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Swami Assesses AEE Convention

Porn Valley – We had a chat with Sports Swami who offered his take of the AEE convention. First off the bat we had to ask Swami why, again, the Sammura Shane interview ran in his Friday time slot instead of a new show. The Swami groaned, noting that he’s been dealing with batches of profane-laden interviews from porn stars which will no longer fly with his Cyberstation management. “Too much swearing- they’re cracking down on it.” He was speaking specifically about his interview with Taylor Rain. “I had to edit it. If you use the f-bomb more than once, they can pull the show.”

That all being said, we humbly suggested that the flying expletives interview he got with Carmen Luvana must be a collectors item of oversight in which Luvana dropped more bombs than Poop Night at a Boston beanery. Swami said he get a bit of reaming out about that show. “I just have to edit my shows more. People drop the f-bomb, I have to bleep it out.” Swami said a similar thing happened with his Amber Peach interview. For those reasons, Swami’s still working religiously on an upcoming three-hour show.

Likewise, Swami said there were also some interviews being cut out of that special for other reasons. “I caught certain people at bad times [at AEE]; certain people didn’t come across very well. Swami talked about one actress whose name he wanted off-the-record, that he caught in a bad manner. “She just got thrown off by certain questions. I caught her right in the middle of the morning. She hadn’t eaten. She just got in the second day of the Expo and people are running around asking for her autograph.”

Swami said one the best interviews was Monica Mayhem’s. “All the Cherry Boxx girls, Devon, India, Ava Devine and Michael Raven. Either those interviews were all off to the side or that the p.r. people scheduled them, or there were ways where fans couldn’t just walk up.” Asked if Monica Mayhem talked about her witchcraft, Swami said she did. “But we couldn’t mention Craven Moorehead because she wants to get on with it.”

The Swami couldn’t get into the Internext show. “They said they didn’t have me registered and I didn’t have a photo I.D. [his wallet was stolen]. I ended up paying with a credit card- $250.” Swami said he didn’t have a problem with AEE by calling in advance explaining what happened. “I had my studio call them. They said just show us a business card and we’ll take care of it. Andrew Moon, I tip my hat to him, he did a fantastic job. Internext people I showed them a copy of the police report. And they still…”

Swami said he also talked to Devon and will try to get a repeat interview with her. He wasn’t going to be too specific with what they talked about save to say, “Whoa, I’ll never piss off that woman- ever. As much as I like it, she does not pull any punches. She went off on Barrett Blade. That’s all I’m going to say. They don’t see eye-to eye any more.” Swami thinks his best interview was with Devon. “Hands down- she’s very open. She admits to everything. Just one of the best interviews ever.”

Unfortunately his interview with Belladonna got chewed up on tape.

“But I was going to hold off on it anyway because I’d rather do a half-hour special with her. Because even then we were set off to the side but people were still trying to get her attention. Dayton was also very good. Ava Devine was pretty good but she swore a little too much. That’s why there’s going to be another delay in the editing. The f-bomb was dropped ten times and I have to bleep all those out. She’s a very beautiful busty woman. Half-Chinese, half-Italian. She’s with Ben English. Almost a complete opposite of everything I’ve expected from some of these people. Very humble, quiet yet very sexual.”

Swami noted that Carina Taylor, someone he’s interviewed just recently, is now with Marc Spiegler. “She was taken off the L.A. Direct models website and now I see her on Marc Spiegler’s website. I guess there was a lot of transactions going on at that convention.”

Swami said he also got more nasty looks at the convention from people who are aligned with Ron Jeremy. “I went up to a certain booth and a couple of his friends there reaffirmed the point that I was way out of bounds when I ripped Ron Jeremy on my show. And I was. I apologized to Ron about that. I didn’t get my facts straight and a lot of his friends told me that Ron, while is very aggressive, he knows when to say no. I could say this for Ron. He could have ripped me a new rear end but he didn’t.” Swami said Jeremy’s up for doing his show provided certain subjects aren’t broached.

“It was a wild week for a lot of people, I will say that. I know a lot of people had problems with AVN getting in. They had either paid for it and couldn’t get in or had to pay a second time.”

On other issues, the Swami is quick to point out in the Halstons’ flap that Brandon and Desiree Foxxx can, in no way, be compared to Ryan and Summer Sweet. “I can guarantee you that much. In December and January things get slow and I don’t think they [the Foxxx’s] understand that. They would call me that the Halstons are not talking to them or getting back to them.” On the other hand, Swami said his experience with the Sweets was, let’s say, less than a positive one.

And from the way he talks, it doesn’t sound like Swami’s going to have Mary Carey do an encore any time soon in the feature. “I never told you what happened when she was in the studio with the Cyberstation crew. We brought her and [no-neck] into the studio. They were late. I understood. She had dental work. Then she makes demands. If I mention the Halstons, she will walk off the set. If I insult her in any way, she will walk off the interview. If I insult her campaign, she will walk off the interview. If I am negative in any way, she will walk off the interview. Then she said I’m only doing this because Gene Ross asked me as a personal favor. You’re a nobody and I’m a mainstream star.” Swami swears that Carey made that comment. Swami said he had to bite his tongue because I did him a favor and he appreciated it. “Never bite the hand that feeds you.”

Swami claims Carey also proceeded to ignore most of the people in the room, not talk to them or say a word. “Then she left. I give her credit. She did give me a CD and thanked me for the interview. But it was a 15-minute puff piece because she was going to walk out. I never had anybody say that.”

Swami’s also inclined to say that he doesn’t think Carey is as dumb as she looks. “I think she’s very cunning. I talked to Scott Fayner and he and Taylor Rain have no love for that woman.” I suggested to Swami I didn’t know how cunning Carey can be when she acted like she was meeting Wankus for the first time on the red carpet at the awards show when she had been on his KSEX show at least twice before.

On the other hand, Swami says whenever Aria comes into the studio, she interacts with people, poses for pictures. “Then Olivia O’Lovely came in with her mother and her sister- smiled with everybody, posing for stuff.”



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