Sydney Leathers Wishes She Had Used a Condom working with Xander Corvus

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from – Sydney Leathers is promoting safe sex after saying she regrets having unprotected intercourse in her porn debut with an actor who days earlier slept with a star diagnosed as HIV positive.

In a statement today, Leathers said: ‘Some might call me a hypocrite for suddenly having this message about safe sex because I chose not to use a condom while filming my movie, Weiner and Me.

‘I don’t think I’m a hypocrite though. I think it would be foolish of me to not learn from a teachable moment like this. Had I not said anything about this, it would have felt like a missed opportunity on my part. And we all know I don’t like to miss opportunities.’

Leathers recently made the film Weiner And Me after a sexting relationship with the New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

The man who played Weiner, Xander Corvus, had previously had sex with Cameron Bay – a porn actress whose recent HIV diagnosis brought the porn industry to an abrupt halt.

The chain of events sparked fears that Leathers may have been exposed to the virus.

Leathers said: ‘I feel like it’s my duty to stress the importance of using condoms.’

She went on to advise that condom use is important not just while making porn but if people were thinking about ‘having a one night stand in real life’.

She added: ‘Whether your partner is a porn star or not, you could be putting yourself at risk. You don’t know who all they have been with.’

Weiner’s sexting partner said that she was not contacted about the possibility she may have been infected with HIV but that it was a ‘very scary and surreal situation to be in’.

She said: ‘What’s so crazy about this is that the only time I’ve been sexually active in many months was during filming, so just think, ONE sexual experience could put you in a scary situation. It’s just worth it to protect yourself and your partner.’

The newly-minted porn star said that in hindsight she should have used a condom on the set of her film but that she felt safe because the ‘porn industry is very good about testing’.

Leathers said: ‘I bet when you meet a new guy for the first time he doesn’t show you his clean STD test results. That’s what’s different about the porn world.’

However, she is now on a ‘mission’ to have the porn industry ‘get on board’ with using condoms.

Leathers added: ‘…I just hope recent events can help change some minds regarding this issue. If I can save even ONE girl from going through what I’ve been dealing with, then I’d say my mission isn’t in vain.

‘So in conclusion, just wrap it up. It’s the smart thing to do.’
Distraught: Cameron Bay’s agent says his client, whose recent HIV diagnosis has brought the porn industry to a standstill, is ‘distraught’ over the news

Leathers also praised Cameron Bay for her bravery at coming forward to reveal her diagnosis.


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