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Tabitha Stevens Backs Out of Marriage-update

Porn Valley- Tabitha Stevens, came on the Howard Stern show this morning and said that it was all over between her and Nick Manning, that she’s decided not to marry him. Stern said Stevens had left a voice mail and sounded like she was losing her marbles. Stern played the message on air. Steven’s voice was cracking and tearful. “I did not plan this live show that happened,” said Stevens referring to the segment in which Manning proposed to her. “I felt like I let you guys down,” Stevens went on to say indicating that she had been boxed in a corner on the marriage proposal. The very weird thing is that I had seen this in my tarot cards earlier this month and called Stevens. She never returned my call.

Marty the Midge was a guest preceding and Stern asked Stevens if she’d do a midget. Stevens thought Marty was adorable and said she’d do him. It was explained that Stevens left Gary Dell’Abate the message on Tuesday. The sob-filled message was played:

“Hey, Gary. It’s Tabitha Stevens. I tried calling you the other day. I guess you’re busy. Listen, I’m going through a really bad situation now. I’m sure you know…I’m sorry to call you. I’m not going to call you guys anymore because I don’t want you to have to hear my headache. I’m sorry. I’m going through this crazy thing. I just want you to know I did not plan this live show that happened with Nick calling and asking me to marry him. I don’t want to get married. I’m not happy. I’m miserable….I wasn’t prepared for it. I feel like a jerk. My whole career is just crazy. I actually got a job directing for In Demand pay-per-view. Tabitha Stevens Presents is the title.

“I’m supposed to be happy about this and I am but the rest of my life just isn’t right. And I felt really bad. I felt like I let you guys down by answering yes to this question on the radio which I didn’t even want to do. It just hurts because I feel like nobody cares and it hurts so [fuckin’] bad. I thought we were all friends. I need help through this and support. I just feel horrible and I don’t know what else to do. So I apologize…I won’t bother you guys anymore, right? I’m sorry and I hope all goes well with your show and your move to Sirius. Thank You.”

Stern told Marty now was the time to make a move into Stevens’ pants. “She’s at her most vulnerable.”

Stern said he personally didn’t care if Stevens married Manning or not. “I really didn’t want to get married,” Stevens said. “We’d all been dating for a few months and from what I understand it was said that I had been dating him for a couple of years. It kind of shocked me. Then I had my mom watch the show when it aired on E! My mom said, you know, Howard seemed like he thought it was planned. I said you know it seems like it was and I didn’t plan it.”

Stern re-emphasized that he didn’t care either way. Stern said the shocking thing about the story is that Stevens’ mother talks to her. “Because you’re in porno and stuff.” Stevens said her mother was totally cool but the thing that totally hurt her the most was that she tried looking at houses with Manning. “I’m thinking maybe this is what I should be doing. I was in porn and maybe I should be with somebody who is in porn who understands me better. And I was happy. I’m like, gosh, I feel miserable about this. Then I asked him, what if I would have said no to you on the show or said maybe we should wait. Do you know what his reply was? He said well, my reply would have been well you’re not worth it anyway.”

Stern said if that’s the case why marry the guy. Stevens went on to say that every time she comes on the show it’s like Disneyland. [Especially the Insult Ride].

“I have the best time of my life,” she said. “Everybody is awesome to me.” Stevens kept saying the whole episode hurt. Replaying the incident, Stern said Manning called up on the air and Stevens said yes. “For whatever reason.” Stevens said she was on the spot. “People try to use people to get places,” said Stevens indicating that’s what Manning was trying to do. “I don’t know if that’s what he wanted to do. But to me it was almost like he wanted to get on Howard to say I’ve been on the Howard Stern show and maybe use me.” Stevens said she thought Stern wouldn’t want her on the show if she didn’t go through with the shotgun wedding. “Oh my God, they probably hate my guts.”

With the drama, Stern said he’d want Stevens on the show more than ever. “We love it.” Another thing Stevens was upset about was the pen she gave Stern for Christmas. Stern said he loves the pen and it sits on his desk. However, Stern also noted that he priced the pen on the Internet to discover that it was $40 when he assumed Stevens shelled out thousands for it. Stern admitted that it was a tacky gesture on his part, and Stevens said that someone sold it to her for $300. Stevens said she felt stupid not only for that gesture but the fact that she’s involved in a legal ruckus.

“I owned a video store like a year and a half ago,” she explained. “It was an adult video store. My ex-husband and I had it together. We split up. He took it and ran it into the ground. Sold it back to me. Had an attorney present, everything. He sold it to me with a lien on it. Now I’m getting sued because of something somebody else did.” Asked if she dropped Manning Stevens said, “Pretty much.”

Stern then warned Stevens against further surgeries. But Stevens said there was one more thin she had to do. Stevens said she did her lips and Stern told her she was making them too big. Stevens explained that the new surgery was for the E! Channel. “I’m doing it next week.” Stevens wouldn’t let on what it was but said Stern would tell her she was crazy. Stevens did let on that it involved her lower region. Stern told her that if she gets her labia done she’d be crazy. “You could lose all sensation.” Stevens mentioned that she’d also like to have lipo done on her pinky toes to which Stern addressed her insanity issues.

When Marty the midget attempted to squeeze her breasts, Stevens lactated. Stern was astounded that Stevens could do that. “Are you sure it’s not silicon coming out?”


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