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Stormy Tells Swami About Her AVN Nominations- Gosh Are Those Even Out Yet?

Stormy Daniel was on the Sports Swami show Friday talking about her AVN nominations. A fact which I found surprising because, unless I missed something, AVN hasn’t released those as yet. Stormy also talked about her marriage to Pat Myne and her controversy with Wankus of KSEX over remarks she made about KSEX co-ho Katie Morgan.

Swami said Morgan and Wankus are generally reserved, what was the beef. “I don’t think Katie ever said anything,” Daniel thought. [Actually, Morgan was the one who brought the whole issue up on KSEX of Daniel saying on a behind the scenes of Space Nuts that Morgan was dumb as a rock.]

Daniel was of the opinion that Morgan handled the situation very cool. “She was very classy about it.” Swami pointed out that Wankus decided to rip on Daniel. [Would you have expected less if one of your people had been publicly insulted?] Daniel claims that she, personally, hasn’t received critical e-mails of her behavior. “The story was completely untrue,” she said. “I guess Wankus was trying to get girls to squirt on my poster. I told him, dude, if you wanted girls to squirt on me you could have just called. I would have come myself.”

Swami recounted the incident at Sardos. “This is where the fur hit the fan,” he said, noting that Wankus extended a peace offering.

Stormy: I was right in the middle of listening to a story from Julie Meadows. She was right in the middle of telling me a story. He came up behind me and caught me completely off guard. Actually Aria brought him over. She said, hey, I turned around. I was right in the middle of something. She said this is Wankus. I looked at him. I gave him, a really dirty look like don’t come over and try to be cool after what you said. And I just turned around because I didn’t want to be rude to the person that was already talking to me. And he just said something fast. wasn’t paying attention. And he walked away. That was it. I didn’t say one thing. I just looked at him. I gave him a look- a dirty look.

Daniel said she didn’t even know Wankus before the controversy.

Stormy: “I haven’t even listened to his show. I’ve never heard his show. I don’t know how he is. That’s all I know. I didn’t even hear what he said about me. Actually Aria said hey, here’s a heads up. ‘I was on the show and this is what he said.’ I was like, really. I don’t care, whatever. The next time I saw him he came up and tried to be nice. I looked at him, like, are you kidding me? The I turned back around. That was it. That was the end of it. But as far as the thing between me and Katie goes, I think that is between me and her. I don’t know why he thought he had to get involved anyway. She obviously didn’t ask him to get involved. [Let’s make this real clear. Morgan was the one who brought up the issue.] I did say what I said about her and called her the very next day and say, hey, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I’m a big enough person to admit that I was wrong about you. I think you’re very smart and very cool. And we are friends now and I apologize for hurting your feelings. And she accepted my apology and that was the end of it.

Stormy gave her version of events, indicating that she had met Morgan that one day of the Space Nuts shoot. “I guess she plays the airhead card- that’s part of her persona.” Daniel said her first impression of Morgan was that, indeed, she was an airhead but later revised her thinking. ” I found her to be smart and have her stuff together. She manages other girls.” Daniel admitted to making remarks on the DVD that Morgan’s I.Q. wasn’t very high. “I asked for Wicked to take it out. They said they would and they forgot to take it out. She heard it, and it hurt her feelings.” Stormy said that was her first impression but that she is big enough to admit that she was wrong. Daniel said she would never hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. “I said it as a joke thinking that no one would ever hear it. Obviously I was wrong.”

Swami noted Daniel’s quick ascendancy to super star status, suggesting that Daniel’s relationship with Brad Armstrong certainly didn’t hurt her career advancement. “You left Brad Armstrong, now you’re married to Pat Myne.” Daniel admitted to being very fortunate in the last year and a half. Daniel speculated that people are mad because she didn’t make a conscious effort for all the goodies yet received them.

