Terrorists Joan Rucker Mayers and Victoria Violet Mayers of Quiet Waters Deerfield Beach Florida crimes continue!

Terrorists Joan Rucker Mayers and Victoria Violet Mayers of Quiet Waters Deerfield Beach Florida have made there little paid terrorist Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed porn whore Monica Foster go private on Twitter but there crimes continue! For those that dont know mother Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida and her daughter Victoria Violet Mayers are feeding, housing and funding Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed porn hooker Monica Foster the sister of Victoria and daughter of Joan.

They are well aware of her endless round the clock stalking, libeling, terrorizing and threats of countless people within the porn industry now for over a decade and they continue to house, fund, feed, support and participate in Alexandra crimes all over the net. The FBI have visited the house even questioning all 3 of them about Alexandra’s countless murder threats online including her mass murder threats and the threats continue!!!

See Alexandra’s Twitter account maybe NOW private FOR THE TIME BEING but just today several new post with tons of lies, libel and even MORE cowardly empty threats went up all over Alexandra’s websites and countless Youtube channels and other social media accounts about several people she is jealous of within the porn industry she cant get over the fact didnt fail like her and are successful. All 3 of these criminals need to be locked in a cell where they belong and have the key thrown away once and for all.

Even after being warned that if she continues to dish out her shit that the shit will be thrown right back at her and her family she is sitting online asking for it. This women is the definition of ATTENTION WHORE WITH A CAPITAL A! She can never ever shut the fuck up for more than a day or two and her claims of moving on with her life after PWL went down are complete and udder bullshit lies. Instead of her deleting all of her countless blogs, websites, and social media post libeling, attacking and threatening countless of her victims in porn even after being warned if she doesnt the shit will keep being thrown back at her and her family what does she do? Leaves all the post up and post even more of it. There will be a dedicated website all about the Mayers crimes be put up soon so stay tuned. Post ideas for name of the domain below!

You asked for it and we will give it to you! Please never ever stop kicking yourself and your family you idiot moron! We all know how much you hate your family and thats why you keep doing this to them but hey they are as much involved for housing, feeding and funding your crimes so fuck it!


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