Saturday from Black Rose Talent seems to be a good guy admitting when he fucked up

This was sent into me by Donny Long. Apparently people like to jump to conclusions and spread false rumors like wildfire. John Forbush is grabbing for any help he can get after his buddy Mike South has failed again and made a liar and a fool of for the 684,264, 8421 time.

Welcome Sunday from Black Rose Talent. He has some hot models also.

Last night I mad the foolish mistake of believing John Steven Forbush aka Metro Talent Management. I had assumed had every talents best intentions at heart by launching a campaign against Donny Long with him. In addition I carried out his request to also accuse him of being Gene Ross. And I did so by sending out a very sincere email blast hoping to warn and protect talent in the industry with my efforts. Only to now learn that I had been used as a pawn in this other agents desperate attempts to attack someone I have nothing to do with and never will.

If you know me well enough you then you know that I will own up to my mistakes and accept the ridicule. I made a huge error, I was gullible but that is no excuse it is just a statement. Whoever Gene Ross is I don’t know him or anything about him but I have been told by multiple reliable indifferent sources that Donny and Gene are not the same two people.

Effective immediately this is the last time I will ever send out an email blast of this nature. When you are wrong you are wrong, and I was very wrong to get involved in something that really had zero to do with me. I have nothing in common with either Gene or Donny and I will be leaving them both in peace and never mentioning them again.

Thanks, Saturday

Black Rose Talent


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  1. It is very honorable that Saturday man up to making errors in judgement as a direct result of being duped by John Forbush of Metro Talent for a moment. John as we hear is now in a desperate attempt rolling over and all his friends he speaks with on line as he did with Saturday. Only Difference is Saturday is on to John and knows he was duped only because his intentions were noble towards the adult industry as a whole. Rarely any Talent agents takes personal responsibility. Good Man Saturday be careful with the likes of Metro Talent.

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