shoot double anals and no condoms. But if you guys say we can’t, then we can’t. They have the ball in their court right now to call all the shots.

“There’s a meeting tonight and they don’t want the talent there? And there’s no press but AVN can be there? Connelly’s on the board of the meeting but they don’t want press? What kind of bullshit is this!? Then I get a phone call that I should keep quiet? Come on. Who’s hiding something here?”


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