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Stern Show Visit Sparks Legal Debate- update

One would have to assume that events like the Victoria Givens anal gangbang are illegal according to a conversation had today between attorney Dominic Barbara and the owner of A Lucky

Porn Valley- A visit to the Howard Stern Show sparked an unusual legal debate between Stern’s guest, the owner of and attorney Dominic Barbara. Barbara warned that the site was violating at least three federal statutes and predicted that it would be shut down in two weeks.

The interview segment featured an actress named “Taryn” [our educated guess is that it was Taryn Thomas], one of the girls on the site who fucks guys blindfolded. Stern asked how much blow she does a day. Taryn told Stern that she’s been four days sober but almost didn’t make it to the show. “I’ve relapsed.”

Stern figured she must do “tons of blow” to get through a day. Taryn, 21, said she lives with her agent now and everything’s going really well. Taryn explained that she had been living in a house that threw swinger parties. “It was a really bad mistake for me when I moved out to L.A.” Stern thought Taryn was hot but suspected he has to be doing lots of blow. “To get through that kind of gig.” Taryn said she started in porn- on the Internet- at age 18. “I started doing boy-girl the end of October.”

Taryn said that the Lucky Stranger website was certainly for real and that it turns her on, personally, not to know who she was having sex with. “Their site is so much more intense.” Taryn said she actually dated the winner of one of the contests. “We still talk all the time.” The website owner, who’s never identified, interjects from time to time. He tells Stern that the feeling was reality was the best way to go.

“My business partner did [came up with the concept],” he said. “He came up with the idea about 8 months ago. He came up to me and said hey, let’s do porn. I said that’s a lame ass idea. There’s enough porn out there.” Stern remarked on the guy’s wild sideburns. All told, Taryn worked with two guys blindfolded. Taryn was making little sense and verbal connection and Stern said give her a break that she’s been off blow for four days. “Oh you’re not off blow?” Taryn insisted she was, that her agent was keeping her straight. “He acts like a father to us.” Taryn said three girls are living at the house. Stern wanted to hear the story about the second guy she worked with. It was noted that the second guy spit on her and she got into a fist fight with him.

The website owner said he threw the guy out. “It was a rough situation.” A comment was made which got bleeped. “We can’t even get into that,” said Stern making you wonder just what was said. But according to the story, Taryn spit on the guy to help him out sexually. “And he took that as a sign that he could spit on her,” Stern confirmed. The owner said the guy hit Taryn’s stomach. “And she hit his stomach because she was blindfolded. Then he spits in her face.” Trying to grasp the concept, Stern said if he subscribes to the website, he wins a chance to have a sex with one of the girls. Stern thought the girls were pretty hot. “We usually have one lined up,” said the owner. Stern said what made the gimmick good was that it featured normal looking guys. “Guys that look like us. Like gross guys.”

Drawings are held once a week to once every two weeks, the site owner explained. Taryn was asked how she got involved with the site. “They contacted my old agent,” she explained. “She was, like, do you want to do the site? I was, okay. It sounds like fun.” It was explained that the sex is always with a condom but that the guys aren’t tested. Taryn, who claims she gets tested twice a month, was asked if she was nervous with that. She hemmed and hawed. “I’ve only done it one time but it’s just like if I went to a club that night and I went home with a guy- which I don’t do. Or if I was having sex with say, per se, a boyfriend off set, then I use condoms. Even if I have sex with talent off camera, I would still use a condom.”

Reading from her bio, Stern noted that Taryn comes from an upper middle class background. “Your mom’s a doctor.” Taryn said she’s a pathologist. “She operates on dead people.” Stern get giving glowing accounts of the website. “I’ve been on it and I kind of got the vibe that it was for real.” When Taryn mentioned Arizona, then it was a dead giveaway who she was. Apparently she made another comment that had the Stern censors squealing like piggies. “Honey, you ain’t catching on,” Stern said, whatever that was supposed to mean.

It was also noted that guys are flown out for this web gig. That’s when attorney Barbara. He started asking the owner lawyer questions about how entrants sign up. “You go to and there’s places to sign up,” said the owner. “When you sign up you have a shot to win to shoot with a porn star.” Barbara asked you if you pay to sign on.

“Yes sir,” the owner replied. Barbara concluded that it was a federal crime. Asked why is that, Barbara said the site cannot offer a sexual prize for money in the United States. “It’s a violation of federal law.” The owner said if you look on the site there’s also a place for everyone who is not a paying member to sign up as well.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Barbara. “You cannot offer sex interstate as a prize or as a gift in any way.” Legal analyst that she is, Thomas said it’s offered on Midnight Prowl all the time. “Can’t do it,” said Barbara. “It’s a federal crime. I promise you. You’re violating about three federal statutes. And all of them are very serious.” Stern began calling Barbara F. Lee Killjoy. Stern figured the owners must have looked into the law before offering this prize.

“The problem that we came across,” said the site owner, “is that we had to offer it to everyone and not just the members.” Barbara insisted that it doesn’t matter. “It’s like on Howard’s show.” Stern agreed. “You have to call it a date. If you get lucky, great.”

The owner said that’s why he has the video cameras. “It is a shoot.” Stern concluded that it was their way of bending the rules. Barbara said it was still breaking the law. “You’re paying money to become one of the players that gets the chance to win.” According to the owner, you’re getting paid to come on the show. “You also get flown out and you have to be videotaped. You have to sign a model release and a 2257.” Stern asked Barbara if paying a guy to do a video wasn’t the same as paying a guy to do a porno. Barbara said that’s not the crime. “The crime is that they’re taking money from the public for a sex act. Interstate. If you sell the chance of winning sex, it’s interstate prostitution and I’ll guarantee you money that the minimum sentence is five years.” While the owner was agreeing with Barbara on some points he was still arguing with him.

“But anyone has a chance to win,” he stated. “Not just the paying members.” Barbara said it didn’t matter. “Trust me. Now that they’ve been on your show, they’re going to be off within two weeks.” Robin Quivers said it wouldn’t be the first time.

‘You’re dealing with interstate prostitution,” said Barbara. “The minimum sentence is five years. I bet you a hundred dollars you haven’t had a visit yet from the FBI.” The owner said no. Asked who goes to jail, Barbara said the site owners. “In fact they may use the girls as witnesses,” said Barbara. “As an example if she’s in another state and they brought her to another state for the purposes of getting paid money for sex that’s a violation, also, of a very serious criminal act. I promise you.”

Thomas began explaining that Midnight Prowl goes into a DVD store [Mondo Video in LA] to do a similar thing. As Thomas began making a total mess of her illustration, Stern advised her not to take the witness stand. Barbara kept insisting that it was the interstate thing that was going to bring the site down.

“You can have a website and the website shows sex. That’s not illegal. You can have a website that shows people paying for sex. That’s not illegal because they’re doing it, let’s say in California. The crime is to charge money interstate for the purposes of sex. Stern said that wasn’t the point, that entrants weren’t paying money to be in the raffle. “Anyone who wants to be in it can be in it.”

“You can’t offer sex as a prize,” Barbara kept insisting. “Trust me.” Stern wondered how this was all different from casting a porno. The owner said he’s got an attorney on payroll and was willing to take his chances.


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