Ford v Ferrari upset SJWs severely by the movie showing just “White people” and “Good Fatherly white men”

Imagine being so Soy, SJW & Woke that a sports drama film that just stars plain normal white people, heterosexual white men, normal American white wives in the...
Lenny Dykstra

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Prop 60, Condoms In Pornographic Films, Defeated

California Proposition 60, Condoms In Pornographic Films Results: Yes: 46%, 3,893,878 votes No: 54%, 4,560,567 votes   703 Views

Prop 60 Is Complete And Utter Bullshit – Cameron Reed & Cameron Bay Are Spokespeople For It, Both Got HIV From Gay Men

Who is dumb enough to vote yes on this bullshit? Cameron Bay And Cameron Reed are acting like victims in the Yes On Prop 60 spots but both...

Selena Santana & Misty Stone Visit Six Flags

@Bookselenaxxx Devilish @mistystonexxx and I having a thrill at six flags 1,145 Views

American Hero Vin Scully To Retire

One of the true good guys left and a true American hero, Vin Scully, is from a better time when the country was not overrun by black terrorist...

Gay Mafia Web Site Twitter Struggling, lists over 183,000 square feet for sublease at its S.F. HQ!

SAN FRANCISCO — Unprofitable and struggling Twitter is looking to sublease out a total of 183,642 square feet of space in its San Francisco offices, according to a seven-page...