Porn News Violates School Ethics?

Kokomo, Indiana- Indiana University Dean of Students Richard McKaig has turned the investigation into an adult Web site featuring semi-nude pictures of a freshman in her dorm room and the showers of Briscoe-Shoemaker over to the Office of Student Ethics.

“Their job now is to discover if student ethics were violated and if the case should be reviewed by the judicial system,” McKaig said.

Student ethics will review the site,, as well as independent information gathered from the residence halls, McKaig said. They are expected to report their findings to the dean of student’s office Friday.

The Office of Student Ethics said they were not aware if the investigation had been turned over to them. Further calls were not returned.

Since news of the site broke Tuesday, students have been divided as to whether Keira, as she has asked to be called, is doing anything wrong.

“It’s really no big deal,” junior Josh Smith said. “She’s not trying to exploit IU, and the site seems to be pretty classy.”

IU Student Association President Casey Cox said the site is only receiving publicity because of an October 2002 incident in which actresses from the pornographic film company Shane Enterprises were allowed to film within Teter Quad in exchange for oral sex.

“This wouldn’t even be a news story if it hadn’t been for the negative press IU received from Shane’s World last year,” Cox said.

Keira has been contacted by several media outlets so far. A producer from the Comedy Central show “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” asked her to appear on a show this week via Web cam, but she declined since she does not have one, and because of the location.

“They wanted to do it from my dorm and I don’t want to get in any more trouble,” Keira said.

Cox also offered IUSA support for Keira if she so chooses.

“IUSA has a department of student rights that offers representation for students,” he said. “If Keira chooses to go that route, IUSA will do their best to help her out.”

Many other students support Keira, who told the Indiana Daily Student Tuesday she started the site to help pay for school and support her family.

Wednesday night, she identified herself as “teen Keira” and posted a message for her supporters and critics on, a popular site for students that is not affiliated with the University.

“Thanks to those who are being supportive, and screw whoever doesn’t,” read the brief message.

Junior Shaun Keihn, a featured writer for the site, blamed the cost of higher education for forcing Keira into the world of adult Web sites.

“Despite the site being the epitome of American capitalism, if the University stopped jacking (up) the price of tuition, poor, under-privileged girls like “teen Keira” wouldn’t have to put up sites like this,” Keihn said. “I blame the University.”


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