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Story of the Day replay: $5,500 jessica drake Real Doll Unveiled on The Howard Stern Show

Heck, Jodie Fisher’s the real thing, and she was only charging $5,000 for the night.

from – Howard said the creator of the Real Doll sent them a new one. The guys rolled her in a short time later. Howard said the last one they had they took turns banging. He said those things aren’t cheap. Gary said they were like 5,000 years ago. Howard said they must be more now.

Gary opened up the box and said that the chick’s head had fallen off. She was modeled after Jessica Drake the porn star. Gary said they have a hoist on the back. The doll is life size so it weighs a lot. The guys showed Howard what her vagina looks like. Howard asked if it’s wrong to look at that. Gary didn’t think so. They had to work together to get her pants off. Howard said she looks a little fat. She had nice boobs. He asked Will to stick his finger in there. He said it didn’t feel real to him. She had nice feet according to Howard. He said it looks very real.

Howard said the toes were all separate. Gary said they suggested sticking her in a tub of warm water to bring her up to body temperature.

Robin looked up the prices and found that it’s about $5,500. Gary asked if that was for Jessica Drake because they have the special one. The guys were checking her out and smacking her around. Howard said she has an asshole too. He said that’s interesting. He’s not sure what to do with it.

Gary said Sal says he hasn’t gotten laid in a long time and his wife may let him bang that thing. Robin said she’d have a problem if her husband did a doll. JD said they have shoes and an enema kit in there to clean her out. Gary pulled that out and showed the bottle brush they have in the kit.

Richard said that Sal wants to pee all over the doll. Howard said that’s disgusting. Howard said they’ll just keep her in the studio and leave her there for a while. Howard said he prefers her naked but maybe they should put underwear on her.

Richard asked if Benjy would bang her. Benjy said he would but he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Howard said he banged the first one. He said this one isn’t his type. Howard said he feels he’s matured a little bit. Gary said they have a tongue and teeth in there and the mouth opens. George said that she looks startled with the mouth open. Will had her stick her tongue out.

Howard said it looks wrong. George said she looks very real. Howard said he wants to thank the people at the Real Doll company for this thing. He said he likes this more than the Iron Man thing. He said it’s kind of freakish.

from – The crew presented Howard with the show’s new RealDoll, leading Howard to note the fate of the show’s last RealDoll after several of the crew had their way with her: “Benjy took the head home.” Benjy, however, was quick to correct him: “Ralph has the head, I took the body…but I don’t want it anymore.” As they extracted the doll from the crate it arrived in, Gary reported that the doll was modeled after porn star Jessica Drake’s face, ‘features’ and measurements.

Howard watched the guys struggle with the doll’s dead weight but marveled at how lifelike it looked, saying it looked–and must feel–like a real person. Robin laughed: “No, it feels like a dead person.” Howard asked Will Murray to test the doll’s vagina with a few fingers and see if ‘she’ felt like a real girl–Will was disappointed: “Eh. Not quite.”
Howard then had the guys prop the girl in the tickle chair, with her panties pulled aside and her tongue hanging out.


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