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Syren: I Don’t Like Guys Who Bullshit

If you’re keeping score, Syren was the 100th guest of the Sports Swami. And if you’re a regular reader of, you know the drama that made all of that possible. For that, Swami did thank Robert Lombard from Digital G. for resolving issues.

Syren said she’ll be in Vegas for the January convention, noting that the Swami would also be there. “I’m going to be giving out my full-nude poster; I’m going to be signing for my fans and giving out Digital G titles.”

Syren’s going to be in San Francisco November 17 and has Digital G movies called Club Fantasy and Secret Sins which also stars Ava Vincent. “The movie I have with Ava Vincent is the second time we’re together since Les Vampyres which came out three years ago and we won best girl-girl for that scene. It’s the first time fans will see us this year together again.” Syren said she and Vincent have great chemistry together.

Syren’s from Hawaii and said there are spots where you can go naked on the beach. “You can just lay around and be close to nature. I think that’s beautiful. How close to sex can you be? You’re close to all the elements- the water, the forest, the sun. I think it’s a very sexy place.”

Syren traveled a lot with her father when she was growing up. “My parents were separated but I was with my father most of the time.” Because her father would also travel to Asia, Syren spent two years in the Philippines and a year in Tokyo. “Then we went back to Hawaii and I went to the university there. We moved to L.A. five years ago. That’s when I got into the industry.” Syren said she moved to L.A. for romantic reasons because she wanted to be with her boyfriend. “We lived together for two years, then I married him. We were married for another two years but we’re separated now.”

Syren said she was very curious, sexually, and her husband gave her the freedom to explore and have sex with other people. “He told me that love and sex are two very separate things. He saw that I was a very sexual person and didn’t want to control that. He thought that it was a very beautiful thing and he gave me that permission in my head to be that person, to be that woman.”

Syren said that made her feel secure. “I knew that he loved me not just for my body. He loved me for who I was.” Syren said she and her husband would also go to swing parties and strip bars. “I felt safe because we were a couple.”

As if this should come as a surprise, Syren discovered that she was an exhibitionist. “I only found out about that side of me when he started taking pictures of me in our bedroom. I saw this image on print and I said to myself I was looking at a woman I could be. I blossomed. I like who I am right now.”

Had she not met her husband, Syren figures she would have wound up like all of her friends- married with kids. “And not really quite knowing who they are and what they want from life except to be the housewife or to be a mother. But that is there decision which is respectable. But to me I like where I’ve been and the journey I’ve had going into the adult industry. To me it was like a sexual playground- freedom.”

Asked how her family deals with her career, Syren said she has five brothers. “They’re very protective because I’m the youngest and naturally very protective of me.” Syren was always an independent person from the time she was young.

“I always fought for what I believed was right. They know that. They really couldn’t run or control my life.” Syren notes that it’s different when you’re on the outside looking in, however. “They think that you’re in this industry which just swallows innocent girls. For me it was a different experience.” After she explained what it all meant to her, her family’s dealt with it much better. “They’re very accepting.”

Syren remembers having “suitors” come visit her with her brothers taking an over-protective stance. “It’s nice to have people who protect you like that. I feel good when I’m protected like that.”

Syren has been nominated three times for Best Actress, once for Les Vampyres, then for her role as Madam Fetish in Taboo 2001; and then for Les Vampyres 2. Swami dropped another of his cockeyed rumors suggesting that Syren and director James Avalon were secretly married. “Wouldn’t he love that?” Syren laughed, suspecting that the relationship was built more on the fact that Avalon likes exotic girls.

“And he looks at me as a real actress; he works with me as a real actress and he likes me to go into all these fantasy roles that he comes up with. I pull them off real good, too.”

Syren said she’s also very picky with her roles as well, so she and Avalon, naturally, have a good working relationship. Syren said, contrary to some thinking, she never signed a contract with Metro. “I was basically James Avalon’s one dollar a year contract girl,” she laughs. “That’s our joke. Bit I never really signed any formal contract with Metro. I shot most of their big budget features directed by James Avalon. I guess it got a lot of attention because I was on the road plugging the movies on the road here in Providence and New York, in L.A.; I was on tour with Metro plugging the movies so that’s probably why people think I’m with Metro.”

