Prop 60, Condoms In Pornographic Films, Defeated

California Proposition 60, Condoms In Pornographic Films Results: Yes: 46%, 3,893,878 votes No: 54%, 4,560,567 votes   754 Views

“Tolerant” Liberal Black Mob In Chicago That Didn’t Bother To Vote Themselves, Attack Trump Voter, Steal His Vehicle

“You voted Trump? You gonna pay for that shit!” Like typical American black cowards, they must attack in packs, never one on one and just because someone exercised...
Donald Trump with Jessica Drake

BREAKING: and….NEW! Donald Trump Becomes 45th President Of The United States, Liberal Heads Everywhere EXPLODE!

It’s OVER! Liberals that promised to move out of the U.S. if Donald Trump was elected – START PACKING YOUR SHIT! We are particularly happy at how upset...

Prop 60 Is Complete And Utter Bullshit – Cameron Reed & Cameron Bay Are Spokespeople For It, Both Got HIV From Gay Men

Who is dumb enough to vote yes on this bullshit? Cameron Bay And Cameron Reed are acting like victims in the Yes On Prop 60 spots but both...


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