TFPWL aka Mark Spiegller and his bitch call a “Hate Site” but continues to troll, harass and threaten female performers every day

The middle aged fan boi/pseudo journalist paid by gay child rapist Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls is still at it after all these years. Not just using continuing to use the name of the original Porn Wiki Leaks to promote his parody, gossip site, but trolling porn performers while they drop kick him up and down the net. Just the fact that this turd gets press credentials to events shows how far the business has fallen and how little credibility the “media” has today. Today, it was Bobbi Dylan‘s turn to use the lifelong failure as a punching bag:

@BobbiDylanXXXSean posts people’s legal names all the time, he should post some child support checks for his kids tho.
@BobbiDylanXXXI have no shame in worked at radioshack, where do you work to pay your child support? K***** is hungry
@BobbiDylanXXX where is this proof? I haven’t outted anyone, I’ve BEEN outted. You’re “anonymous sources” are bitter coke heads.
@BobbiDylanXXXGossip porn blogger who doesn’t pay for his kids and out porn stars mad when his kids are involved.
@BobbiDylanXXX you’ve already threatened me multiple times Sean, your children are all on your public record.
@BobbiDylanXXX Your site has several performers legal name. Yours is out there and your court cases are public record.
@BobbiDylanXXX Encyclopedia Dramatica, not PWL. So when are you going to “ shake in my boots” deadbeat dad & woman beater a catch!!
@BobbiDylanXXX your tweets about coming to AVN and making me shake in my boots because I can only get away with what I say because I’m a woman.
@BobbiDylanXXX I took his name down, doesn’t change the threats you and your affiliates have made.
@BobbiDylanXXX See more random threats from @TFPWL almost 50 yrs old SMH.
@BobbiDylanXXX I don’t have the coke heads info, she has mine actually. But real reliable source
@BobbiDylanXXX as I’ve stated before I would pay for a drug test with my “accusers” Zoe Parker and see who passes. Should want real investigating
@BobbiDylanXXX  what evidence do you have that I do drugs? Exactly. I’ve said I’ll do a drug test along with my accusers
@BobbiDylanXXX  I removed your underage sons name, doesn’t change any of your threats and lies. Take some pride in your work and research.
@BobbiDylanXXX  what are you going to do Sean? You make all of these open ended threats on twitter as a 50 yr old man against young women
@BobbiDylanXXX  do some due diligence, check your sources, maybe SPELL CHECK? or I could even spell and fact check for you. I’m so giving.

@BobbiDylanXXX says the 50 yr old man who runs a gossip blog

The best Failkins can do is make fun of her for working an honest job at Radio Shack while this turd hasn’t had a real job maybe ever and is a paid professional troll. And he threatens these performers about what he’s going to do to them at AVN when they need to go there to promote themselves. Who’s really the hate site here when he makes fun of performers’ past jobs and threatens to show up at their work? He’s FIFTY years old, she’s less than half of that. He lived with his mother until she kicked it some years ago and he has multiple kids by multiple women and it is known within the business that he doesn’t pay support for them. I think she has more credibility here. She’s still young, he isn’t.

This exchange left the door wide open for attention whore Alexandra Mayers prostitute name Monica Foster, another aging failure, to make flirtatious tweets @ the balding, aging Texan. She never misses a chance to hit on the most disgusting humans she can find in hopes that someone will take notice and kick her some more. Remember that this woman offered to work with potentially HIV+ trannyfucker Christianxxx some years ago for a “comeback attempt” and then took back the offer and admitted she was trolling. Maybe one or both of these turds will make 2017 the year they actually go out and get a job. Their legal debt combined stretches into the quarter of a million dollar range.




  1. Don’t forget, Tompkins can’t own a firearm legally nor can he vote because he defrauded the government on welfare. He takes pride of criminal history. All this from someone who is “supposedly” the good guy in the open biz and is trying to help protect the talent and others from bad people.

    He kept quiet about Jessica Drake’s false allegations against Trump. Yet he wants to out Bobbi Dylan on hearsay allegations that he can’t prove! He doesn’t like it when his kids gets thrown into this mess, yet he attacked Ari Bass’s wife and he threw in all the drama surrounding Desi Foxx’s son & ex-husband.

    So what if this girl had worked at Radio Shack! At least she didn’t defraud the government and hurt people who actually need welfare that he scammed.

  2. Many pieces of shit in and around porn think they’re high and mighty because they don’t work a real job and get paid to blog or stick their dicks in tranny’s asses (Christiax) like that takes some type of special skill or credentials. Any asshole can buy a domain and post things, just look at Monica Foster. Fact is, these clowns couldn’t even get a job at Radio Shack or Burger King for that matter.

  3. Why is anyone surprised that Sean Tompkins attacks yet another women? He’s been doing it for years. He clearly has some sort of issues with women.

  4. Surprised? No one is surprised, just disgusted at how the turd calls this place a hate site while compiling a long list of people to fight every year at the AVN and making threats @ those people for months beforehand. I don’t think anyone from this site is bothering people during their work at industry shows. Just sayin’.

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