Swami suggested there might be a class and status war among female performers in the business. Syren explained that the industry affords choice with the different types of product out there. “If you want to do high-end features, that’s a conscious choice that you make. If you want to do just sex scenes, that’s also good if that’s what you want to do. We’re all here for the ride. If a girl is into that, that’s great. If she’s into it with passion and 100% of all her abilities and energies, that’s just great.”

Syren said her choice is to make films and get roles that cater to her own sexual fantasies and boundaries. “James Avalon is one of the directors that respects that.”

Asked if there was any rivalry between her and Ava Vincent because Vincent has won some AVN awards, Syren said it was all good, regardless. “If I win the award that would add up to my credits and would really give a push to my career. But they have their own standards and categories. I don’t know how they judge them but if that’s what they think, I respect that.” Syren went on to note that she’s won Adult Stars Magazine and Critics Choice Awards. “I give 110% in whatever I do,” she added, noting that it would mean a lot to her if she ever won a Best Actress award though Robert Lombard, personally, would like to see her win the Best Solo Tease Award.

Syren said she particularly likes the XRCO awards. “It’s industry. I like seeing my friends and I like being with people I work with. It’s such a social thing. It’s a smaller event. That’s what I like about it. AVN is more of a circus- which I like too, but I like the intimate..”

Syren was signing for VCA at L.A. Erotica two years ago when she heard that Lombard wanted to meet her for late nite cable movie work. “I met him a week later. We were in his office. He was supposed to interview me but I ended up interviewing him,” she laughed. “We ended up doing movies together for HBO and Cinemax. I’ve shot about 12 movies.” Among her credits, she lists, Sinful Deeds, Taboo Desires and a series called Voyeur: The Movie.

Swami dished out another canard suggesting that Syren was a diva, arrogant and stuck up because of the mainstream movies to her credit. “The person that you see now is who I am,” she giggled. Syren said she probably gives that impression because she sticks up for herself.

“I have boundaries- emotional and mental boundaries,” she replied. “Once that person crosses it I stand up for myself. If there’s something I don’t like, I state that. I guess to some people that’s stuck-up. But if that’s how they want to take it, that’s fine. I want to be able to go to sleep at night and say that I didn’t betray my standards. I’m very simple. I’m very easy to work with as long as people don’t spring things up on me. I like to know exactly what’s expected of me and what the work entails before I ever go into a project.”

Asked how the stable of Digital G girls were able to get along so well together, Syren suggested it was because they had an “understanding daddy” in Lombard “that monitors all of us.” It was pointed out that Syren pre-screens her male talent. “That’s true,” she agreed. “It’s not going to work with me if I don’t have any chemistry with a guy. It’s a reaction. It’s either there or it’s not.” Instant chemistry for Syren is defined in Evan Stone, Barret Blade and Kurt Lockwood.

Having been there before, probably, Syren said she doesn’t see herself getting married in the next few years. “I really like my single life. I just like people who are real. A lot of the guys I’ve met like to bullshit and I don’t like that. My antennae are always up and I’m very picky with the guys that I hang out with. It’s really hard for me to find someone that I would let in my life. He’s got to be somebody who would accept me as who I am, not just a porn star. The porn star is just a part of me, not all of me. I’m a very private person, as well, and very complicated. So it takes a special kind of a guy to really make me settle down and live a married life. Or maybe it’s just maturity and I’m not there yet in that stage.”

Her only regrets with the marital breakup were in the way she dealt with it, she says. “I would have been more open and mature and have been more communicative. I should have communicated more than basically being the introvert.”

Syren doesn’t see herself directing because she craves the attention. As a director, she said she’d be jealous of herself as the actress. “I don’t have that perspective yet of a director. I will, eventually. I’d love to direct my own X-rated or R-rated movies and it would probably be very sensual, very sexual, story-driven and more sensitive to the woman.”




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