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Summer Feels Hazed by Delta Staff

…And now, an open letter from Craig Valentine and adult star Summer Haze, to American Airlines. This needs no pre-sell or storyline. Read the letter…you’ll get it.

As submitted by Craig Valentine [unedited]

To: Delta customer Supervisor

Re: Discriminated on Delta/Song Flight

To whom this may concern in the customer relation dept. This is a very touchy matter I hop e can be resolved ASAP. Me and my wife were on Delta/Song flight 2462 from Ft.laud to LaGuardia .Delta is our corporate airline for my wife’s tour just to give you a insight we is XXX film star Summer Haze. Since we started on tour in August 2003 we have been on over 30 Delta aircraft.

After these first 3 trips everyone that worked for either TSA or Delta recognized her and always asked for autographed pics and magazines. This got a little awkward as she is not at work likes to be left alone but she will never not talk to her fans, but when she was picked out then we got bothered by passengers on the plane with a million questions. Summer Haze decided to start pre-autographing her latest magazine she was on the cover of for the pilots.

This seemed to work pretty good instead of people picking her out, the flight crew and pilots always waited at the boarding door when we deplaned and said Thank you and asked what projects she had coming up.

Now to the above mentioned flight. We did like we always do after the boarding door closed the pilot cam out of the cockpit and threw Summer’s magazine at me and her and stated loudly in from of the surrounding passengers,” We don’t care for this kind of material on this aircraft and find it offensive and disgusting “The pilot proceeded back to the cockpit and what we tried so hard to avoid now the whole forward cabin knew who Summer and I were.

This made for an awkward situation so I question the head flight attendant if there was a problem. She said” we need to get a clue people have wives and children or do we not understand this “. This proceeded to greatly upset my wife Summer Haze as we were traveling back to the Northeast when her daughter passed away from SIDS.

I told the flight attendant that she should have not said that and proceeded on with the wives and kids thing. Sorry but we are torn between to evils either airlines employees start talking to us and people figure out who we are or we get a crew like this where we show good will not to be bothered and are embarrassed and made to be a disgusting spectacle. What we do for a living is not to be publicly judged by others to deemene or degrade us in public none the less it was a very uncomfortable flight for 2 hrs 50 min with everyone looking at us.

When we deplaned we were grabbed by a Delta employee sent us right to the customer service counter. We saw a nice gentleman there who was surprised in the treatment we received. If the pilot didn’t want his gift he should have thrown it away not makes a spectacle of us in the cabin. The customer service agent went on to ask Summer if she would autograph a few books for him and his friends and of course she loves her fans so she did. The gentleman instructed us he was going to bring this matter up to the head pilot and we should call customer service later.

We called and spoke to several people who were appalled by this incident. When a supervisor got on the phone she said “this matter never happened and a pilot would never do that and what we do for a living is not constitutes acceptable behavior by Delta”. Its not Delta’s place to say what we can do and not do for a job so we are Porn actor and actress if you don’t like it fine don’t insult us or poke fun of us in front of the general public.

A copy of this letter has been provided to a few of the Adult news companies as they called us regarding this incident that Delta Does not care for Porn Stars flying their airlines. So one of the passengers must have notified them as info travels quickly in our business. We have a few ways of handling this matter first is we demand and apology from Delta.

Second Summer believes in taking care of all her fans. If we can do it discreetly then if any of the pilots of staff chase her we need to deal with it accordingly. Yes there is a price for fame we have just as hard of a time as regular film stars except people say nasty things to us in ours.

Please expedite a response to us in this matter.

Thank you “Craig Valentine” “Summer Haze ”

Sent certified mail

Cc: Law offices of Albert Moon



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