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Tabitha Stevens Still with the Plastic Surgeries; And She’d Have Sex with a Dead Person

Tabitha Stevens was on the Howard Stern show recently and here’s the recap from :

Howard came back and had Tabitha Stevens ( come in. He said that she’s addicted to coming on the show and she’ll call Gary crying about not being let on. She said that is true. Howard said he heard that she’s gotten very aggravated when she’s not allowed to come in. Tabitha said she misses them when she leaves there because she gets such a high from being on. Howard said Gary told him that she’s very high maintenance. Tabitha said she doesn’t think she is though.

Howard said they came up with a list of things for Gary to ask Tabitha to do on the show. He said they came up with a list of very outrageous things and asked her what she would be willing to do. They created a game out of the whole thing. He said he was going to get right into it. Then he got sidetracked and talked to Tabitha about the plastic surgery that she’s had. She said she had to remove a chin implant and a nose implant and an implant from under her nose removed. She said that she realized that she looked kind of like a freaky alien.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he’s enjoyed Tabitha over the years and liked the Howard TV Cribs show they did about her. Howard said that they have a lot of cool shows like that on Howard TV. He mentioned the Bowling Beauties show and also the Richard Christy drumming special they have on there now. They spent a couple of minutes talking about the specials and then moved on to the game.

Howard said he hasn’t heard any of this yet so he’s playing along too. The first clip was Gary calling Tabitha about the list and telling her that they need something to do with her. They had some ideas submitted and he was going to run them by her.

Howard said that Tabitha is very hard core and even had sex with Jeff the Drunk off one time. She said that she didn’t have sex with him but she did finish him off. That led to Artie doing his Jeff impression and yelled at Tabitha for not lubing him up the right way.

Here are the questions that Gary asked Tabitha on the phone and Tabitha’s answers:

Would you put JD’s penis in your mouth and bite it until it drew blood? – Yes, but he’d have to be tested first.

Would you hide a AA battery in your ass and try to go through airport security? – Yes as long as she doesn’t get arrested.

Would you gargle or drink a cup of cat urine? – No.

Would you smear some of your period blood on Yucko’s face? – Oh yeah, that’s no problem.

Would you live with bears for a week for a promotion? – Yeah, that’s no problem.

Would you eat a cooked dead person? – No, but she’d have sex with a dead person.

The guys weren’t really betting on the first few questions but they eventually started placing bets with one another. They had a lot to go through so they didn’t bet on every one.

Artie said that he’s single now and he asked her if he could fuck her now. Tabitha said that he probably could but he always seems to be annoyed by her. Howard had her stand up and show off her body for Artie. She did that but didn’t want to show her ass. Howard said it was great though.

Artie said he had this revelation when she said that she would fuck a dead guy. Tabitha is married so her husband would have to be okay with it. She said that she would blow Artie no problem and a blow job is just a blow job and not that big of a deal. She said that she gives a great blow job and uses her hand on the guy’s balls and ass.

Howard asked Tabitha what it was like hanging out with Robin and Jim Florentine for 3 hours recently. Tabitha said that she thinks that they had a glow about them when she saw them. She said that she didn’t see them getting very physical out in public though. She aid that she figures they keep that for the privacy of their homes.

Artie asked Tabitha if he could get a blow job about an hour after the show today. He said he’d feed her if she was hungry.

Howard said that he heard that Tabitha has been on some escort service web sites but she said that wasn’t true. Artie was laughing through all of that and goofing around with her about the blow job thing. He sounded like he was serious about getting one from her though. He said that she should be ready to be very disappointed in everything about him.

Artie said that he would probably finish really quick with her. He said that she could probably even eat while he’s banging her. He wondered if he was being annoying with this stuff. Tabitha said that she just has to call and ask her husband if she can do it. She said it was a good possibility that she could fuck Artie today.

Howard asked if it was true that she was charging $1850 to escort people. Tabitha said that is not true. JD came in and said that there’s a web site that has a whole bunch of porn stars on there and Tabitha is one of them. Tabitha said she doesn’t do it.

Bob Levy called in and told Artie that Tabitha gives a great blow job and spits on and uses her hand. He said that he lasted about 5 minutes with her but he was on blow at the time. Artie said he didn’t need to hear that right then.

Isaac from Howard TV came in with a penis lollipop for Tabitha to demonstrate on. She wanted Artie to put it between his legs and do it but he didn’t want to. He said he wanted to see her suck on the lollipop though. She did start to suck the lollipop and Artie sounded impressed. He said that he changed his mind and just wanted to titty fuck her.

Howard got back to the game and played some more of the questions. Here they are:

Would you allow a hamster to live in your vagina? – No.

Would you have sex with a retarded kid who has no control over her bladder? – No.

Would you have sex with a fan who is HIV positive but would wear a condom? – No.

Would you let a live cockroach crawl into your vagina? – No way.

Would you eat a cupcake that was covered in Gary’s toe nail clippings? – Yes.

Howard said he didn’t believe that she would do the toe nail clipping thing. She said she would so Howard told Gary to bring in a cupcake with his nail clippings on it. Gary said that he had showered this morning so his feet were clean. He said that his toe fungus was cured. She asked if he was serious about that. He was.

Gary cut some of his nails and Artie said that might be the grossest thing they had ever done in there. Tabitha wasn’t that grossed out and she was actually going to eat the cupcake. Gary set it up for her and told her to tongue the chips and toe nail clippings. Artie said he wasn’t going to fuck her if she did that. She went right into it and did it. Tabitha said it wasn’t that bad.

Howard was close to throwing up when he saw that. He asked her if she tasted it. She said that it was kind of chewy. Artie said that he can’t get that out of his head and he can’t get it out of his head that she banged that guy who ate dog shit to get her to fuck him.

Howard told Gary that he had bad breath yesterday so he was avoiding him. Gary said that he just had a bad day yesterday. Ralph called in and asked Artie if he was going to touch her now. Artie said that it does give him pause and he’s not sure. Artie said that she is hot.

Howard got back to the questions after that. Here are the final couple of questions and answers:

Would you tongue kiss Jeff the Drunk’s ass blister? – No way.

If all of the guys on the show gave her a sperm sample, would she taste them and tell them which tasted the best? – Yes… she liked that one the best.

That was it for the questions. Howard gave Tabitha some plugs for her web site and for her show she does at

Howard read a letter they got from John the Stutterer about how much of a fan he is. He came into the studio naked a few seconds later. Howard said that John has an odd looking penis. Tabitha asked if she could grab his sack. John said that was fine so she went right over and did it. John said that he has no success with good looking women. Robin asked if he has any luck with ugly women. John said he has no luck with any women but he could have some with not so good looking women.

John offered to show his ass to Tabitha and she said she wanted to see it so he bent over and showed it. He had a small hemorrhoid so the guys all saw that. John said that he has an obsessive compulsive disorder so he just keeps wiping more and more. The Howard TV guys replayed him bending over. Howard said that was disgusting.

Tabitha said that she would do John for a web site thing if he wanted. John said he was fine with that because he did have a bit of a porn career for a short time.

Howard heard that John had once tried to suck his own penis. John said that he actually hurt his neck doing that. Howard asked him to demonstrate for them now but John said he didn’t want to do that. Tabitha said that she wouldn’t make fun of him if he tried. John said that he didn’t want to and refused over and over.

Gary said that they’re going to throw out the headphones that he was wearing because the cord kept wrapping around his penis. John told him to just spray it with disinfectant. John has a show on Howard 101 that airs once a month or so at 7pm on Monday nights. Howard went to break a short time alter.


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