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Texas Fetish Ball This Weekend

from – Spit-shine the old ball-gag and whip your sub into shape, it’s time again for the Dare Ware-sponsored Texas Fetish Ball.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have some preconceived notions about fetish parties. A bunch of losers in gimp masks and the kind of rubberwear that’s really nothing but a hothouse for bacne, tugging each other’s leashes in time to some Starbucks’ Frappuchill Mix #678 under a red strobe light, possibly selling one another baby aspirins with tiny Batman logos carefully carved into them with X-acto knives.

Fetish parties, in my mind, seem like the kind of places where there might be more MySpace accounts than iPhones, where basement-dwellers meet trailer-inhabitants for one tawdry night of Naughty-Goth-Nurse-Pony-Play dulled by Goldschlager and Sprite specials. That is, places full of people who are maybe a little stuck in the past, sort of laughable, and only sexy to those who don’t know better.

But that’s not a very openminded approach, now, is it?

I decided to go straight to the pony’s mouth on this one, so I spoke with one of the event’s organizers, The Mysterious Lady L (pictured), at Dare Ware about how to stop worrying and learn to love the kink:

29-95: So, what can I expect when I walk into your “fully stocked” dungeon?

The Mysterious Lady L: You can expect to see a St. Andrew’s cross you can be strapped to, and we’ll have professional doms who will come in and work with people who want to be played with. VIPs, of course, will get into the dungeon two hours earlier than general admission — that leaves a lot more time to be tortured.

29-95: I waited long enough. Kumi Monster — who is she?

L: Kumi Monster is a world-renowned fetish and latex performer. She’s going to be performing with Athena Fatale at this year’s party. It’s going to be really special. We’re also going to have a Gothic burlesque performer, an aerial hoop artist, and domination by Mistress Genevieve. It’s going to be so good.

29-95: What kind of crazy stuff do you get up to at these parties?

L: Every year our human buffet gets completely out of control. We have it every year. We have girls wrapped in Saran wrap, with food around them, and people eat off of them — this is only for the VIP party. For a few years the girls have gotten completely out of control — let’s just say food has gotten everywhere.

29-95: Have any fetishes gotten less popular since you’ve been doing this?

L: It’s become a lot more varied: foot fetishes, latex fetishes, bondage and domination, sadism and masochism — nothing new under the sun, but always something new. A fetish can be anything… like anything. People who dress up like animals, even! They range from pretty normal to absolutely bizarre. And you get to see a broad range of that at our party. Like Adult Baby play. There were a few Adult Babies last year. Not a lot. But enough to notice. How could you not? But I’m tolerant. I’m desensitized; I work at Dare Ware!

29-95: What should a first-timer know going into this event?

L: Our party is beginner-friendly. If you want to go and just witness, our party is a great place to do that. The first thing people should know going in is that we’re not strict. You can wear street clothes so it’s a friendly atmosphere for beginners. Nipples and genitalia on women and genitalia on men must be covered, though. That’s the only rule.

29-95: What special things do you have for VIPs this year?

L: Free champagne, the ever-popular human buffet, and a special performance that general admission won’t see. They’ll also get first crack at the dungeon and the vendors’ market — people from all over Texas showing off and selling their kinky wares.

29-95: Can you describe Pony Play in ten words or less?

L: Sometimes a ride is more than a ride, you know?

So there you have it. Now in its fifteenth year, this is the biggest fetish party in Texas. This one grinds all those small-town fetish parties under the heel of its stiletto cowboy boot. So dust down your finest latex evening wear with talcum powder, and head to Wired Live Saturday evening. VIP tickets are $35 in advance and $45 the day of the event; general admission tickets are $25 in advance or $35 the day of the event.


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