Stormy: It happened. I came to L.A. with a friend of mine, Devon Michaels. I was supposed to do one girl-girl scene that I could sell on the road as a feature dancer. She was actually in two scenes. Her first scene was for Wicked. She brought me to the set with her. I met Brad, we hit it off, he asked me out. Five days later she got on the plane and went home, and I still live there. I never went home.

Asked if Armstrong pushed her to be a contract girl, Daniel said Armstrong introduced her to Steve Orenstein of Wicked. “Most people think that Brad has some sort of pull. He doesn’t get to say who gets to be a contract girl. He doesn’t sign girls.” Daniel notes that Orenstein didn’t want to sign her because she was dating Armstrong. “He knew everybody would say you got it because you’re dating Brad.” Daniel said she worked for Wicked a lot over a period of four months before they considered signing her. “Finally Steve Orenstein said, okay, you’ve earned it.”

Stormy: I’m not going to say that I didn’t get to be a contract girl because I was dating Brad because it’s probably true. Everybody’s like you only got signed because you’re f’ing Brad. Yeah, probably. I’m not going to say how dare you say that about me. No, it’s the truth. It only makes me mad when people say you dated Brad to get a contract because that’s not true. I probably got a contract because I was dating Brad. When I started dating Brad I didn’t even know there was such a thing as contract girls.

Swami noted that this is the second marriage for Stormy. Stormy said hers is a crazy story and didn’t recommend it for anyone at home.

Stormy: I actually never met Pat as crazy as it sounds and as small as porno land is. We’ve been in the same movies. We’ve been at the same parties. I was asked ten times will you work with him and I said no, cause I don’t know him. We always passed without meeting but I knew who he was from pictures.

Daniel explained that she was dating Armstrong and Myne was dating Britney Foster, and that she and Myne both got dumped in the same week. “They wrote it up on the Internet.” Daniel said she then met Myne at the VSDA show where their respective company booths were across from each other. Myne struck up a conversation asking Daniel if she read what was being said on the Internet and told her that were linked together forever in porno gossip history. According to Daniel, Myne asked her out for that evening. She declined telling Myne that she already had a date. “I won’t mention any names but he works for a distributor.” Myne then told her the guy was married and had kids. Stormy said she was offended because she doesn’t believe in dating married guys so blew the other guy off. “I ended going out with Pat and he and I have been together ever since.”

Daniel said less than a month ago she was at another show [presumable the east coast show] where she ran into the guy she blew off. Asked why she stood him up, Daniel explained. “How dare you cheat on your wife!” It was then that Daniel learned that Myne bullshitted her and told her all’s fair in love and war. “I thought that was pretty funny. I was actually pretty flattered.” Swami said Myne’s dirty tactics certainly took the cake.

Daniel said she and Myne were at the Dancer Expo in Vegas when Myne proposed to her at the Crazy Horse Too strip club. When she accepted, Myne urged her to get her things, that they were going to get married then and there. When told it was 4 am, Myne said he didn’t care. ‘There’s no reason to wait. At least if we die tomorrow I can say I spent one day as your husband.’ Asked if the marriage was the real deal, Stormy said it was scary because of the track record. [Myne has also been married.] “It’s real. I got the tattoo [on the back of her neck] to prove it.” Daniel said she took a Vicadin and by the time the ordeal was over she was totally naked and masturbating in the tattoo chair. “We have it on video.”

Swami read off some of Stormy’s dancing schedule. She said it was incorrect information. Swami said he got it from The Floating World.

Asked if she was going to direct with Wicked, Stormy said she was already under contract to do so but hasn’t directed a feature as yet. “I’ve written scripts for Wicked and I kind of helped Brad out when he and I were together.” But when the time comes, she said she welcomes the opportunity of being able to create a movie according to what she wants rather than another director’s interpretation.

On the awards issue, Stormy said she had a: “Best new starlet nomination, best actress nomination, best supporting actress nomination and I have some sex nominations but I’m not really sure what they all are. If I win, great. There are some awards that I’m up for that I don think I have a shot at, that I do think I deserve. There are other awards I’m nominated for that I think another actress would be more qualified to win.”




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