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Sureflix Aids ASACP’s Efforts

LOS ANGELES — Adult video powerhouse Sureflix is the latest company to take a proactive stand in the global effort to protect children, with its support of ASACP.

Last week, representatives from The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) attended a special networking event at the Sureflix Corporate Offices in Toronto, Canada.

The event was arranged by Sureflix in order to introduce ASACP to key decision makers from Canadian companies in the industry. ASACP CEO Joan Irvine [pictured] and Technology and Forensic Research Director Tim Henning attended the event.

According to the association, Sureflix not only organized the networking event, they provided opportunities for ASACP to meet with their staff and further educate them on ASACP’s activities. Sureflix also offered to include the ASACP public service announcements on their TV channel in Canada. In addition, Henning reviewed the Sureflix data in the ASACP database to make sure Sureflix was receiving the most benefits from their sponsorship.

ASACP also discussed with the Sureflix staff the options for ASACP’s plans to expand internationally. ASACP Advisory Council Member and Sureflix President, Eric Johnson offered advice on expansion plans in order to set correct expectations; while Sureflix Vice President of Marketing Dennis Welsh and Account Manager of International Accounts Eduardo Mendonca, who speaks six languages, offered insight on the process of website translation and recommended a structured approach especially since ASACP has limited resources.

“ASACP has always worked on an international level to protect children; however, this event provided an opportunity for ASACP to launch our efforts to increase our presence internationally,” stated Irvine. “Thanks to Sureflix’s generosity, this was my first visit to Toronto. Like many other non-profits, ASACP is on a tight budget and I greatly appreciate Sureflix not only organizing this event, but also hosting my flight and hotel.”

“Tradeshows are a good way to meet many people; however, I believe that small business gatherings with the decision makers are a better environment for ASACP to discuss its mission and goals,” Irvine added. “Sureflix limited the number of people who could attend to achieve this intimate setting.”

“I was pleased to learn more about Sureflix operations, from Best Practices to behavior on boards and social media sites including having a motivational sheet with its six mission statement words and other adjectives which define the Sureflix corporate culture,” Henning offered. “Sureflix is an excellent example of a company that is committed to good business practices that includes supporting various non-profit and community groups.”

“As ASACP continues its international expansion, we ask other ASACP sponsors to do similar networking events for ASACP,” Johnson said. “This way ASACP can continue to do its best to protect children and the industry.”

“Mainstream companies that work with ‘high risk’ industries are under pressure to dissolve such relationships,” Johnson added. “It helps if we can state to our opponents that these industries support a child protection association that has a recognized child pornography reporting hotline and the international award-winning Restricted to Adults (RTA) website label. It’s a win/win for all.”

“Sureflix encourages all our affiliates to label with the Restricted to Adults website label,” he concluded.

Next week Irvine will travel to Europe to attend Webmasters Access Europe in Amsterdam where she will hold the third ASACP European Expansion Focus Group meeting. While in Europe she will meet with the European Commission in Luxembourg. Sureflix CBDO Michel Lozier also arranged other meetings for Irvine while she is in Europe.

“It is only because of the support of its current sponsors and the industry that ASACP has progressed so far in protecting children and the industry,” Irvine stated. “Now, we need additional support to expand our efforts on an international basis.”

Sureflix Digital Distribution Inc. is a leading digital distributor of adult programming in the worldwide television broadcast markets and Internet VOD markets, including IPTV and mobile. The Sureflix network of premium gay pay-per-view VOD websites includes its award winning flagship site, Sureflix was named “Business of the Year” by the Free Speech Coalition in 2008 and “GLBT Web Company of the Year” by XBIZ Publishing in 2009.

Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet. ASACP also works to help parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with its Restricted To Adults (RTA) website label.


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